Cara Bikin Website Di Google

Cara Bikin Website Di Google – For those of you who have business information registered in Google My Business, they will also automatically appear in Google Maps. Google My Business offers many advantages for promoting your business in Google search.

One of the features of Google My Business is the ability to build a website for it using the Google Group Builder platform. The first information is collected when you fill in the information in Google My Business. All that remains is to activate the features of this website and add important information to it. interesting right?

Cara Bikin Website Di Google

For those of you who want to create a website design that is not economical due to lack of money, you can take advantage of Google My Business website tools. However, the website address uses the Google domain URL, namely

Membuat Website Blog Menggunakan Php Mysql

Let’s discuss how to create a website for Google My Business using the Google My Business platform. We recommend that you use a laptop to create the website.

1. Login to business and select/click on the location/business profile you want to manage. In the example below, we use Kelinci Ponorogo’s Warung Muslim State profile.

2. Open the Google My Business dashboard. In this article, we use English as the menu language. Select Web in the left sidebar. Then it looks like there is an offer to choose a theme (web design) on the right. Select a template, and the template will automatically change to the right. When it is suitable, click the icon (step 3) to save the website design.

3. Add information related to your company. Set a title and description. Both things show up in a Google search. So make sure you understand the keywords in the mind of the users. As in the example below, it’s simple:

Cara Membuat Website Berita Dengan WordPress

Title: Describes the main product and its location. People visiting Bedugul who love to eat satay are likely to see satay and Bedugul.

Body of the abstract: Describe in detail the products offered, locations, locations, promises made to customers, production methods, etc.

4. You will see a notification that the Google My Business website is ready. Just click print or click anything and the notification will disappear.

5. By default (initial setting), Google determines the website name (URL) based on the My Business profile name. This is too long. You can shorten the website name to make it easier to remember. Click the pencil icon.

Cara Membuat Website Gratis 100% (mudah Pemula)

6. Rename the website address as desired. Tips: You can use keywords or your brand name. The most important thing is to be short and consistent. Click Change. If the name doesn’t exist, Google will let you know. Get more information.

Once you have a website on Google Sites, you can update its content through the Google Ads dashboard. By default, the content of your website will be the same as the general settings of Google My Business, i.e. phone number, directions (directions), testimonials, gallery (including your photos uploaded to Google My Business), map, address and opening and closing hours.

You can update the website by adding images and articles using the Posts feature in the Google Business Dashboard. Like this:

1. Still in the Google My Business dashboard, click Publish (step 1). as below. Then choose one of the many upgrades.

Cara Membuat Website Dengan WordPress Untuk Pemula

2. In the example, we want to update the content of the product. The image is taken from a computer and the product name, price (you can use the category option), full description and display options are filled. Lots of job options to choose from. The example has a phone number option. You can also enter a link (URL) to a specific page. When you are done, press the Print button. Below is an example. The updated content will then appear on your Google site. Good luck to you! Want to learn how to build a website from scratch? This does not require special skills. Especially if you build a website like mine.

I wrote how to quickly build a website based on personal experience. Whenever possible, I have prepared with simple steps that are easy for beginners to follow.

I share this story in the thread above. In addition, later in each topic I will also include links to other articles that are conceptual/educational in nature.

The last plus is that the content can be found when the site is configured to be friendlier to search engines, selected topics, etc.

Cara Untuk Membuat Google Sebagai Halaman Depan Di Chrome

CcTLD extensions are usually sold at very low prices on websites such as, or Namesilo. For example, Namecheap has many ccTLDs for sale starting at $1.

That’s why you need to focus on renewal costs in the coming year. Most domain extensions are sold cheaply in the first year, but very expensive when renewed later.

If in doubt, it is better to choose a generic domain like .com, .net, .id. These regional bonuses will remain the same if renewed later. Moreover, it is more popular among internet users.

Whenever possible, the domain name you choose does not contain specific brand or product terms. This avoids a dispute with the trademark owner.

