Cara Daftar Paket Internet Xl

Cara Daftar Paket Internet Xl – Cheap XL Half Price Internet Packages – As Android and iOS based mobile phones dominate the use of mobile phones, using the internet for daily needs has become a common thing today, the telecom providers also had to adjust the prices offered, which initially offered the phone. And SMS tariffs have now been further increased to offer internet packages.

Including KSL Akiata, which now has more than 70 million subscribers, KSL customers don’t want to be left behind, offering cheap internet package prices with lots of quotas. The quota offered can also be used to access the 2G/3G/4G network, which is now almost evenly distributed throughout Indonesia.

Cara Daftar Paket Internet Xl

Buying internet packages for XL is actually quite simple, which can be done by dialing *123#, it is not uncommon for cheap internet packages for XL in this menu to give a number of discounts and are available every day. Offers are subject to change. under

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Apart from the simple way above, there is also a dial code for a cheap half price XL internet package, which you can register with a discount to start accessing the internet on your mobile phone even at the time of writing this article. Up to 50% of the method is as follows.

Hotrod package with 50% discount can be used without time limit, i.e. 24 hours, except this package is not applicable to any specific network, i.e. it can be used on all networks, including 2G/3G/4G.

In addition to the above dialing code, there is also a cheap dialing code at *123*4*1#, on this cheap internet package code you can enjoy enough quota, but the quota is divided into several parts, which are listed below:

This package is obviously suitable for those of you who love to watch YouTube as there is a quota that is used to stream YouTube at any given time. Also, with this internet package you can enjoy YouTube as much as you want without quota from 01.00 – 06.00.

Cara Menggunakan Kontrol Pulsa Xl

Buy cheap internet packages with cheap XL internet package at half price above, make sure your remaining credit is enough to buy the package. I hope this article is useful as a provider that is quite popular in Indonesia. KSL Akiata has three different types of internet packages: Xtra Combo, Xtra Regular and Xtra Rejeki.

KSL offers numerous internet quota options that KSL card users can choose freely. Here’s how to pack it.

Meanwhile, the advantage of this internet quota package is that the package has multiple schemes and can be purchased at low prices.

If you have purchased Single XL Quota Package 3k, you can avail benefits like attractive cashback.

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Currently, the price of this package is very affordable, from 10,000 dinars for a weekly package to 200,000 dinars for a monthly package.

The Internet package has an Internet quota service that can be used 24 hours a day and free streaming from the YouTube application without using the quota.

How to pack an XL credit card to activate the new extra combo package is to dial *123# and select the New Extra Combo menu.

Its price is also affordable, starting from IDR 10,000, the quota you get is also abundant with different active periods.

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Currently, the method of registering this package is the same as with other packages, that is, by using the code *123# and purchasing on credit.

Not wanting to miss out on other providers, KSL also offers unlimited packages that can be had at prices starting at Rp 2,000 per day. .

Even if you are on 3G network, you can still get uninterrupted internet access using HotRod 3G+ package.

If the method of packing XLS pulses into internet quota is not practical then you can try another method which in your opinion is much easier. Currently, KSL as a telecommunication provider has introduced the latest internet package at a very affordable price, namely Xtra Combo Lite. However, many people do not know how to activate Xtra Combo Lite XL.

Daftar Paket Internet Live On By Xl Axiata

We’re sorry if you don’t subscribe to the Xtra Combo Lite internet package because you don’t know how to activate it. But you should not be discouraged, because this article will tell you how to easily and quickly enter the package, fill in the voucher or activate the Xtra Combo Lite package.

First you need to think what is SP number? The SP number is the new KSL number registered in the main combination light. So for those of you who have recently purchased the XL starter pack, your item may be on the SP whitelist.

Starter Pack XL is a new product where SP number users will get some benefits. One of the advantages is that you can easily activate the Xtra Combo Lite Internet package.

