Cara Beli Kondom Di Alfamart

Cara Beli Kondom Di Alfamart – “Ernest Prakasa and the Bandits of the East,” the audience laughed out loud. The comedian, who has just entered the world of film directing, said with a smile that buying condoms for men is a difficult experience.

“Buying condoms is hard, man. Even though I have a wife and kids, I feel like the cashier looks at me suspiciously when I buy condoms at the store. Finally what? “Of course, don’t just buy condoms, save at least one instant noodle,” he said.

Cara Beli Kondom Di Alfamart

Same with money, where Ernest, Adi and Dino admit they were embarrassed to buy condoms. However, this feeling is felt only at the first purchase of contraceptives.

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Adiga admitted that from 2011 to 2014, when he was studying, he bought condoms once a month. This 29-year-old bought condoms in a mini market not far from where he lives. rarely visited.

This method, he said, is a solution to avoid the embarrassment of buying condoms. “The problem is celibacy and sex outside marriage is still taboo. So that’s the strategy,” he said.

Meanwhile, the act of buying a condom for Dino tells others that he is into sex. Dino was shy at first, but after buying condoms several times, he got used to it.

The 29-year-old first bought condoms in 2005 and used them until 2017. He admitted that it was more convenient to buy condoms in a store because he could get them immediately without going to a service center. Contact with the cashier is minimal. But if he buys at a pharmacy, he should communicate with the pharmacy employee and remind him of the condom brand.

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Sari (23) also experienced what Dina and Adi felt. After buying condoms in the store, she felt uncomfortable several times. “When I bought ten times, the cashier was a woman, she looked at me with disgust. But then my experience was not appreciated, [although] I don’t know what they had in mind,” he said.

Sara said she started buying condoms in 2016. So far, he always felt uncomfortable in front of the cashier and avoided eye contact. If she has to stand in line at the store to buy condoms, Sari prefers to browse the shelves until the cash register is free.

Sari admitted that she bought other things at the store while buying condoms. “Usually food, except cigarettes,” he explained. Sara told that there is a mini market near the cigarette stand and cash register where they sell condoms, but some don’t. “If the cashier takes them away from me, I will discourage them from buying. It is better to move the shop elsewhere,” he said.

Sari says that shyness affects the frequency with which condoms are purchased. “He got dirty. I usually just hand him over to my partner. He bought it in some distant store. That’s how shame happens to men too,” she said. Sari emphasizes the importance of safety in sex, so condoms should be purchased if necessary.

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Not only in Indonesia, according to a study conducted by Sarah G. Moore of Duke University and colleagues titled “Coping with Condom Discomfort” (2006), consistent condom use consists of five activities, namely purchase, carrying, storage , use and disposal.

Of the 497 people who participated in the study, 209 women and 280 men, 64% were ashamed of consistently performing one or more actions related to condom use.

The most unpleasant activity for respondents is buying condoms (60.6 percent). 55.2% of male respondents and 68.5% of female respondents were embarrassed to buy a condom. On the other hand, there is no shame in keeping condoms. Only 21.7% of respondents are ashamed to keep a condom.

To overcome shyness, 96.9% of researchers used coping strategies consisting of two types, i.e. cognitive and behavioral actions. An example of a behavioral experiment is buying condoms outside the neighborhood, while a cognitive experiment is done by suggesting to the mind that everyone buys condoms because there is nothing to be ashamed of.

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According to Moore and others, condom-related shame reflects the burden of continued contraceptive use, particularly among young adults or early adults.

Indeed, the conclusion of Moore et al was highlighted in a study by Darren W. Dahl, Gerald J. Gorn, and Charles B. Weinberg, “Effects of Shame on Condom Purchase Behavior” (1998). Of the 93 male and 37 female students at the University of British Columbia, 33% and 30% of male and female respondents, respectively, felt somewhat embarrassed when purchasing condoms. In addition, 26 percent of male respondents and 27 percent of female respondents feel embarrassed when purchasing contraceptives.

Later, Dahl, Gorn, and Weinberg reported that shame influences condom purchase. They are less frequent and buy fewer contraceptives.

In Indonesia, data from the 2017 Indonesia Demographic Health Survey (IDHS) shows a high condom omission (abuse) rate of 27 percent. This indicator is in third place after other methods of contraception.

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Indonesian Family Planning Association (PKBI) DIY director Gama Triono said this happened because of public opinion that condoms are only a means to support sexual activity. “Sex in Indonesia was narrowed down to inserting the penis into the vagina. This ultimately shaped people’s views on condoms. Condoms, which actually have four functions, are only perceived as a means of supporting sexuality,” he said.

Gama Triono says condoms work as a way to prevent pregnancy, STDs and HIV. “Then as a tool to support same-sex partners [it is]. In a sense, condoms, especially male condoms, are the only contraception that both partners like. So other contraceptives actually control the female body,” he explained. she is.

Finally, he said, condoms fit the hygiene aspect when used in a hostile environment, such as in the middle of a natural disaster.

Gama Triono said efforts should be made to promote sex education and openness between couples in order for the condom to be used as a contraceptive and work properly. He and his friends at PKBI DIY also advocate for dual protection, where condoms should be used even if the couple uses other contraceptive methods to prevent HIV transmission. free like kek/peren 😀 Kondo in brief: Kondo contraception is a device or device to prevent the transmission of pregnancy or disease to other animals during sexual intercourse. Condoms are usually made of latex rubber and are placed on the male or female genitals before erection.

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Condoms are usually made of latex rubber and are placed on the genitals of men or women in an upright position before sex or intercourse.

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In fact, many people don’t realize that free sex is everywhere. I’m not endorsing it, but it’s like a flood that’s hard to contain.

I use a special ketiuran kek ana kek. It is a lura (facts on the ground). now the problem is no longer free sex. But willing and responsible sex.

However, this does not mean that I support free sex. Facts are hard to keep.

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