Beli Rumah Di Jakarta Barat

Beli Rumah Di Jakarta Barat – Buying Property in West Jakarta – Lavender Puri Botanic Cluster is the latest cluster to be launched in West Jakarta from August 2021 for sale of two-storey Millennium buildings with selling prices starting from IDR 1.7 billion.

Cluster Lavender Puri Botanical Residence is exclusively for families looking for a luxurious living experience. Lavender Cluster is also well and carefully constructed for the comfort of its residents.

Beli Rumah Di Jakarta Barat

Property for sale Milleniul House with two floors selling price IDR 1.7 billion Main project Puri Botanical Residence Mega Project in West Jakarta with an area of ​​± 135 hectares Lavender Cluster Specific cluster Residential area of ​​the cluster Land area ± 60000. Copylas Indonesia Development Company of the group JSI Group (PT. Jakarta Setiabudi International, Tbk) LOCATION West Jakarta City Primadona Property Development Capital City

Di Jual Rumah Minimalis Murah Di Joglo,jakarta Barat!

Lavender Cluster is located in the residential development area of ​​Puri Botanical, West Jakarta. Easy access to the 2-lane Joglo and Meruya routes through toll roads in urban and suburban areas facilitates various trips for the residents. Puri Botanical West Jakarta Residence is located near the Puri Indah area, so you can use various public facilities.

The location is very convenient to reach the nearest public transport in the Puri Indah area and is available in about 5-10 minutes.

Click here ➩ Puri Botanical Residence or Puri Indah area to learn more about the Puri Botanical Joglo project or Puri Indah area or continue further.

All residents are accessible both inside and outside the cluster and enjoy excellent amenities and facilities.

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Facilities Cluster 1.7 Ha Botanical Garden Sports Club House Swimming Pool Children’s Pool Gym Gym Tennis Court Basketball Futsal Court Yoga Room Single Gate System 24 Hours Security Children’s Playground Jogging Track Property Management Near Puri Indah Area Janata Toll Entrance In This Commercial Area Shopping Mall A K there is a business center that takes care of modern medical facilities and others

All North/South Facing Houses Requirement Well Built + IDR 165M Show Unit Available to Visit 24 Months Handover

This is a payment method that can be chosen according to the wishes and possibilities of the buyer with the option of cash, cash deposit or CPR through a bank purchase.

Cash 45 days Counter Cash Church 12 months 24 months KPR Express DP 10%/1x Sicil KPR 10% DP/6x Sicil KPR 10%/12x DP

Tips Aman Beli Rumah Bekas

Affordable selling price for millennials for all North/South facing houses Comfortable, beautiful and cool Best cluster environment.

Find out more ➱ Brochure ➱ Price list ➱ Site survey ➱ Mortgage simulation ➱ Promotion ➱ Application ➱ And more No wonder so many people want to live in this city. Various houses in Jakarta also have good floor plans and desirable views.

Although the average price of a house for sale in Jakarta is high, there are actually still modern apartments in Jakarta that offer low prices.

For those curious, here are 7 tips for modern houses in Jakarta for less than Rp. 1 trillion!

Rumah Siap Huni Di Greenville Jakarta Ba

Pesona Rorotan itself offers 2 types of apartments, each with 2 floors with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Developed by Ciputra Group, the building is located in Kalideres, West Jakarta, and prices start at IDR 2.1 billion.

The house has a unique living concept and a modern house design, which is evident from the large dimensions of the house and the use of wooden walls on the facade.

Citra Garden Puri also has good indoor facilities like running track, clubhouse, swimming pool, garden and mini market.

Rumah Duri Nirmala Jakarta Barat

As a selection of houses for sale in East Jakarta, Jakarta City offers prices starting at IDR 1.8 billion with a plot area of ​​90 square meters and a building area of ​​69 square meters.

Developed by Keppel Land Maitland, Wisteria is a residence in East Jakarta that offers a unique residence with supportive facilities for residents’ comfort.

Wisteria itself uses a simple and efficient concept of living, which can be seen from the design of the facade of the house with small walls that do not have many patterns.

At this price, Wisteria offers houses from IDR 1.4 billion. what? Are you interested in buying this modern house in Jakarta?

Dijual] Rumah Mewah Bernuansa Resort Di Barat Jakarta, Diapit 2 Pintu Tol

Created by PT. Another modern building in Kopilas Indonesia in Jakarta is the Puri Botanical Garden in Kembangan, West Jakarta.

Not only a modern house design, this house for sale in West Jakarta is also in a good location so it is close to important places such as:

In addition, there are indoor facilities that can support residents’ activities, such as green parks and playgrounds.

For 45 units, Puri Botanical offers prices starting at IDR 1.4 billion, with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

Beli Rumah Hitung Tanah Cengkareng, Jak

Serenia Hills, located in Labe Bulus, is one of the recommendations for modern apartments in Jakarta that can be used as an alternative.

Serenia Hills is an original and unique residential concept standing on 26 hectares with many interiors.

The building in South Jakarta is also in an important location as it is close to TB Simatupang Business Center, Pondok Indah and JORR Toll Road.

This house for sale in East Jakarta is located in an important area and can reach various important places like Sipayug and Pasar Rebo.

Rumah 2,5 Lantai Di Talib Jakarta Barat

The house is compact and modern, making it ideal for young families or millennials as their first home.

Although its size is not very wide, most of the materials used on the wooden walls in this room make it good and beautiful.

Pandan Wangi is located in East Jakarta and is surrounded by various public facilities such as residences, hospitals, education centers, shopping malls and transportation hubs.

Therefore, buying a house in Pandan Wangi residence not only improves daily life, but can also be a promising investment tool in the future.

Hunian Dan Investasi Konsep Rumah Classic Luxury Di Jakarta Barat (prop818)

This apartment offers prices starting from IDR 1.2 billion for model 91/102 with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 car.

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