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The need for the Internet to connect with other people can now be classified as a primary need. how it is When you can’t be online for a day, you feel like you’re missing out and it makes you feel uncomfortable, that’s one of the things that makes people addicted to being always connected to other people through cyberspace.

Cara Daftar Paket Data Xl

On the other hand, the online entertainment world is also necessary for entertainment, not to mention leisure. One of them is games. Currently, almost millions of people around the world are playing online games like PUBG, Mobile Legends and Free fire games. For this reason, operators offer special gaming packages for those who love to play games.

Panduan Cara Berhenti Paket Internet Xl November 2022

Initially, internet packages usually had access to any application on a smartphone. But as time goes by as it follows the needs of the person, some are just for chat packs, social media packs. We offer internet packages especially for Mobile Legends and Free Fire games, because nowadays many carriers offer game packages including the XL card.

So it’s not a bad thing when mobile service providers compete to offer special gaming packages for those who love to play games online. under them

1. Install the app through my xl PlayPlay. After installation, log in by selecting Indonesia and enter your xl number to receive a verification code.

4. To buy Mobile Legends game package 10GB, 30 days, 10 thousand. Click on Find a package like the one I marked in red.

Daftar Paket Internet Live On By Xl Axiata

6. Next, in the tab selection at the top of the menu, swipe left and select the Extra Quota tab. Then swipe down to buy mobile legends xl card game pack, see picture below.

The process of signing up for the PUBG Pack is almost the same as purchasing the Mobile Legends Pack above. In tutorial number 6, after selecting the Tab Xtra quota, scroll down and find the PUBG package. check picture

This is how you subscribe to an internet package specially designed for online games with an XL card. Hopefully, those of you who play PUBG and Mobile Legends will no longer be confused about buying bundles that suit your interests. How to Sign up for Xtra Quota XL Internet Plan 30GB IDR 10,000 – Xtra Quota is a cheap XL internet plan program currently available and in high demand among customers. The XL Xtra quota plan offers a data volume that even exceeds the volume of a normal Internet plan. In my opinion, this package is as an alternative to the currently available XL Xtra combo lite package.

The difference is that Combo Lite has more quota, otherwise it has XL xtra quota, which by the way only contains pure internet data. So how do I sign up for Internet XL Xtra plan quota and what price schedule and quota amount do we get? We’ll come back to that soon.

Cara Daftar Paket Telkomsel 5gb 5 Ribu 7 Hari 2022

The need for the internet is increasing every year to keep pace. Moreover, it is the era of digitalization, when people start working with WFH (work from home), students study online, etc. As a society, we have to be selective in buying cheap internet plans to meet our needs. With qualified network quality, XL Xtra quota package can definitely compete with other providers.

This is evidenced by the enthusiasm of XL customers, which is growing every month. The trigger is nothing but the availability of the XL Xtra combo lite plan, monthly and daily internet plans and various cheap combo plans. Customers can also activate without hassle by fulfilling particular conditions such as similar providers. Are you interested in using the services of this mobile operator?

How to sign up for XL Xtra internet plan with 30GB quota IDR 10000. In fact, social media and streaming sectors dominate the usage of internet quota. For example, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are social networks that require a large internet quota. Like YouTube, which by the way is a streaming site, it obviously uses a lot of quotas.

Also Read: How To Sign Up For Unlimited Cheap Calling Plans For All Carriers As smartphone users, we have to buy cheap internet plans with high quotas to meet our needs. A package that includes the two elements mentioned above is the XL Xtra Quota package. why is that? Already from the name of the program (Xtra quota) it follows that this XL Internet package has a large quota.

Cara Mengaktifkan Kartu Xl Yang Sudah Mati

In fact, many sharing options are available for smartphone users. The XL packages xtra combo lite and xtra quota are among them. I deliberately added it to the list due to the large volume of quota and the low price offered. So if you are an XL carrier subscribed smartphone user, please see below XL Xtra quota plan price description.

XL Xtra Quota Plan The question is: are you an active internet user? If so, this package is perfect for you. Internet plan Quota XL Xtra is a plan designed for people who like to surf the Internet. With different quota options that can be set and selected, this package seems to be more flexible.

