Best Sword Art Online Game Pc

Best Sword Art Online Game Pc – Being an anime fan is both a blessing and a curse, there are so many incredible IPs out there, one of which is SAO, and it’s fair to say that Sword Art Online games are one of the best anime inspired titles out there. . Given the dominance of SAO it’s no surprise that the protagonists, Kazuto and Asuna, play through different virtual MMORPG worlds – the stuff of great video games.

However, what are the best online sword art games? To answer this question, we jump into a different virtual world with Kazuto and Tsuna, fight for victory, go on adventures and adapt our sword game to bring you the best sword art online game for Nintendo Switch and Mobile.

Best Sword Art Online Game Pc

Or, if you’re feeling like the open seas, you should go and join Luffy and the Straw Hat’s list of the best One Piece games. Or, you can check out our list of best anime games for other franchise titles like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and My Hero Academia.

Best Sword Art Online Games On Pc In 2022

Either way, get your guns ready, because it’s time to dive into our picks for the best Sword Art Online games on Nintendo Switch and mobile.

We’re starting this list off strong because Sword Art Online: Lethal Bullet was heralded as the best SAO video game available, and for good reason. As you can see, just like the previous titles, Lethal Bullet features original character creation. It allows you to really make your mark on the world. It also introduces the use of weapons in combat, which is nothing less than a bonus

Also, if you’re a fan of light novels and anime, it’s really cool, because it features an alternate timeline to what you see in the SAO version above, so it gives you something new. Overall, this is a solid ARPG, and deserves the attention of any anime fan.

If you enjoy Sword Art Online, this MMORPG is very interesting, because you can create your own character and become a member of the raiding party and cooperate with other people trapped in the world to reach the 100th level of Incraad. Of course, you meet some familiar faces and fight them – it’s a matter of life or death. What do you need to survive? To maximize your chances, use as many skills as you can and equip the most powerful equipment.

Sword Art Online’ Is The Greatest Anime Ever Until It Isn’t Anymore

We hope you can make up your mind because Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization has over 300 NPCs you can recruit to fight your cause. Yes, you read that right so if you’re in doubt, you probably won’t get anywhere with this game. This game is an action RPG that takes elements from Hollow Fragment and Lost Gun and combines them to create this delightful experience.

However, if you want to experience everything the game has to offer, side quests, max levels and more, you’ll need 100 hours – it’s a massive game worth every penny.

SAO Unleash Blading is an anime RPG, and surprisingly, it’s set in the world of Sword Art Online. Or, more specifically, it focuses on the Alicization story arc from the anime, so you might want to prepare yourself for a deep dive into the underworld. Naturally, all the characters from the original story are present and you will experience some of the best moments from the anime. If you like satisfying combat, a great story, and interesting characters, SAO Unleashed Blades is worth a try.

There you have it, if you need more advice on what are the best Sword Art Online games to play on Nintendo Switch and mobile, we’ve got some great recommendations in our Best iPhone Games and Best Android Games lists.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Introduces Another Original Character, Atsuki, As Well As Online Multiplayer Modes.

Kyle began his journalism career at before joining Gamerant as a list writer. He likes to take long walks with Geralt of the Riviera, when he’s not playing Pokemon, Life is Strange, Dark Souls, Disney’s Mirrorverse or Marvel’s Future Revolution. Failing that, he might be the best in the series, but he still has a long way to go.

Review – Sword Art Online: Deadly Bullet is the best in the series, but still has a long way to go.

Games, whether we like it or not, games are still fun or not, they keep coming every month. This might be good for some fans of the series, but it’s only about boys and girls who want something

To play? Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is a big step in the right direction, even if it might not be great.

Earn Your Freedom With The Best Sword Art Online Games

“Gun Gale Online” takes place in one of the many VRMMO (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online) worlds found in the source material. While “Khanda Art Online” and “Alfim Online” are fantasy-based, Gun Gale is about modern weapons. But the settings aren’t the only thing that’s different from previous games,

Depending on how much you enjoy anime and manga, this is either an interesting development or the worst decision I’ve ever made as I love it; You can now create your own customizable avatar although the clothing options are a bit limited at first, you’ll be able to unlock more as you progress through the game.

Get my avatar to look like a man I’m not kidding – this is the first time I ran into this weird problem It’s not that the game can’t do masculine faces (see other characters), it’s just that there are no preset faces available for players.

It’s really annoying, but the more I play, the more it becomes clear how annoying I am. The first few hours

Solo Multiplayer Is The Best Thing Ever

Lots of tutorial after tutorial Considering the game system is pretty complicated (if not necessary), I can see why they have so many.

The third person shooter mechanics are pretty good guns are different and fun to use you have pistols, smgs, miniguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, rocket launchers and I’m sure I’m missing a few more. It all boils down to preference, though I find that the minigun and AR combo work well for me. You also have a photon sword with you, but it’s a death sentence due to constant enemy accuracy. That’s where my minigun comes in

From ammo caliber, weapon efficiency to all stats you can manually set new points with each level and then there’s a feature that lets you reset. This means that experimenting with guns and stat distribution is a must if you want to find the right playstyle.

If you’re good at shooting, the game also has an alternate mode that auto-aims for you. It’s very tricky, as auto-aim accuracy depends on your weapon and stats. I personally find this mode useful when you’re close to an enemy. The less skilled must focus on escaping the attack

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Download

It has a variety of equipped skills that help shape the play style, from increasing your weapon’s attack power to reducing the enemy’s ability to track you, they add depth to the whole system, although I don’t find them useful.

Even weapons have their own capabilities, as not all are created equal although the specs may be the same, the Sanfroid sniper rifle may have different memory chips. As you can imagine, these chips are special modifiers that do various things like adding damage or increasing the sale price.

All these systems are there, their presentation should be great and the in-game tutorial, ironically, leaves it up to the player to figure out how things work. This may leave more casual fans who just want to dabble in the SAO games.

Also, with all the focus on shooting, the secondary system will also be improved, for example, no wooden cover for potshots a la Gears of War. In fact, there are no safeguards All you can do is stand behind full cover, completely blocking the view

Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris On Xbox One Review: Is This Rpg Worth Buying?

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