FAQS - Water Testing August 2016

Why did the district conduct water quality testing?
Were all the water fountains tested?
  • The district immediately conducted testing at all facilities constructed prior to 1989, because Congress barred the use of lead in drinking water systems starting in 1986. Included in these tests were seven campuses where we tested one of the oldest water fountains, kitchen prep sink and a concession stand prep sink if applicable. Based on results of the initial testing, the district will test all fountains at O.C. Taylor Elementary and will conduct additional testing at Grapevine High School. While we wait for the results of the further testing, all water fountains at O.C. Taylor will be turned off and bottled water will be provided for students and staff.
What are the federal drinking water standards?
  • The EPA has determined an acceptable limit of 15 parts of lead per billion parts of water. To review the city reports from Colleyville, Euless and Grapevine, please click on the respective city name.
What does parts per billion mean?
  • According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, a part per billion is one part of something in one billion parts of something else - like one drop of water in an Olympic-sized swimming pool.
What about the other campuses built prior to 1989?
  • The results from the water quality testing at these schools showed that water sources at these campuses were within the acceptable limit. However, the district has elected to conduct tests of additional water fountain models to better ensure the safety of our students and staff.
We understand that parents and staff may have questions. We encourage those with health related questions to consult with their health care provider. If you have additional questions about water testing in GCISD, please use the district’s Let’s Talk! System (www.gcisd-k12.org/talk).