Air Coolant Radiator Motor Yang Bagus

Air Coolant Radiator Motor Yang Bagus – The Yamaha Aerox155 intercooler is great! Well, that’s what I thought when I bought an air cooler for my Aerox155 this afternoon. The price of a bottle of Yamacoolant coolant is only 35 thousand tenge. Hmmm, far from the original number of about 100K, I want to pay more. Well, buying a bike is usually from a reputable repair shop, because I don’t like shopping online. I’m too lazy to wait. VERY HIGH..!

Btw, the reason for choosing the Yamacoolant brand is because it is the official cooler of the manufacturer, man. So, I have no worries about the quality and safety of the bikes. This is because they believe that each element of the original should be closely related to the brand name it carries. Therefore, the original parts are not as good as this product / bike. Haha straight and conservative when riding a bike. I need abiezz normal wkwk.

Air Coolant Radiator Motor Yang Bagus

From the above 7 points, compared to the price of Yamacoolant, the benefit of Yamacoolant is more, only 35K. That’s a lot of money, my friend. Don’t worry about this nominal money spent because it has many benefits, friend. So don’t choose Abal Abal Cooler and just choose Original Cooler!

Yamacoolant: Air Radiator Dengan Formula Khusus

Finally, for those with radiator-cooled bikes, check the coolant level! Do not let it go because the result can be fatal. An engine can get hot, and if it gets hot, it can blow the engine, my friend.

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Air Radiator Coolant Motor Mobil Moto Guard 1 L

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“It’s not good, I tried the last series of the 2018 Yamaha Sunday Race. The result was just right, only half of the stock was missing,” said Zainul Furkon, a mechanic at Banewmas Motor’s GridOto .com in Pekayon, East Jakarta.

“Of course, the color of the water in the radiator does not affect the quality,” Faeru Haryadi, Business and Development Group 1 told a few hours ago.

Cara Cek Radiator Motor Bekas, Ini Yang Wajib Diperhatikan!

“As a sign of a leak. If it’s green or red, you’ll know right away that it’s radiator fluid, not oil or grease,” he said.

“Of course, it is not recommended to use mineral water because mineral water is salty which can cause corrosion in the radiator,” said Andithia Gunawan, a service specialist at the flagship store. of Yamaha in Jakarta.

“The debris interferes with the flow of cooling water in the radiator (clogged), and because of this the engine heats up quickly. Worse, it can overheat,” he said.

“Because if there’s an accident in the middle of the racetrack, it won’t slide,” Heri Prasetyawan, owner of Jaw’s Speed ​​​​​​Workshop in Jalan Ir, told Juanda, Depok, West Java.

Tak Perlu Ke Bengkel, Ini Langkah Mudah Ganti Cairan Radiator Motor Sendiri

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#Motogp #White Tax Car #Death in Sukoharjo #Yamaha Nmax #World Cup 2022 #Used Motorcycle Price #Motorcycle Auction #New Motorcycles #Cara Accident at Front of Gas Station #Depok Accident #Used Motorcycles When I heard about the Power Commander V printing, prototype and activation time increased by a few degrees, I got an idea from Abidin GM Motorsport Yamaha Indonesia in WA.

Air Radiator Punya Masa Kedaluwarsa, Wajib Tahu

In fact, Abidin said that it is possible to increase the temperature of the machine using the cable. A conventional cooling system cannot accommodate this, so additional cooling measures must be implemented according to the size of the radiator.

Indeed, Mas Abidin’s words are very appropriate. I have often seen the temperature indicator rise to 4 or 5 bar. Especially when driving around town.

I also consulted Bram Sportisi, alas, but yes, if you do a custom radiator, it’s not funny. The goal is to connect and update the game, but it takes a long time. Maybe we should try changing the radiator coolant first.

I continued my discussion with Uncle Benny, the owner of One3 Motoshop near the house in Serpong. We agreed to use radiator coolant: engine ice.

Jangan Mengganti Air Radiator Motor Pakai Air Keran, Ternyata Ada Dampak Negatifnya

This can be achieved due to the high boiling point of the good radiator coolant. Ice in a machine boils at 124 degrees Celsius, compare to water that boils at 100 degrees Celsius at 1 atmosphere (so remember your physics lessons). Although the temperature rises above 100 degrees Celsius, a high boiling point is important to ensure good cooling properties. Another thing is the viscosity of the radiator coolant, which ensures that it works well. The third reason is length. Radiator coolant, like engine coolant, has a low concentration of minerals and other substances that can add weight to the cooling channels. This is important.

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