Cara Cek Pulsa Internet Xl

Cara Cek Pulsa Internet Xl – In order not to exceed the use of XL’s Online Quota, you must regularly check our XL Quota until it is completed. Below is a discussion on how to check your XL internet quota.

In this digital age, everything we do always requires the internet. You are no exception, and you definitely use a web package to support your daily activities.

Cara Cek Pulsa Internet Xl

If you are reading this article, it is likely that you are an XL user, because XL Axiata is one of the mobile operators with the most users. XL has a wide range of internet packages from quota packages to unlimited internet packages.

Cara Cek Nomor Xl Sendiri Via Sms, Dial Dan Cs (update!!)

If you use an unlimited package, you don’t have to worry about the network shutting down suddenly because your quota is over. You can use the internet as much as you want up to one hour.

Forgot your own XL number? There are several ways to check your XL number that you can use. See: How to Check XL Numbers

But if you use internet quota packages with a certain amount, don’t be surprised if the network suddenly breaks and you can’t access some internet services. To manage your Internet Quota usage, you should carefully check your remaining XL Internet Quota.

For those having trouble knowing the remaining XL Internet quota in your current internet package. XL provides its users with 3 options to check quota online ie through phone number, myXL app and myXL official website.

Cara Cek Kuota Internet Xl 2022

How to check XL online quota is very easy and no online setup is required to do it. You just need to call XL’s dedicated dial-up number to know the remaining and active time of your XL internet quota.

For the procedure, you need to enter the call menu like a normal call. Then enter uP dialing code *123*7*1# and select ‘Check Quota’ menu. After that, a pop-up window will appear, containing information about the remaining quota and the active period of your internet package.

If the first time seems a bit complicated, you will have to enter a code that you can’t remember. You can also check your XL internet quota using XL service provider’s official app myXL. However, an internet connection is required to run this app.

Previously, you had to download and install the myXL app through the Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users. After you complete the installation process, launch the app and register / register first, you can use your XL number or Facebook account, because without an account you will not be able to use the features of the app.

Cara Paketin Internet Xl Murah Setengah Harga

After creating the account, you can enter the application and select the ‘Check Quota’ menu. You will receive information about the amount and active time of your XL internet quota. In the future, you only need to open the myXL app to check your XL quota.

XL’s goal is to launch the myXL program to facilitate users’ access to all XL services. Users can manage and know how to use the XL card easily.

Users only need to open an app to access XL Card operating settings without any issues. This app is also available for Android and iOS users. It has a simple look and is easy to use.

If you think that installing the myXL app gives you a complete list of apps on your smartphone screen, you can also check your remaining XL internet quota through the official myXL website my.xl To do this, you can follow these steps:

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Through the myXL dashboard, you can also find your current XL pack, remaining XL 4G quota, remaining XL add-on quota etc.

The next way to check your XL quota is SMS or SMS. Here you can easily find out the remaining XL quota and its active period.

Note: Usually the XL quota check function via SMS is removed from XL. Alternatively, you can use the previous XL quota verification method.

You can choose a method to check your remaining XL internet quota. Choose the easiest and most practical.

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If you have any question or you have another way to check the remaining XL internet quota then you can post it in the below comment column. Hope this is useful – many don’t know how to check XL quota. Although XL offers various attractive internet services to its customers, there are different types of packages available like XTRA COMBO LITE, HOTROD and many more packages.

For those who regularly access HP Internet with XL carrier, surfing the web is so much fun that sometimes we forget to check the remaining quota of smartphones, here are some ways to check the XL quota from November 2022.

In this article, we will describe 4 (four) ways to check or verify your XL Quota on your mobile ie by calling through mobile, by sending SMS, through MyXL app and by accessing of it through the official website of XL.

Of the many methods we have described, this method is the easiest way to do it. All you need to do on the phone screen is dial *123# and then press the call button.

