Bandung Ke Jakarta Berapa Jam

Bandung Ke Jakarta Berapa Jam – Deciding to go to Bandung by motorcycle is not difficult. But when I tell some friends they are often surprised because I go alone, not a team. Convoys of hundreds of kilometers, many of you have probably done it. But have you ever traveled hundreds of kilometers alone on a motorcycle?

This is normal for me as I used to do this a lot. I regularly go to Pwodadi, about 150km from Yogyakarta, every three to six months. Using a motorcycle? Oh yes, that’s pretty clear. Own? Yes. Not only that, I traveled alone in Lombok, I drove hundreds of kilometers on a motorbike along the highway from the northern tip of Lombok to the southern tip. All is well and feels good.

Bandung Ke Jakarta Berapa Jam

It happened to be a friend’s wedding in Lembang, and with a long weekend, I was a little too lazy to drive to Bandung. I also thought about taking the train.

Naik Kereta Ke Bandung, Lebih Cepat Lewat Bogor Atau Jakarta?

By the way, my brother just went to university in Bandung and he is planning to send a motorcycle from Bekasi to Bandung. Without thinking much, I took the initiative to ride a motorcycle to Bandung. Is everything correct?

If you are going to Bandung by motorcycle, of course you have to choose the route you want to take. There are two options from Bekasi to Bandung, I think it is convenient to travel by motorcycle.

*Oh yes, I want to go to Buah Batu, if you want to go to town, just walk towards Pasteur after Cimahi.

There are two main differences between the two routes above. The first option, the route crosses a large highway full of motorcycles, cars, buses and large container trucks.

Catat, Ini Akses Masuk Dan Keluar Tol Layang Jakarta Cikampek

Both routes have their advantages. If you take the first route, you won’t get bored and tired, because walking here requires a lot of concentration. At the same time, if we go the other way, we will see beautiful scenery, but as a result, we will be bored and sleepy because it is quiet.

In addition, possible risks, such as flat tires, malfunctions, etc., need to be considered. It’s easier to find a tire patch or workshop if you go the first route. But if you go the other way, you should be prepared to risk finding a tire patch or repair shop problem.

Carefully, I rode my motorcycle to Bandung on the first route. However, first pass the edge of Kalimalang and join the main road to East Karawang to Purwakarta, Padalarang and Buah Batu.

The original plan was to leave after morning prayers at 5am on Saturday, with the goal of arriving at Buah Batu Bandung around 1pm.

Beroperasi Maret 2021, Kecepatan Kereta Cepat Jakarta Bandung Tembus 350 Km/ Jam!

But a plan is a plan, hehe. . It turned out that after the sunrise, the body could not feel the strength to go out. Finally I decided to go back to sleep and didn’t wake up until 7:30am. So I left Ipar Bekasi’s house at 7 o’clock.

The first 50km is a walk along the road in the suburb of Kalimalang. The atmosphere is calm and the road is not big. I find it interesting that there are not many large vehicles like buses and container trucks. But passing here is lazy as there are still many damaged roads in some places.

After leaving the Kalimalang bypass, I followed the main road to Cikampek and continued through the bustling town of Purwakarta. Chill out in town and you will see a lot of new things especially if you like to cook as you will pass by Sate Marranggi Hj. Yetty and many other interesting treats. Um……

After passing through the town of Purwakarta, the road to Padararang is bumpy. The calm highway atmosphere made me drive a little faster. Here you will pass the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail project, pass through the forest several times, and under the Cipularang toll road.

Touring Ke Bandung Dari Jakarta Naik Motor Modal Google Maps Saja!

When I arrived at Padalarang in Dzuhur, I decided to pray at the Al-Irsyad Satya Mosque in Kota Baru Parahyangan. The mosque is very striking because of its unusual shape, it will be another new experience when friends pray here.

After prayers, the journey from Padalarang to Buah Batu is quite tiring. Maybe he was busy that night because he was passing Cimahi and he got stuck several times because of the traffic chaos there and also because of the heat during the day.

Well, like I said at the beginning, after Cimahi, you just have to follow the direction of Pasteur into Bandung city. The atmosphere becomes even more pleasant when you arrive at Pasteur. Um……

If it were me, because I wanted to go to my sister’s guesthouse in Buah Batu, I would still continue my journey from Jalan Raya Soekarno-Hatta, a road known for its super long red lights, quad bikes and long queues. Cycling two-wheeler.

