CHHS senior leaves her mark with outdoor classroom

Outdoor Classroom Colleyville Heritage High School student Melissa Stevko will leave a lasting legacy at CHHS after she graduates. The senior has built a new outdoor learning area in the library courtyard as part of her AVID senior service project.
AVID coordinator Andreea Pope supervised Stevko's project.
“The service learning project is an opportunity for AVID seniors to identify an issue in their community and take action to make a difference on that topic,” Pope said. These projects are a required part of the AVID program. “The students also write a research editorial and create a presentation that they present to their AVID class at the end of the community service piece.”
Stevko identified her topic prior to knowing the expectations of the AVID project.
“When I was sitting in my junior English class, I came up with the idea of an outdoor learning room at CHHS,” Stevko said. “I brainstormed ways the school could utilize its unused space, and that turned into using the courtyard attached to the library.”
The outdoor learning center has four picnic tables on concrete pads. Stevko received donations from CHHS Principal Conrad Streeter, the CHHS National Honor Society, CHHS PTA, and the CHHS Yearbook for each table. A local concrete company donated the concrete for the pads. Student volunteers from the CHHS Wrestling team helped with some of the labor. Stevko will also display a plaque commemorating the project, and thanking the donors.
“The most rewarding part of the project is providing an outdoor space for teachers and students to learn outside,” Stevko said. “I wanted to leave my name somewhere in the school when I graduated, and knowing a piece of me will forever be on campus is really cool.”
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