Cara Edit Video Untuk Youtube

Cara Edit Video Untuk Youtube – As a new content creator, you might be looking for ways to edit videos on Android. Now, by the way, this article will discuss how to edit videos with or without an app.

In fact, it is very simple to be able to produce works in the form of interesting videos. It can then be uploaded to social networks or YouTube, and many people also profit from YouTube video content.

Cara Edit Video Untuk Youtube

You no longer need to be confused to create and produce different interesting videos, now you can easily edit YouTube videos from your phone.

Cara Gratis Edit Video Di Android Tanpa Watermark (premium Editor) Cocok Buat Youtuber 2020

This video editing app has advanced useful features even though it is only available on Android. Files can be easily imported from different media.

Even if you are a beginner, you don’t need to worry because the level of control and editing process is very easy to use. You can create professional videos quickly and in very good quality.

One of the best apps, VivaVideo has hundreds of effects in the form of stickers and filters. Not only that, but the slow motion function is also available for those who want to combine videos with different concepts together.

Although not as complicated as the desktop version, you can learn how to edit videos on Android with Adobe Premiere Clip. This application can be creative with its comprehensive features including combining images and videos into attractive videos.

Cara Edit Video Rekaman Layar Android Tampil Full Youtube Latar Blur

Perhaps it can be said that this app is widely used by the general public. It is especially suitable for people who edit and upload videos to Douyin accounts frequently.

There is no need to doubt the CapCut application because it provides good video quality. How to edit videos in CapCut is also very simple, you just need to install CapCut on your phone, and then you can start using it.

Insert video or photo content into the CapCut app to begin the editing process. After that get familiar with the various features available which you can easily understand.

You might be one of those people who don’t want to download an app, so don’t worry because you can edit video on Android without an app.

Jual Buku Edit Video Youtube Dengan Filmora Karya Dedik Kurniawan

For example, you are using OPPO brand mobile phone with ColorOS7 operating system. Then click on the “Create Video” button until the selected content page appears. Select the recorded video that you want to edit.

You can easily edit videos in the apps available on HP Oppo. There are functions in the form of trimming (cutting video), optional subtitles for text and music functions according to taste.

If the video editing is finished and the production you want is ready, click the “Create” button. This button is located in the upper right corner of the screen, and the video awaiting editing will be saved in the HP Gallery.

So choose to edit videos with or without the app. Whatever you choose, always make sure that your creations need some polishing.

Cara Edit Video Di Android

There are pros and cons to how to edit videos on Android with or without apps. You can decide for yourself which method is easiest to do. Here’s how to edit uploaded YouTube videos: Being a YouTube publisher or a professional Youtuber is not that easy as it is commonly known as the palm of your hand. To become popular on YouTube, you need creative content or community service.

Unlike with public figures, uploading something about him on Youtube automatically floods the audience. But it is different if we become a youtuber from the beginning, it will really be a struggle, persistence and patience to achieve the goal we have set.

When we talk about content, YouTube channels should have content or niches in the same direction or related to each other.

Several modern Youtuber threads called him always in a hurry when uploading content to YouTube, in case the video was still wrong. This way, when you want to upload the video and the description at the same time, there will be duplicate corrections.

Ini Dia: Cara Edit Video Youtube Lewat Hp, Gampang Banget!

But now you don’t have to worry about uploading videos, especially if you already have a significant number of views, of course they can’t be deleted and uploaded again. Editing videos on YouTube is now very easy, whether you’re editing thumbnails, music or descriptions.

Below, I will discuss in detail how to edit uploaded Youtube videos, which of course you can easily do using your computer or mobile phone. Here is an explanation.

How to edit an uploaded YouTube video Sometimes it can confuse us how to edit an already uploaded YouTube video, because if we click on the wrong option, there is no editing option, so you have to follow the following steps to do:

4. On your dashboard, you will find a list of videos that can be edited again >> Please click “Edit”

Cara Mengedit Video Youtube Dari Pc Atau Smartphone

Not easy enough? If you want to use this method on Android, you can also use it on the Android browser or the Youtube Android app by following the steps above.

Close: Here’s how to edit uploaded Youtube videos, which you can easily do on your computer. Good luck and thanks Powersoft Screen Recorder is freeware and a joy to use. Best for YouTube newborns.

– This is the stop and pause button. You can also use this USB camera when most gamers use YouTube, play Dota or League of Legends and have their face on the screen at the same time.

All you need is a free software called Audacity, which you can download from their official website.

Cara Mengedit Judul Video Youtube Yang Telah Diupload

This is 100% freeware. Most beginners and even advanced youtubers also use this program.

As you can hear, the background noise here is quiet. You can also use bold to cut out background noise.

Just highlight background noise, switch to Effects and Noise Reduction. Click Get Noise Profile and OK. Then select each audio channel and repeat the whole process, but do not click to get the noise profile. Instead, just click OK. As you can hear, the waves and sounds are much smoother now than before. Let’s hear it again.

You can download Adobe Premiere from this site for about $14.94 per month, which is a worthwhile investment if you are serious about your business.

Cara Mudah Membuat Video Editing Menggunakan Aplikasi Kinemaster

If you think you can do it, you can google adobe premier crack. just use it

After downloading, you should be able to see a page similar to it, depending on your version. Click on a new item. It is only necessary to specify the name of the project.

– Let’s try some simple editing in my video so you can learn a little about how to edit youtube videos and you can start doing right away.

As you can see here, the first two seconds of the video does nothing, so we want to clean that up.

Cara Edit Video Yang Sudah Di Upload Ke Youtube

Just click on the blade icon and cut. After that click on the part you want to cut from the video.

Right-click the mouse and select “Clear” or press the “Delete” button on the keyboard. It is done.

– The next thing I’m going to do is add a front page to my video. Go to Headers and add a new one, still the default.

Here are the font options you can choose from. I pick them at random. Let’s write it as a subscription to my youtube channel weng honn. Let’s put the youtube image on the front page too.

Cara Mudah Mengedit (penyempurnaan) Video Di Youtube

It’s very easy, just drag and drop the image on top of the image. Double-click the image to resize and move it as needed, and you’re done. -Assalamualaikum Warohmatullahi Wabarohkatuh. Hello friends – friends of all Android users. Are you alright? ? I hope it is still in good shape. As always, we share information about Android and the internet every day. Well, on this occasion​​​​…

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Aplikasi Edit Video Ala Youtubers 2017

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