Cara Ambil Video Di Instagram

Cara Ambil Video Di Instagram – Previously we shared how to download videos on Instagram through PC without an application, this time Android. You may have seen a video from Instagram on YouTube because there is an Instagram profile address and then you visit it. But after watching said video, you are confused to download it.

Yes, there is a special feature that we can use to easily download videos and photos from Instagram. But since your phone already has a lot of apps, you can’t install new apps that will disturb your Android’s performance. And many other reasons why we can’t force you to download additional apps.

Cara Ambil Video Di Instagram

By directly downloading the video you like on someone’s Instagram and then saving it to your phone, at least we can save the quota because the saved video can be played multiple times without activating the internet data.

Cara Download Video Instagram Dengan Telegram Di Android

Apart from Android users, those of you with iOS (iPhone) can also use this method as it is finally downloaded through the Savefrom page which can be accessed from any type of phone.

1. The first thing you choose first is the video on Instagram that you want to download, you can choose randomly for the first example whether it is possible or not.

2. Then what we need is the Instagram Video Url, how to find it in the menu of three dots in the upper corner of your video until several menus appear Report, Copy URL, Turn on social media and Share on WhatsApp.

3. After receiving the URL, open the browser on your mobile phone, whether it is Chrome, Uc Browser, Firefox or any other browser already installed on your phone.

Cara Download Video Di Instagram Via Aplikasi Dan Tanpa Aplikasi

4. After opening the browser, type the website address through the Google search box: and paste the previous video url found in the space box in the Save from page until the Download MP4 button appears in green. .

In addition to being useful for downloading videos from Instagram, is also often used by people to download videos on YouTube.

Is there another way from Savefrom? The website may not work properly on your mobile device. Don’t worry, there are still other ways to download videos on Instagram without being asked.

You can use the Instagram video downloader website with the address http://www.dredown.instagram. The process is almost the same, we need to enter the Instagram video url found earlier in the video URL column and click the DreDown button. Wait a few minutes until a link appears that says Download MP4 Video.

Cara Download Video Di Instagram Tanpa Aplikasi (situs Online)

How… so simple right? The Instagram videos you download will be saved in your phone’s library. Not only to download videos on other people’s Instagram, we can also download videos on our account in this way. Instagram has become a popular social media platform in all walks of life. Instagram stories was announced in 2016, about 4 years, this application is used by more than 600 million users and is growing every day.

The disadvantage of Instagram account is that it cannot be uploaded directly or uploaded directly. In this featured story there are many videos or pictures to share, if you like it, you will love this story very much. Therefore, people started looking for ways to download Instagram stories.

Should you create an Instagram story? So instastories are not limited to recording moments in the form of pictures or videos every day for other users. However, you can grow your business using Instagram stories.

By creating an Instagram account, a growing business will provide information related to products or services. In addition, the brand can be improved. The more people see your instastory, the more people will be familiar with the product.

Langkah & Cara Download Video Di Instagram Tanpa Aplikasi

One way to improve a brand is to create a story. You can add your own logo or brand. Another advantage of IG accounts is that they can be linked directly to other social media platforms such as Facebook.

If you want to download videos or photos from someone’s Instagram story. You can use additional apps and websites.

Sometimes downloading additional apps will increase the mobile phone storage so people choose to use the website. There are many sites to download Instagram stories, such as StoriesIG or storydownloader.

Want to save photos of other Instagram users? You can choose to use the user interface of your mobile phone, called Screenshot. To do this, see the user account and select the window button by pressing power and volume at the same time.

Cara Mengembalikan Foto, Video, Story Ig Yang Terhapus

How to download Instagram stories is to install an additional application. IG stories usually appear within 24 hours. Instagram stories are also known as snapgrams.

You can use it as a backup. After installing the application, you must immediately enter your Instagram account. then you will see the story you want to download the story. You can select the articles you want to download and click Save.

New Instagram users should know how to save IG stories to folders. Not only new people, usually still many old people don’t understand this.

You can remember the story you made now and refresh it at a later time. the trick is:

Cara Download Story Ig Lewat Telegram, Ada 5 Bot!

If you want to save the account directly, you can also use the save function. You do this by logging into your Instagram account and clicking on stories.

Then select which account you want to save and click more in the bottom right corner. If you click next, you will see several menu options, one of which saves an image.

Then save the image directly to your phone book. So you not only know how to download other people’s Instagram stories, but also your own.

Easy, isn’t that the way to download and save Instagram stories? When you want to save or use other people’s stories, ask for their permission first, especially if you want to repost the content on your own Instagram. their mobile library. Of course, because you saved the video, you can still play it.

Cara Download Video Di Instagram Dengan & Tanpa Aplikasi

For those of you who want to know how easy it is to save videos from Instagram. Check the information below:

The first way you can save videos from Instagram is with the help of a downloader application. This application comes in several forms. Some are available for Android, iOS, or both.

For iOS users, how to save videos from Instagram on iPhone using the downloader is definitely very useful. Because it is not limited to the possibility of saving a simple video. In general, this application can also help you save and edit all the files in the iPhone memory.

It’s different from how to save videos using a downloader app. You can also save videos without using the help of other supported programs. This is usually done by using automatic download sites.

Cara Download Foto Di Instagram Via Pc Dan Android

How to save videos from Instagram to mobile is best used by Android smartphone users. Why is that? Because by running the download process without a request, in fact they can save space on their mobile phone.

As you know, using the downloader definitely requires a lot of memory space. This is related to the existence of a request that must have a size.

Now to the process of saving videos on the internet. Of course, you don’t need a lot of memory space. Since the actual download process takes place online, all you need is an internet connection.

From the summary above. You can see that there are many ways to save videos from Instagram. Even this method also comes with advantages and disadvantages of each.

Cara Download Video Instagram Di Android Tanpa Aplikasi

It doesn’t matter how many types there are good and bad. This method is not limited to some types of cell phones. For example, the method can only be used on Android or iPhone.

Because actually you can use the two methods described by the author in the above section on any type of mobile phone. Whether it’s an Android phone or an iPhone.

See the short description above. Yes, you can also use these two simple methods. In addition, you can safely save videos from Instagram as you wish.

Here is a brief explanation of how to save videos from Instagram to mobile. Is there an application that the author can explain at this point. The first application we recommend to help you save videos and photos on Instagram is InstSaver. Ease of use is one of the advantages of this application.

Cara Melihat Foto Profil Instagram Tanpa Aplikasi (full)

To download it, simply activate the InstSaver application on your phone. After the application, open Instagram and find the video or photo you want to download. Select the three dots icon on the right side of the post, then select the share link and copy the url link.

The app will automatically download the content and store it safely on your mobile phone. Unfortunately, the ads on InstSaver are quite annoying in our opinion. Because ads are displayed every time the page is changed by the app.

So if this app can help you save stories from your Instagram account you will love it. You can save not only your story but also the stories of your friends, isn’t that fun?!

In the Account Saver app, log in with your Instagram account. Any list of stories appears from the list of stories you follow. Click on the account and all the posts that have been published will be displayed. You then choose which account you want to save.

Ini Cara Mengunduh Foto Dan Video Dari Instagram

As we know, Instagram recently launched a feature called Instagram TV or IGTV. Through this feature, users can upload videos that are longer than regular posts. It is more or less the same as YouTube, only in video format.

Now, with the IGTV Downloader app, users will be able to download all the images they want from IGTV.

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