Where Are They Now - Stephen Lambdin

“My goal ever since I was a little kid was to make the Olympic team,” said Stephen Lambdin, GCISD graduate and a member of the 2016 USA Olympic team. A 2006 alumnus of Colleyville Heritage High School, Lambdin competes around the world in current lambdin Taekwondo representing the United States. He says the encouragement and opportunities he received at GCISD allowed him to pursue his passion early on and become the person he is today.


Some of his favorite memories while at CHHS include going to Friday night football games with his classmates and getting to drive his new car to school for the first time after getting his driver's license. Lambdin’s favorite high school teachers were Chris Beswick and Lindsay Hargis, who doubled as English teachers and soccer coaches. Both were “passionate and made going to class fun,” Lambdin said.


Lambdin continued his education after CHHS at Texas Christian University for two years and later transferred to California Lutheran University where he graduated with a degree in political science and criminal justice. After graduation he moved to Edmond, Oklahoma to train in the hopes of one day qualifying for the Olympic Games. When he wasn’t training, he worked for GE Transportation where he earned the funds he needed to travel and compete. Lambdin represented the United States for the first time in the 2016 Olympic Games and currently trains full-time while also leading seminars and speaking engagements.


lambdin HS Once he retires from competition, Lambdin plans to attend law school to study business law. According to Lambdin, he “discovered a passion for the business world while working for GE.”


Lambdin encourages current GCISD students who are preparing themselves for college or the workforce to involve themselves in a variety of opportunities that build experience.


“Focus on getting as much experience as possible,” Lambdin said, “even if it’s an unpaid position.”


He further explained that a person’s work ethic and well-rounded experience help set a foundation for career success.

He believes that everything in life will work out the way it’s supposed to, which is something he wishes he had known as a high school student. According to Lambdin, students should simply “not sweat the small stuff” and instead “work hard.”