Cara Cek Kuota Xl Axiata

Cara Cek Kuota Xl Axiata – – Not many know how to check XL share. While XL has provided its customers with a range of more attractive internet services, there are different packages available such as XTRA COMBO LITE, HOTROD and other packages.

For those of you who frequently use HP Internet with XL, it’s fun browsing cyberspace. Sometimes we forget to check the remaining quota of smartphones. Here are several ways to check your XL quota from November 2022 onwards.

Cara Cek Kuota Xl Axiata

This article describes 4 (four) ways to check or check your XL quota on your mobile phone, i.e. by calling on your mobile phone, sending SMS, using the MyXL app, and accessing the official XL website.

Daftar Harga Paket Internet Xl Terbaru & Termurah November 2022

Of the various methods we have described, this method is the easiest way to do it. All you have to do is dial *123# from your phone selection screen and hit the call button.

You can also check your remaining XL internet quota by sending an SMS or text message. You can check your XL quota by text message as follows:

Even if you use the text messaging function, checking the remaining quota that you previously sent via text message does not consume credit, we can send a text message even when your balance is empty.

Today, almost all mobile operators offer apps to check internet quota for their users. Before we can check out the myXL app, we can download the app from the Google PlayStore or the iTunes Store.

Cara Cek Kuota Internet Xl Axiata

After installing the app, Kuta prompts you to fill in the registered username and password for the XL number you are using.

After a successful login, the remaining quota and information related to the card, as well as the bonus and our XL number, are displayed on the screen.

This last method can be used as an alternative way to check your XL quota in addition to the above methods. But access through the site must be careful, make sure that the site you visit is the official XL site.

There are different packages that we can enjoy if we use XL Prepaid. How to check XL quota and activate bundle using *123# or myXL.

Panduan Dan Tata Cara Cek Paket Xl Yang Simple Dan Mudah

For example, HotRod Internet package offers daily, weekly and monthly internet quota. Meanwhile, the Xtra Combo package only offers monthly internet packages. Checking your XL quota is easy.

XL Axiata also offers various internet packages at different prices to Indonesian consumers. These include HotRod, HotRod Prima, Xtra Combo, Xtra Combo VIP, and Xtra Fortune internet packages. These internet packages have different amounts of internet data quota and benefits.

For example, HotRod Internet package offers daily, weekly and monthly internet quota. Meanwhile, the Xtra Combo package only offers monthly internet packages.

XL also offers HotRod Prima and Xtra Combo VIP internet packages for those who want to try out the main XL network. This package offers benefits such as online prioritization so that the remaining quota of more than 1 GB per month is not lost. Checking XL service charges is also easy.

Cara Cek Pulsa Xl Axiata Paling Mudah!

All these packages can be purchased through the myXL app on smartphones, by visiting the USSD menu with the program for dialing the mobile number *123#, as well as from many online shopping applications and digital wallets. Quota Axiata – As an old or new XL user, do you know how to check your XL Axiata quota?

Don’t let that happen, you don’t know if the internet package you bought this month has run out, that is, it’s empty.

For those of you who don’t know how to check remaining XL internet quota, don’t get confused because here I am sharing the tutorials/steps to check remaining internet quota on XL.

Next, select number 7 and continue to select number 1. The last step is to select quota check and wait for an incoming text message from XL.

Cara Mengecek Paket Internet Xl Terbaru

With this second method, you can do it as long as you have a smartphone or higher type, because you can check the remaining Internet quota through the application only with Apps MyXL, which can be opened on Android and iOS devices. phone.

Later, all details such as mobile number, card activation time, remaining credit, remaining quota, and active quota period will be shown.

Now finally how to check internet quota remaining online through XL Axiata official website. You need a smooth internet connection to use this method.

You can check your current remaining XL quota by visiting and logging in with your XL number.

Cara Cek Kuota Internet Xl (2022)

If you log in successfully, a page will appear showing the details of the XL number clearly and completely, such as the remaining balance and activity time of the card, as well as the remaining internet quota / internet package and activity period.

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Our site is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please consider supporting us by disabling ad blocking. It is very important to know what number you have. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what numbers are used, especially XL. That’s why you need to know how to check your XL number.

In addition, many mobile phone users today own more than one mobile phone number. These numbers are usually used as needed.

Cara Cek Kuota Xl Lewat Sms

However, at the moment it is no longer possible to check the XL number itself using the SMS service. Alternatively, you can check your XL number in the following ways.

In addition to checking numbers, the checklist can also be used to check other information. Starting from remaining balance, remaining internet quota, purchase quota and much more.

Another way, you can call available XL operator services to verify the number. You can call two numbers i.e. 818 or you can also call 817.

In addition to the above two methods, you can also check your XL number by visiting XL’s official website, such as

Cara Cek Kuota Xl Axiata |

. You can also check your XL quota, buy internet packages, upload and share credit and much more.

This method requires that you have credit to send text messages or call other numbers. Unless you have free texting and calling.

So you can check your XL number in several ways. Choose a method that you think is easy to implement. XL Axiata is one of the most popular internet data service providers in Indonesia. So for those of you who just signed up and don’t understand how to check your internet quota, the following article will tell you some easiest ways to check how much quota you have.

The XL is known for its fairly good and stable grille, so it can be used for a lot of things. This is integral to a strong signal, especially on a 4G network.

Xl Axiata! Bagaimana Cara Cek Sisa Pulsa Dan Masa Aktif Kuota Nomor Hp Kartunya?

The first way to check your XL quota is by text message, i.e. with a text message, you will know the status of the active package and the quota you used. The method is very easy, you can immediately follow the following steps.

Another way is through the USSD menu by dialing *123#. When you dial * 123 #, information about the remaining balance and activity of your XL card will be displayed.

Like other operators, XL also offers a special application that allows users to check their quota, activity period, remaining credit, recharge balance and buy internet packages.

So, friends, you can try several ways to check your XL quota. How? Easy, how do I check XL internet quota?

Cara Cek Kuota Xl Lewat Sms Hingga Website

For those of you looking to buy XL Internet Credit and Quota, don’t get confused. Now you can download credit and data packages to, you know! The method is also practical. Follow these instructions.

In addition to purchasing credit cards and XL internet packages, you can also purchase credit cards and other internet items, such as Indosat credit, simPATI internet packages and IndiHome bill payments.

Don’t miss this golden chance, friends. Come on, fill your powder and data packet right away, and enjoy various benefits!

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