1971 Kennedy 50 Cent Piece Value

1971 Kennedy 50 Cent Piece Value – Shortly after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, Congress rushed to approve the return of the half dollar to honor the fallen president. The first Kennedy half dollar was issued in early 1964, replacing the Franklin half dollar introduced 16 years earlier in 1948.

The Kennedy half dollar, with the obverse designed by Gilroy Roberts and the reverse by Frank Gasparro, was immediately minted; Millions of Americans sadly jumped at the chance to get a Kennedy “gift” for just 50 cents. This led many to believe that the Kennedy half dollar was more valuable or worth saving than other half dollars and quickly helped remove the half dollar from circulation. By the early 1980s, the denomination was almost absent from current transactions, although the half dollar remained in circulation until 2002.

1971 Kennedy 50 Cent Piece Value

There are no Kennedy half silver issues, although they are considered very rare in the company’s stock which holds up better than MS66 or MS67. There are also many rarities such as 1974 double die obverse, 1982 no FG and 1998-S matte finish. A few issues were small enough to be released as new box sets, including 1970-D, 1987 Philadelphia, and Denver, and have been in production since 2002.

Half Shows Error

Obverse: Portrait of President John F. Kennedy surrounded by the word LIBERTY. IN THE KINGDOM we appear left and right in the image with the date below. The red mark, if any, appears under the right side of Kennedy’s neck.

Reverse: An eagle holding an arrow and an olive branch surrounded by a circle of stars. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA * ONE DOLLAR approx.

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Q&a: Do Some Kennedy Half Dollars Show Where President Kennedy Was Hit By The Assassin’s Bullet?

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D Kennedy Half Dollar Pricing Guide

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