Also Read: How to Set Up the Fastest and Stable Unlimited 4G XL APN If you choose the XL Xtra 30GB quota plan, parties will not share internet quota on certain 2G/3G/or 4G networks. The Xtra Quota XL 30 GB plan can therefore be used on all networks. However, Xtra quota XL 30GB plan is not free for full access to all social media, this plan also has some details about social media quota distribution as below.

The XL Xtra quota package is in my opinion another alternative to the Telkomsel provider, which is a bit more expensive. Unfortunately, in some cases, smartphone users often complain about network outages and signal drops while using the XL Prime. So make sure before activating this Internet XL Xtra plan with 30 GB quota of IDR 10,000.

Kecewa Dengan Kuota Paket Bundling Xl Yang Tidak Bisa Dipakai

How to sign up for XL Internet plans Xtra Quota As we said before, this quota is an additional Internet plan offered by XL providers. So, if you want to activate XL Xtra Quota Pack, you must have active services like Xtra Combo Prima, Monthly Tethering, Xltra Lite Pack, XL HotRod Pack and others. Therefore, if your SIM card still has an active Internet plan, you can only activate the Xtra quota.

Read also: How to extend the validity period of the XL quota The package can be activated by calling the code *123# or via the myXL mobile application, if you do not have myXL, you can download the application from Google Play store.

Here is a little information on the cheap XL internet plan options that we can offer you. If you have any questions, you can comment them in the comments column below. This is all from Mimin, thanks, hope it works. Xl cards are occupied by cheap campaigns, some also have 16 GB of Rp 11,000, a discount from the normal price of Rp 59,000. .

Xl internet packages Still cheap campaigns, lots of discounts, no need old card, newly bought card already got Xl discount offer via MyXl app, actually I am a Telkomsel netizen because it is too expensive, then I switched to Tri and Tri and the network is too slow now go to Xl to get a cheap pack offer.

Cara Mengaktifkan Kuota Belajar Xl Dari Kemendikbud 2022

How do you know you have a cheap XL internet plan, just download MyXl app from play store, then enter your XL number, login, if you have XL number on your mobile, it will automatically enter MyXl, it’s very simple, isn’t it?

Check your XL packs one by one to see which packs are eligible for Internet XL promotions. Here are the packages that typically receive XL ads.

If you get a Familiar de XL promotional pack, it is very cheap compared to the regular price, you will see the regular price crossed out and the regular promotion.

In addition, the Xl Combo Standard package, a cheap XL package, can be changed from the regular price of the discounted package to a favorable discounted price, unlike the others.

Pulsa Dan Paket Data Murah Kuota Internet All Operator

The Xl VIP package also has a discount compared to the Internet XL package, from the regular price of hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands, so the discounts are not the same as the packages.

Xl Promo Pack Discounts Different, you can’t get just one promo pack. You can get another promo pack. You don’t even get an ad. Check MyXl under the Xl tab. As a very popular supplier in Indonesia. XL Axiata offers three different types of Internet packages, namely Xtra Combo, Xtra Regular and Xtra Rejeki.

XL has many internet quota options that XL card users can choose freely. Here’s how to sum it up right away.

At the same time, the advantage of this Internet package is that there are many packages and they can be purchased at low prices.

Cara Mengisi Dan Memasukkan Kode Voucher Xl Untuk Isi Ulang

You can get benefits like attractive cashback if you purchased this XL quota pack three times.

The price of this plan is very affordable, from IDR 10,000 for a weekly plan to IDR 200,000 for a monthly plan.

This internet package includes internet quota service which can be used for 24 hours and free YouTube streaming without using quota.

To activate the new Xtra Combo bundle to combine with XL card credit, dial *123# and select the New Xtra Combo menu.

Paket Xl Perbedaan Xtra Combo Plus Vip Dan Xtra Combo Plus Reguler

Its price is also affordable, starting from IDR 10,000, the available quota is also rich with different active periods.

Plan registration is the same as other plans by dialing *123# and purchasing credit.

Not wanting to be overmatched by other providers, XL also offers unlimited plans which can be purchased from IDR 2,000 per day.

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