Cara Membuat Website Secara Profesional

If we buy an area under copyright, then a claim arises from the copyright holder, we have to leave the area. A few examples of cases can be found here.

Choose the shortest possible domain name. This makes your domain name easier to recognize and remember for future visitors.

Which of these two categories is easier to remember, easier to write, and easier to read? I think is better, don’t you?

Domain names are names that use specific words that are easy to read, remember and write, and can later become your website’s identity.

Cara Membuat Situs Web Untuk Google Adsense [pemula]

You can make it a unique word by combining other words. An example of a website with such a domain name is

You can also come up with words that are new, unique, easy to remember, without any special meaning. Such an example field is an example:

This way, you will later choose the most relevant keywords for the content of your website and use them as your domain name. So there are basically two types of domains that you can choose from this way.

As EMD, we use the same domain name with other keywords that will be your target later on the website.

Langkah Mudah Menghubungkan Website Dengan Google Analytics

In the PMD category, we use some keywords or topics that your website is targeting as a domain.

Avoid using numbers in your domain name as much as possible. Using numbers in domain names looks unprofessional and unattractive.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use numbers on the field. Especially if the code is part of the brand you’re building.

For this reason, the use of field complexity is also avoided as much as possible. Examples of complex usernames, e.g

Panduan Cara Membuat Website Sekolah [gratis & Mudah]

Another solution to choosing a domain name is to use a combination of place names with other things or topics. Example

In practice, it is therefore possible that a domain name corresponding to yours has already been purchased. Because people have the same names.

An easy way to find a domain name is to use a domain name creation service. Only do this with keyword domain generators. Many websites list those that you can use for free.

It is also very easy to use. Just type a specific word in the search field. The Domain Names view automatically shows that you can still register.

Cara Membuat Website Makanan Dengan Html (super Mudah)

The results seem random. But you can choose and customize it according to your taste. This makes it easier for brands to get domain ideas.

I think this last tip is important. Often the domain name we choose is already in use by someone else. Domain was purchased but not renewed. This type of domain is called among bloggers

It doesn’t matter if the domain name you choose has been used by a regular website before. However, if spam sites, gambling sites or pornography appear to have used it, it can have negative effects. Getting your website ranked in Google can be difficult.

When I checked the history of the site, I saw that it was already in use. However, since it was also used for web surfing in the past, it looks like the range won’t be an issue if I buy it and use it again.

Google Search Console: Pengertian, Cara & Fungsinya

For beginners, this is not difficult, just select the link. If your site has a lot of visitors, you can upgrade to a cheaper package.

I prefer hosting, which is clearly a legal entity, not a person. This makes the management more professional. a bolt from the blue.

Automatic storage facilities are mandatory. This way your website is more secure and can be recovered if something goes wrong.

HTTPS features are also mandatory and should be used. You don’t have to pay a lot of money for this. If you have to pay, it is better to take another hosting.

Cara Promosi Website Untuk Meningkatkan Penjualan

Storage space (space), at least 1 GB, in the advertising package of your choice. This is because it can later contain the files, images and other things needed to run your website.

Choose a package according to your needs. If you are a complete beginner, I recommend buying the cheapest package first. As the website grows later, you can upgrade to a higher package.

On the next page, select a payment package. Depending on the type of campaign package, you can pay at a time from 6 months to more than 1 year.

If not, it means that someone else has bought the domain you selected. Enter the domain name of your choice.

Cara Membuat Link Bitly Google Form Lengkap

Next, you will be directed to the Ad Purchase Details page. Here you can see the total price of your purchase.

In the next step, you will be redirected to the login page. If you do not have an account with NiagaHoster, click the REGISTER ACCOUNT button.

NiagaraHoster has several payment methods that you can use. Please choose according to your preference.

Click on the link that appears, and you will be redirected to the payment processing page according to the payment method you selected earlier.

Cara Membuat Situs Web Menggunakan Google Sites (dengan Gambar)

Next, complete the payment according to the instructions on this page. Here I used ClickBCA. Click copy link and then paste the code

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