Cara Cek Paket Internet Xl

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When you’re away from home or work, or you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, you need cheap internet. It’s like coming home now.

Cara Cek Paket Internet Xl

Below are Internet bundles above 25GB from lowest price to highest price and valid for 30 days in May 2022.

Cara Cek Kuota Internet Xl (4 Metode) Lengkap Dan Mudah

1. XL Xtra Combo Plus VIP 32GB IDR 17,500 including 10GB base quota, 4GB plan quota and 19GB local purchase quota. Bonus 20 minutes for all operator calls, unlimited WhatsApp and one month access to premium. Internet costs around IDR 500/GB. very cheap Needless to say, there is a bonus claim amount.

2. Telkomsel Prepaid Internet Sakti 35 GB YouTube Free, priced at IDR 45,000, includes 12 GB Internet, 8 GB viewing quota, 15 GB YouTube quota (0.5 GB per day). Disney+ Hotstar 30 Days Signup Bonus. Internet costs around IDR 1250/GB

These are the current lowest internet prices for the top 3 operators in Indonesia, based on personal experience, promotional terms may vary by region. good luck

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Cara Cek Kuota Xl, 3 (tri), Axis, Indosat, Telkomsel, Smartfren

I had a bad experience this afternoon when I was the third person to top up the $59,000 Xtra Combo M package that includes 5GB of internet, 5GB of YouTube and 20 minutes of calls to all carriers.

I still have 2.4GB of internet, 4.5GB of YouTube and 9 minutes of airtime on all carriers before I top up my Xtra Combo M plan. After charging, 7.4 GB of Internet, 5 GB of YouTube and 20 minutes of calls with all operators were found. This means that when you top up, the remaining old credit will be internet credit, and all YouTube and carrier credits will be gone.

Another is a 25MB training support line that expires after the last top-up and doesn’t disconnect the customer’s line.

It’s best to use up all YouTube credits and phone credits from your carrier so they don’t get extra/burn before you top up/top up new credit.

Cara Cek Kuota Tri 2021 Lewat Online Dan Offline

You can view your XL Axiata credits and quotas in the My XL app or by dialing *123#. Call the toll free number 818 or email: or fill out the form at ‘via direct message. reply on Twitter @ myXLcare. We should check our XL quota regularly so that we don’t use up too much before our XL Internet quota runs out. Below is a discussion on how to check your XL Internet quota.

In this digital age, almost everything we do depends on the internet. You are no exception to this rule, even though you currently use an internet package to support your daily activities.

If you are reading this, you are probably an XL subscriber, because XL Axiata is one of the mobile operators with the highest number of subscribers. XL offers a variety of internet plan options, from quota plans to unlimited internet plans.

When you use an unlimited tariff plan, you don’t have to worry about a sudden disconnection due to the end of the quota. You can enjoy the Internet for free until the specified time.

Cara Mudah Cek Kuota Xl [dial, Sms, Myxl, Online]

Forgot your XL number? You can check your XL number in different ways. See How to check your XL number.

However, if you have used a certain number of internet bundles, don’t be surprised if suddenly the internet stops and you cannot use some internet services. Check your remaining XL internet quota carefully to manage your internet quota usage.

For those who don’t know how much XL internet quota is left in your current internet package. XL allows users to check their internet quota in three ways, using a phone dialing code, through the myXL app and the official myXL website.

How to check XL Internet quota is easiest and can be done without internet. You can check the remaining usage period of XL internet quota only by dialing XL exclusive dialing number.

Cara Agar Pulsa Tidak Tersedot Saat Kuota Habis Xl

The method is to access the call menu as usual to make a call. Then enter the dial-up code *123*7*1# and select the Check Quota menu. After that, a pop-up message will appear with information about the remaining quota and the active time of the Internet package.

If the first method seems a bit complicated because you have to enter the code, it is not easy to remember. Then you can also check your XL internet quota with XL provider myXL official app. However, an internet connection is required to run this application.

You must first download and install the myXL app from the Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users. After completing the installation process, first launch the application and register, you can use your XL number or Facebook account, because without an account you will not be able to use the functions in the application.