Usually this package is also a bonus when you buy a new XL Starter Pack. So the starter pack you bought has an Xtra Combo Lite voucher that you can use to redeem it. Now the way to insert, fill or activate the internet package is very simple as written below.

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If you want to subscribe to the Xtra Combo Lite package, but you always fail to register the package, then the KSL number you are using may be an old version. Because old XL numbers cannot use this method to activate Xtra Combo Lite package.

However, if you have already purchased the XL Xtra Combo Lite package, there is no need to get confused. You can still use the internet package. However, before you can activate the Xtra Combo Lite package, you must first subscribe to the HotRod Xtra Plus package.

Then use the HotRod Xtra Plus Internet package until the first one starts up. After four days of expiration of the HotRod Xtra Plus package, you can only activate the Xtra Combo Lite Internet package.

Then enter the code in the form of a 16-digit number from the Xtra Combo Lite Internet Bundle voucher you redeemed earlier.

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In addition to using the voucher, the credit can also be used to purchase the Xtra Combo Lite internet package. And if you use credit, you can choose one of the two available methods, i.e. through the code *123# or through the MiXL application.

Unlike the first method, in order to activate the Xtra Combo Lite package in this way, you must first download the application, ie.

From the number you enter, KSL will automatically send an OTP code in the form of a 6-digit number. Then enter the code in the provided column.

How do you know how to activate Xtra Combo Lite XL? For the comfort and convenience of its customers, KSL offers many ways to activate Internet packages.

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– An easy way to register for the latest 10,000 XL 30GB package. In this article, we will look at how to sign up for the 30GB XL package, just the latest 10,000. For those of you who are KSL internet card users, you should know how to register for KSL 30GB package below for just 10 restarts.

KSL is one of the most popular mobile operators in Indonesia due to its large number of subscribers. To attract the attention of potential buyers, XL itself often offers the latest packages at relatively low prices.

One of the cheapest KSL packages is Xtra Kuota KSL internet package. There are several types of quotas that you can use on the Extra Quota Internet package, such as quota-free access to YouTube viewing, social media, listening to music, etc. 10,000 for the 30 GB XL package

You can buy an additional internet quota package for only 10 thousand. And you will get a quota of 30 GB with an active period of 30 days. This package has an interesting advantage, that is, there is no allocation of quotas like other packages.

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So you can enjoy the extra quota package of 30 GB at the price of Rp. 10,000, you as a KSL user should first purchase the Xtra Combo pack for RP. 59,000 If you have not registered for this package, you should purchase the Xtra 30GB package in another way.

MiXL is an application that you can use to register for a 30GB XL package at a price of Rp. Only 10,000. Of course, there are a few steps you need to take, which are as follows:

Apart from using the MiXL application, there is another method by which you can register for the XL 30GB internet package, which is the dialing code *123*275#.

This way, it will be easy for you to register for 30 GB XL package for just 10,000. Because this way you don’t need to install MixL application. You just need to open the call menu and type *123*275#. After that, all you have to do is select the package you want to buy and follow the step-by-step process as per the operator’s request. close

Paket Internet Indosat Murah, Begini Cara Daftarnya!

It’s an easy way to register for a 30-day 30GB XL Internet package for only IDR 10,000. We hope you find this article and explanation useful and use it as per your requirements. Good luck. List of the latest Xl internet packages in September 2022. For you Xl users, don’t worry, Xl internet packages have several options that you can buy.

Currently, there are also many KSL cards available for networks, although not as many as the Telkomsel network throughout Indonesia, but KSL is also not lacking much. XL is also available in almost all regions. For those of you who want to buy an XL package, you can buy it by dialing the code *123# or you can use Mikl.

The Internet package of the XL card is currently divided into the main package and the local package. If you are in a place where the Internet package is active, you can also enjoy the local package if you cannot use the local package outside the area.

The XL Familiar package can be used with family or friends. Can be a member from 2 people to 4 people. If you are interested, you can buy this package through the MiXl application.

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