Lewat Tol Cikapali, Jakarta Cirebon Ditempuh Kurang Dari 3 Jam

The journey from Bekasi to Bandung takes approx. Ride a motorcycle for 6-7 hours at an average speed of 60-80 km/h (quiet life). Travel time depends on the speed of the vehicle and the route taken. Departing from home in Bekasi with a full motorcycle fuel tank (IDR 30,000 to fill up about 3.5 liters of Pertamax). Surprisingly, the motorcycle didn’t ask for a refill when it arrived in Bandung. Excellent!

So go to Bandung by motorcycle, have fun, enjoy the ride and don’t forget to prepare your body because it takes full concentration while driving Jakarta and Bandung are two famous cities of D.K.I. Jakarta and West Java. If you want to travel to Bandung area from Jakarta, this article is for you. Before going any further, it is important to know that the distance between the two cities is still quite close, about 161 kilometers.

As Indonesia’s big cities, Jakarta and Bandung are quite mobile. Many people visit the two cities with different interests, such as trade and management.

With the driving distance mentioned above, the Jakarta-Bandung tour or vice versa can be reached by different means of transport. Travel times also vary with different modes of transport, such as tours, intercity buses, trains, cars and motorcycles. See below for a description of the distance from Jakarta to Bandung for clarity!

H+3 Lebaran Arus Balik Via Jalur Nagreg Masih Landai

Geographically, Bandung City is located in the southeast of Jakarta City. As mentioned above, the Jakarta-Bandung distance is quite long, about 161 kilometers. You can expect to take 4 hours and 54 minutes to get to Bandung City and vice versa.

As one of the largest cities in West Java, Bandung has many wonderful natural attractions. Not only that, but the city’s authentic food is also very interesting. So there is no reason for Jakartans not to come to this fashionable city.

Despite the distance of 161 kilometers, Jakarta residents choose Bandung as a health resort to relieve fatigue. Residents of Bandung also frequently travel to Jakarta to participate in various activities such as business, shopping malls, etc.

After talking about the distance from Jakarta to Bandung, let’s take a look at the tourist routes of the two cities. For those planning to travel from Jakarta to Bandung, you can take advantage of various modes of transportation such as tours, private cars to intercity buses.

Travel Bogor Bandung Gratis Penjemputan Online Tiket 24 Jam

If you want to take the intercity bus, you can choose the route Jakarta-Bekasi-Karawang-Bandung. To take the intercity bus, passengers have to pay relatively cheap prices.

Besides using the bus, you can also use another form of transportation, the train. Not only is it convenient, but the departure time of the train is also guaranteed to be on time without serious delays. You can also choose the type of train, Executive Class, Economy Class or Business Class.

For those travelling by train from Jakarta, you can start your journey with 4 different routes. Here is the explanation:

Route 1 can depart from Pasar Senen at 21:25. You can use the Serayu train to get to Kiaracondong. From Kiaracondong, you can take Bandung Local KRD to continue your journey and arrive at Bandung Station. You can start your journey from Kiaracondong to Bandung Station at 01:15. It ends at Bandung Station with arrival time around 01:30.

Berita Dan Informasi Kereta Cepat Jakarta Bandung Terkini Dan Terbaru Hari Ini

Route 2 is available from Gambier Station at 22:30. You can use Argo Cheribon to get to Cikampek. After Cikampek, you can continue your journey with the Ciremai Express. It ends at Bandung Station with an arrival time of approximately 03.02.

Route 3 goes through Pasar Sen. Departure time is around 21:25 and take the Serayu train to Purwokerto. After Cimahi, you can continue your journey with the Ciremai Express. He arrived at Bandung Station.

Finally, the 169km route 4 via Gambir station was completed in 3 hours and 7 minutes. Departure time is around 05:00 with Argo Wilis. And stop at the last stop, Bandung Station. If you choose this route to travel, you need to prepare money to buy a train ticket, which is about IDR 10,000.00 (the train fare for this route may not be accurate).

Finally, we will discuss the travel time from Jakarta to Bandung. According to the above data, before the construction of the toll road, the commute time between the two cities reached 4 hours 54 minutes on weekdays and 6 hours 18 minutes on weekends.

Tarif Tol Bandung Cirebon Terbaru 2022

However, since the existence of the Tebet 2 – Cikunir 2 toll road and the West Karawang toll road (closed system) – Pasteur toll road, the distance from Jakarta to Bandung or vice versa has become faster. This fee shortens the journey from many other cities like Bandung and its surrounding areas. It can be said that the construction of toll roads is very effective in reducing traffic flow, especially for vehicles with four wheels and above.

From JIUT Road Section No. 2 Toll Gate (Cawang –

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