Best Ways To Promote Your Blog

Best Ways To Promote Your Blog – Do you know what has been happening on your business blog over the past few months? It can be difficult to maintain momentum when sales slow and new subscribers disappear. However, I have some bad news: people don’t seem to care anymore! But that doesn’t mean you have to stop promoting. In fact, just the opposite, because if we think this trend is about to change, then there are still ways to get more attention for our work without spending money (or time). Read 24 Great Ways to Promote Your Blog Now!

A client recently asked me how to promote his blog to increase traffic. In the past, promoting a blog was as simple and easy as posting on social media. You can simply share content from your site with a link to them. This is no longer the case.

Best Ways To Promote Your Blog

After all, I’m sure this customer, who I’ll call Jack, means that others like you are asking the same question today.

Easy And Free Ways To Promote Business On Instagram In 2020

The only thing I told Jack is that you pay to promote your blog with TIME or MONEY. You can’t go around. There is no easy way to improve your blog or website in 2022.

Today, video has become a necessity for your online presence and business. Videos on all social networks today generate more views than posts with only images or text.

You can also make videos for your blog and/or YouTube channel. These videos can also help you get closer to the first page of search engines.

Among the millennial audience, two-thirds of social media users reported engaging with a brand after watching a video shared on social media, according to recent data from Forbes. The video has grown and remains here.

How To Promote Your Blog Content Across Social Media Platforms

However, many of my clients are shy about recording video. I recently did one on Twitter to encourage others to get on camera.

I often ask them to record a video of themselves talking and demonstrating something to get them started and get rid of the fear.

We hope this inspires you to make videos for your business on social media or on your website, etc. #videomarketing — Lisa ???? (@Lisapatb) December 10, 2019

Now you can add Rumble Video to your video mix. You can share the same videos on both video networks.

Best Free Ways To Promote Every New Blog Post

Podcasting and live streaming were big in 2019 and will continue to be in 2022 and into the next decade. You may remember the article I wrote here about Mr. Eileen Smith and her podcasting tips for everyone.

More and more people are listening to podcasts because they are easily accessible on many devices such as Alexa, iTunes and Google Home.

Many people have these devices in their homes, offices and while driving. To learn more about podcast length, answer this question on Quora.

Triberr is still a great way to generate traffic to your blog. Setup takes time and patience. But if you do, there are free and paid versions. I have been using the paid version (Lite) for years. They have changed their pricing, but after using it for FREE, I recommend switching to this one.

How To Promote Your Blog On Twitter

Setting up Triberr can be done for you automatically, or you can choose what and where to share, like I did. You can add your RSS feed so others can share your latest posts. You can learn more about using Triberr from a tutorial I read a while back.

Traffic doesn’t come quickly from Tribber, but when it does, it’s good. This has been my biggest driver of Twitter traffic for years. The traffic has decreased in the last few years, but I still recommend this blogging tool.

Triberr is still a great way to generate traffic to your blog. #bloggingtips Click to Tweet 4. BizSugar Community

Another great place to showcase your blog. I always go there after I publish a new post to share. If I find another blogger with great content that isn’t on Biz Sugar, I’ll share it there too. Similarly, you have social sharing options from their Biz Sugar dashboard to get more exposure.

Ways To Promote A Book (by A 4x Ny Times Bestseller)

Sometimes your post may be shared with other business communities from this website, so I highly recommend it. They just updated their look and it looks AMAZING.

They also have a Biz Sugar community site that launched a few weeks ago. My friend Gail Gardner at Grove Map is a consultant there and a big contributor.

Not only do you share on this network, you also interact there. People’s posts are voted on, and the ones with the most votes usually end up on the front page. I will always leave comments on posts I find interesting. I met other like-minded people there in this network.

This is another place to share your posts and content from other bloggers. Going there every day can be time-consuming, but you can pay points and let him drive himself. With Viral Content Bee, you can be on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumbler or Mix. A great combination of sharing sites!

Free Places To Promote Your Blog And Get Traffic

Listly is an oldie but a goodie. I like it because your listing can appear in a Google search. You need to make sure that you prepare your list and add items to it.

Thanks to Dekter from InfoBunny for encouraging me to use this network. This is a content filtering site that replaced Storify. (if you remember it).

It’s easy to set up, but takes time to get the details. You can invite people to join your boards and become what they are called there.

They say if you crack that nut you can generate a lot of traffic. I’m in the early stages to see how it works for you. I get my karma before I post anything with links. I got almost 500 karma points till today. You can also have your own Reddit page

Is This New WordPress Block The Best Way To Help Promote Your Blog For Free?

You can also have your own community like I did on Inspire to Thrive on Reddit. It’s like a Facebook page for your business.

Still, it’s a great place to meet other bloggers. You can have discussions like Facebook groups, Quora and chat sites. Over the past few years, I’ve read a lot and participated in many discussions on Reddit.

One of my favorite areas is generating new traffic, but it took a long time. It had to become a habit before the cars followed. Last week I posted about how Quora can help grow your business.

And recently I found out that you can make money on this site. And it takes a long time to get some dollars, but once you start, they flow.

How To Write A Blog Post: A Step By Step Guide [+ Free Blog Post Templates]

Thanks again Dekter for this info. Here he shares their Quora membership program, although it has changed quite a bit over the past year.

Flipboard drives traffic, but be aware of potentially high bounce rates. It’s my go-to news site after Twitter when I’m sad, which is rare. But when I do stand in line, which isn’t often because I shop online a lot now, it’s a great way to pass the time.

Over the past year, traffic from Flipboard has grown again and the bounce rate has gone down, great!

You can select areas of interest and view news about them quickly and easily. You can follow others and share parts of others where I recommend! The old 80/20 rule.

How To Find Readers For Your Blog Easily

The great and almighty Facebook! There are many ways! Today, Facebook groups rule, as does Facebook Live. You know my friends Ryan and Donna play on Facebook Live.

I recommend having a Facebook page, it’s the only way to market and advertise on Facebook. It also gives your business a professional presence. Feel free to like my Facebook page too!

If you have the time, you can invest in managing a Facebook group. They seem to be gaining strength and plot elements.

I recommend all of my clients budget for Facebook ads to optimize their posts. Today there are many methods and combinations of development methods. You have many options for better targeting.

Email Marketing Guide For Blogging Success

I recommend having a Facebook page, it’s the only way to market and advertise on Facebook. #bloggingtips Click to tweet 12. Twitter to promote your blog

My old favorite is a corkscrew. It amazes me how many people I’ve met in the community who don’t understand Twitter and have automated tools to throw content at the wall.

You must join Twitter. This is a secret for you. #Twittertip Click to tweet 13. LinkedIn to promote your blog

Great for business people! You can take your long blog post and make a shortened version of 300+ words

How To Promote Your Blog For Beginners

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