GCISD students earn top marks at state PTA Reflections Contest

Margo Habas, My Family
Margo Habas's entry "My Family" 
Evangelina Hsu's entry "Progress"
Evangelina Hsu's entry "Progress"
Several GCISD students competed in the state round of the PTA Reflections Contest, which is a fine arts contest that lets students showcase their skills in several different art forms, such as film, literature, music composition, and more. This year’s theme was “What is Your Story?” GCISD had one student earn an Award of Excellence and four students earn an Award of Merit.

"Some people have fantastic stories to tell. Others have inspirational tales of their lives," said Gabriella Hsu, Heritage Middle School student and Award of Excellence recipient for her literature entry "Lost." "Our stories start with our first breath, and the ink life flows through our action." 
"I love art, but I am not the most fantastic artist," said Janice Lee, Heritage Elementary School student and Award of Merit recipient for her entry "Funtastic Artist." "I do art anytime, anywhere, and with anything. Through art, I can tell the whole world about who I am. The most important thing about art is not about being the best. Instead, it is more important to enjoy, to have fun, and to be able to express myself through art." 

Primary Division (Grades K - 2nd):

  • Award of Merit - Visual Arts: Margo Habas, "My Family" (Heritage ES)
  • Certificate of Participation - Literature: Leilani Frenzel, "The Power of Love" (Colleyville ES)
  • Certificate of Participation - Photography: Jenna Mai-Ly McCombs, "5K Kinder Runner" (Heritage ES)


      Intermediate Division (Grades 3rd - 5th):
      • Award of Merit - Film Production: Janice Lee, "Funtastic Artist" (Heritage ES)
      • Honorable Mention - Visual Arts: Janice Lee, "Thought Bubble" (Heritage ES)
      • Certificate of Participation - Literature: Vivi Anne Parker, "Family" (Heritage ES)


      Middle School Division (Grades 6th - 8th):
      • Award of Excellence - Literature: Gabriella Hsu, "Lost" (Heritage MS)
      • Award of Merit - Music Composition: Cyrstal Manyloun, "My Story" (Cross Timbers MS)
      • Honorable Mention - Film Production: Mia Sanghvi, "The Story of a Girl" (Heritage MS)
      • Certificate of Participation - Visual Arts: Alexa Gallegos Martinez, "Mi Cultura Mixiada" (Cross Timbers MS)


      High School Division (Grades 9th - 12th):
      • Award of Merit - Visual Arts: Evangelina Hsu, "Progress" (Colleyville Heritage HS)
      • Honorable Mention - Photography: Kyle Bowman, "Fake is the New Real" (Grapevine HS)
      • Certificate of Participation - Literature: Meredith St. John, "In Silence" (Grapevine HS)