Kode Dial Paket Murah Xl Terbaru

You can check or verify your remaining XL internet quota by sending a text message or SMS. Follow these steps to check your XL Quota via SMS:

Even if you use the SMS function, sending an SMS to check the remaining quota that you sent earlier will not consume your credit, we can send the SMS even if your credit is empty.

Currently, almost all mobile operators provide applications to check the internet quota of their users. Before viewing the myXL application, you can download the application from the Google PlayStore or iTunes Store page.

After installing the app, Kuta will ask you to fill in the username and password registered with the XL number you are using.

Cara Cek Kuota Xl Paling Mudah Dan Ter Update 2022

After login, the remaining quota and card related information and bonus of our XL number will be displayed on the screen.

Apart from the above methods this last method can be used as another method to check your XL Quota. But the access to use the website should be careful, make sure that the website you visit is the official XL site.

There are different packages that we can enjoy using XL Prepaid. How to Check XL Quota and Activate Package via *123# or myXL

For example, HotRod internet package offers daily, weekly and monthly internet quota. Meanwhile, the Extra Combo Pack only offers a monthly internet pack. Checking XL quota is easy.

Ketahui 4 Cara Cek Pulsa Xl Dan Masa Aktifnya Dengan Cepat

XL Axiata offers Indonesian consumers a wide range of internet packages at different price points. These include HotRod, HotRod Prima, Xtra Combo, Xtra Combo VIP and Xtra Fortune online packages. These internet packages have different levels of internet data allowances and benefits.

For example, HotRod internet package offers daily, weekly and monthly internet quota. Meanwhile, the Extra Combo Pack only offers a monthly internet pack.

XL offers the HotRod Prima Network Package and Xtra Combo VIP for those who want to enjoy XL’s priority network. This package offers benefits such as in-network prioritization so that the remaining quota of more than 1 GB per month is not lost. How to check XL service quota is also very easy.

All these packages can be purchased through the myXL application on smartphones, by going to the USSD menu and dialing *123# on the phone, as well as through various e-commerce applications and digital wallets. How to Check Credit and Active Time on XL 4G LTE 2020 – One of the XL Providers. Most countries in the country often offer cheap promotions for their services, so it is not surprising that customers use this provider. With affordable prices and adequate brand support, customers are reluctant to switch to other providers.

Panduan Cara Beli Kuota Xl Yang Lengkap Dan Mudah

In 2018, XL Axiata started expanding its 4G LTE signal outside of Java, which means it can enter remote areas in Sumatra, Sulawesi and other remote areas far from cities to enjoy the following but more fast network. It aims to maximize the even distribution of speeds available to customers and hopes to be a driver of growth for people in remote areas.

How to check credit and active time XL 4G LTE 2020 Talking about cheap prices and new customers switching to XL providers, the information that new customers are always looking for about some service and how to check XL card, so drop this information below XL 4G LTE 2018 credit and How to check active period

If someone asks if there is a difference between checking the old XL (3G) credit and checking the new XL (4G) credit, the answer is no, because the method of checking the pulse remains the same, i.e. by dialing *123#. Then the remaining credit will be shown.

The active period is the limit for using the credit, for example, the active period above is until the 6th of March, which means that if the card is not topped up by that date, it cannot be used to make calls and SMS, but can be redeemed against it. . A voice. Call and SMS service. To extend the active period, all you have to do is top-up your credit and don’t worry if you lose the old credit because the pulse will accumulate/increase.

Cara Cek Kuota Internet Xl (4 Metode) Lengkap Dan Mudah

For Android and iPhone users, you can also use the official XL app ie myXL. You can easily check the pulses, services and remaining quota of your card using this app. MyXL app can be downloaded from Play Store and App Store.

Credit check using *123# seems easy because it’s short and free, but it’s not perfect. At the same time, even if you don’t have an active data plan, checking your credit using an app can reduce your credit if you have complete information. With the myXL plan, you get convenience and attractive promotions on cheap quotas and much more. XL users should know how to check their XL quota so they can monitor their purchased data usage. That way, we the users know when to buy a new internet data package. Checking your XL internet packet quota is very easy.

For Android or iPhone

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