Where Are They Now? - Louie Provost

An alumnus of Grapevine High School is making his mark behind the scenes of the silver screen. 1999 GHS graduate Louie Provost serves as vice president of motion picture production at Walt Disney Studios in Los Angeles, California. He credits his involvement and experiences in the Grapevine-Colleyville ISD for all he has accomplished today. GCISD’s Where Are They Now asked Provost about his memories of GCISD and its impact on his life.

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Walt Disney VP of Motion Picture Production, Louie Provost

What was your favorite high school memory and why?

“One of my responsibilities as a student council officer was coordinating the building of our bonfire for the homecoming parade. I remember staying up late the night before building it with the senior class. The moment that really stands out was when they lit it with the whole school and community present. I felt a tremendous amount of pride that night.”


In high school, did you know what kind of career you wanted or what you wanted to study? Did your mind change anywhere along the way or did you stick to those plans?

“I always thought I would be doing something with math or science. But, when I got into the engineering program at Northwestern, I felt a void. I wasn't reading literature, learning about history or politics, and I knew I had to make a change. It was scary to switch to a history major. I mean, what do you do with a history degree? Evidently, work in show business.”


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Provost at 1999 GHS Prom
Tell me a little bit about your life after high school graduation. Did you go off to college (if so where) or did you go straight into the working world? What are you doing currently?

“After graduation I attended Northwestern University where I studied history and philosophy. Looking for a fun project, I started working on a student film. At some point the idea of working on movies as a profession dawned on me. So I moved to Los Angeles for graduate school at the American Film Institute, and after school, I worked at Paramount and for a few producers. Walt Disney Studios has been my home for almost 10 years now, and I've worked on films such as The Muppets, Maleficent, Saving Mr. Banks and Pete's Dragon.”


If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give your high school self?

“Pursue excellence in something. Not because I wanted to be valedictorian (no chance anyway!) or play professional ice hockey (also, no chance). I think it's important that we all test ourselves so we know what we can achieve and what it takes to achieve greatness.”


What advice would you give to a student preparing for college or the working world?

“Learn to care for other people (i.e. be nice) and work incredibly hard at whatever you do, and your kindness and work ethic will take you far. For some people that means getting A's, and for others that means getting B's, but after college, your GPA starts to mean less. Companies care about hiring good team members and hard workers....smarts, degrees and good grades don't hurt.”

What role did GCISD play in your success in the real world?

“I did a lot as a high school student. I played ice hockey and traveled for debate, played tennis and was a student council officer. I took as many AP classes as I could, was class president my junior year, and even competed on the Literary Criticism team (yeah, that's a thing). I don't think I would have discovered my career without having the kind of high school experience that encouraged and facilitated trying out many different athletic, academic and personal pursuits. Thanks GHS!”