Once you have successfully created your account, you can login to the app and select the “Quota Check” menu. You will be informed about the amount and duration of the XL Internet quota. To check your XL quota in the future, open the myXL app.

Cara Cek Kuota Internet Xl (2022)

XL aims to release the myXL app to make it easier for users to access all XL services. Users can also freely manage and easily master the use of XL cards.

Users only need to open the app to easily access XL card usage settings. This app is also available for Android and iOS users. It has a simple look and is easy to use.

If you think that installing the myXL app will generate a complete list of apps on your smartphone screen, you can also check your remaining XL internet quota through the myXL official website at To do this, you can do the following:

Through the myXL dashboard, you can check the XL bundle you are currently using, your remaining XL 4G quota, additional XL combo quota, etc.

Cara Transfer Kuota Xl Ke Sesama Dan Operator Lain

The next way to check XL quota is through SMS or SMS. So we can quickly query the remaining XL quota and its active period.

Note: It’s possible that XL Quota verification via SMS has been removed by XL. So as an alternative we can use the previous XL quota check method.

You can choose how to view your remaining XL internet quota. Choose the simplest and most practical.

If you have any question or other ways to check your remaining XL internet quota, you can send it through the comment box below. I hope it will be useful. How To Get Cheap XL Internet At Half Price – With Android and iOS based phones dominating mobile usage, using the internet for daily needs has become the norm and telecom providers are forced to increase the rates offered. phone and SMS. messages and now with more internet packages.

Cara Memperpanjang Masa Aktif Kuota Xl

XL customers, including XL Axiata, which now has more than 70 million subscribers, are not far from offering many affordable internet package rates and ample credit. Credits provided can also be used to access 2G/3G/4G networks, which are currently almost evenly distributed throughout Indonesia.

Buying internet bundles for XL is actually very easy, just dial *123#, in this menu XL often offers cheap internet bundles with certain discounts and they change daily like the following offers .

In addition to using the easy way above, there is a dial code for the cheap Half Price XL Internet package, and as of this writing, you can still sign up for discounted Internet access on your phone. 50%, that’s it.

50% discount nick name hotrod pack can be used for unlimited and 24 hours, also this pack is not applicable to specific networks, nickname can be used on all networks including 2G/3G/4G.

Begini Cara Mengecek Kuota Internet Simpati, Indosat, Xl Dan Tri Dengan Benar Dan Cepat

In addition to the above dialing code, there is also a cheap dialing code *123*4*1# in which you can enjoy a lot of quota in this cheap internet package code, but it is multiple quota as follows divided into parts:

This package is perfect for those who love to watch YouTube as there is a quota to stream YouTube anytime. Also, you can enjoy YouTube as much as you want from 01:00 AM to 06:00 AM using this internet bundle.

Buy a cheap internet bundle for half the price of the cheap XL internet bundle above, just make sure you have enough credit to pay for the bundle. We hope this article will be useful. – Many people don’t know how to check XL quota. While XL offers many of the most attractive internet services to its customers, there are various packages like XTRA COMBO LITE, HOTROD and others.

For those of us who regularly use XL carrier to access HP internet, surfing the Internet is very interesting, sometimes we forget to check the remaining quota available on our smartphones, here is a way to check the XL quota from some November 2022.

Cara Mudah Cek Kuota Xl Melalui Sms, Kode Dial, Aplikasi

In this article, we will introduce 4 (four) ways to check or check your XL quota on your mobile phone, that is, dialing from your mobile phone, sending an SMS, accessing it through MyXL app and XL official website.

Of the several methods we will describe, this is the simplest. Just dial *123# from the phone’s dial screen and press the call button.

You can check or query your remaining XL internet quota by SMS or SMS. To check your XL quota via SMS, you can do the following:

Even if you use the SMS feature, sending an SMS to check the balance you have already sent will not remove your credit limit, and we may send SMS even when your credit limit is empty.

Cara Cek Kuota Internet Telkomsel (lewat Sms, Ussd Dan Aplikasi)

Currently, almost all mobile operators offer applications to check the Internet quota of their users. Before checking the MyXL app, we can download the app on the Google PlayStore page

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