Cara Beli Barang Di Shopee

Cara Beli Barang Di Shopee – How to buy products on Shopee? If you are downloading the Shopee app for the first time and want to buy something from Shopee, this article will help you until you receive your previous order. Here are some useful tips and tricks for shopping on Shopee. Incorrect methods can lead to high prices or low quality.

The method is the same whether you shop via laptop or smartphone. So in this article we will be using the smartphone screen a lot. Because it’s easier and you can still buy your favorite items anytime, anywhere.

Cara Beli Barang Di Shopee

1- Write what you want to find in Shopee. Just type what you’re looking for into the search box above (the one with the lens). On the other hand, if you want to wash your eyes first or just want to check out the latest Shopee promotions, scroll down. There are many items on sale, especially during big sales such as the 11/11 or 12/12 annual sales.

Transaksi Menggunakan Paylater Di Shopee; Barang Tidak Diterima, Akun Penjual Sudah Dihapus

2- This is an example of a USB Type-C cable, which is the item I want to buy. As you can see, there are many USB cables to choose from. Later in another article, I’ll share how to filter things like USB cables for price and quality. Let’s say you choose this brand of USB cable.

3- You need to go to the “Select variant” tab and select the color, type or specification that matches the specifications of your smartphone. As with the following USB cables, there are differences in cable length. So I choose the length I want. Then select the desired quantity and press “Buy Now”. Or choose “Add to Cart” if you don’t want to buy yet or are waiting for your payment. Later, when you have the money, you can go directly to the shopping cart and make a purchase. You don’t have to be picky anymore. save time

4- Click the “Buy Now” button and you will be redirected to the Shopping Cart section. It is the price of the item you want to buy. To continue shopping, click directly on “Checkout”.

5- This is the payment page – This is the last step before ordering the products. Please make sure your address is correct. Check quantity to order. Then scroll down a bit to see the shipping information you need to pay. Shopee has several shipping options such as Pos Laju, J&T, Ninja Van, CityLink or Shopee Express. You can choose the shipping service you want. However, the price varies depending on the transport company.

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6- Click “Order” to start your purchase. Nahhh.. Happy shopping on Shopee. Congratulations

7 – Your Shopee merchant has already received your order. You can see the status “To be sent”. This means that the seller must process the order within 48 hours of placing the order. So please wait up to 48 hours for the seller to ship your order.

8- When the seller sends the goods by courier, the status of the order will change to “Available”. So at this stage, you just need to wait for the courier brother to send the item directly to your address. It usually takes 1-3 days for previously ordered items to arrive. To view the latest delivery status, click on your order to see the delivery status of your item.

9- Once the goods arrive, you will receive a notification in the Shopee system. Please review pre-received items and try them on before clicking “Order”. If the product is damaged when you press the receive button, it cannot be returned. You have 3 days to try the item. If you are not satisfied even after a few uses, or if it is damaged, you can return it to the seller for a refund.

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So this is how you buy products on Shopee Malaysia using your smartphone or laptop. It’s easy. All you need is your smartphone. You can shop online at Shopee even in the Have you bought anything from Shopee? Share in the comment section below How to Shop on Shopee for Beginners (Complete Guide) _ Shopee is one of the marketplaces in Indonesia and offers a variety of products such as electronic devices, fashion and many other types of necessities.

Shopee is quite a popular online shopping website in Indonesia and is inextricably linked with the various features and discounts that shopping on Shopee offers. If you still want to shop on Shopee for the first time but don’t know how to order/install products on Shoppe, please read this article until the end. Shop for beginners.

1. Download Shopee App from Playstore or Appstore If you are new or beginner and want to shop on Shopee, please download Shopee App from Playstore or Appstore first as shown below.

After opening the Play Store, enter the keyword “SHOPEE” in the search bar as shown below.

Cara Cek Ongkir Sebelum Belanja Di Shopee

When the screen as below appears, install shopee app on your Hp device as below.

After downloading the Shopee app to your phone, open the Shopee app on your phone. If you have already opened it, it will appear below.

3. Click the LUV icon or the magnifying glass above to find the product you want to buy, then click the LUV icon or the magnifying glass above to find the product you want to buy in the direction of the arrow in the image. Then enter the name of the item you want to buy or order from Shopee as shown in the image below.

Enter the name of the item you’re looking for and you’ll see different types of item options depending on what you’re looking for. For example, in the image above, if the admin/creator tries to enter t-shirts, it will load different types of t-shirts as shown in the example below.

Cara Menggunakan Koin Shopee Untuk Belanja & Beli Pulsa

4. Order the desired purchase item. After the different types of clothes appear, select or order the clothes you want to buy. In the sample image above, the manager/writer wants to order women’s knitwear. Click on the product you want to order.

After selecting the product you want to buy, click on the cart icon as shown in the image above and the following screen will appear. Since the new admin/author wants to shop on Shopee for the first time, the admin/author needs to create a Shopee account first, so it will look like this:

5. Create Shopee Account You can login to Shopee using your SMS, Line and Facebook accounts, just choose one of them and login. You can also create a new Shopee account. Click on the text “Register” as shown in the image below.

When the screen shown in the image above appears, enter your mobile phone number as indicated by arrow number 1 and then press Continue as indicated by arrow number 2.

Cara Gratis Ongkir Di Shopee Untuk Pembeli Dan Penjual

After clicking Add Text, enter the Shopee verification code sent to your mobile number and click the “Continue” text as shown in the image below.

After creating a Shopee account, the items to order will appear again as shown in the image below. Please choose a color from the previously ordered item.

After selecting the color type of the item you want to order, click the “Add to Cart” text as shown in the example below.

You can view your order by clicking on the Speerti cart icon, indicated by the arrow in the image below.

Cara Belanja Di Shopee Untuk Pemula, Via Cod Dan Transfer

Your order will appear in the My Cart menu as shown in the image below.

If you wish to order and purchase more than 2 items, please return to the home menu as shown in the image below.

Enter the name of the item you wish to purchase in the search bar as indicated by the yellow arrow above. For example, if the administrator/creator wants to order a clock, he clicks on the clock image. The author liked it, as the sample image below shows.

Click the shopping cart icon and the watch will return to the shopping cart as shown in the image above.

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Then choose the color you like or have pre-ordered. To view the ordered items, click on the cart icon until the list of ordered items is displayed as shown in the image below.

Click on the text “Payment” and enter your biometric data and the delivery address of the desired product. When the following screen appears, click “OK”.

6. Entering the delivery address Enter the address according to your residence information as shown in the address entry example below.

Click Send Text and select a payment method. Here’s how to click on the “Choose Payment Method” text as shown by the arrow below.

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You can choose from different payment methods such as cash on delivery or cash on delivery, bank transfer, Indomaret, Alfamart and many more. The administrator or creator chooses a payment method through Alfamart when:

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