Where are they now? - Lauren Przybyl

Did you know that one of the personalities of your local TV morning news show is also a GCISD alumna? Good Day FOX 4 anchorprzybyl 1 Lauren Przybyl graduated from Grapevine High School in 1996.

After high school, Przybyl went on to attend Baylor University with the dream of being a marine biologist. Her plans quickly changed after a professor introduced her to the news industry and she changed her major to journalism, while keeping a minor in biology. After graduating from Baylor, Przybyl worked for news stations in Abilene, Albuquerque, and Boston before returning back to Dallas, where she co-anchors the KDFW-TV morning news. During her career, she has also appeared on the Today Show, MSNBC, CNN, FOX News and the Weather Channel.
According to Przybyl, Grapevine provided many great memories, but there is one event in particular that stands out to her the most. As Senior Class President, Przybyl took on the responsibility to re-build the school’s Homecoming bonfire after two vandals destroyed it as a possible rivalry prank.
“With the help of community donations and Grapevine teachers, it turned out to be the biggest and best bonfire in the school’s history,” Przybyl said.
When asked the question of her favorite teacher, Przybyl commented on the difficulty of the question because she had so many amazing teachers while at GHS. She finally chose Nancy Wilson, her high school English teacher.przybyl 2

“You've got to love a teacher who has afternoon tea in a fancy sterling silver tea pot and has her class dress up and read Shakespeare in the dark with just some twinkle lights on in the classroom,” Przybyl said, noting that Wilson even has an Official Fan Page on Facebook with hundreds of followers.

“While at GCISD, I learned it was more important to explore different interests than it was to fit in or belong to any one group,” Przybyl said. “I am thankful I received a well-rounded education that allowed me to learn about my strengths and weaknesses.

If Przybyl was able to travel back in time, she would tell her high school self to “do what makes you happy and what makes you proud.” She would add that success will follow if you “just do you!” Przybyl attributes that success to the role GCISD played in her own life.