Cara Membeli Paket Internet Telkomsel

Cara Membeli Paket Internet Telkomsel – The way to top up my Telkomsel internet quota has changed several times. In the beginning, I preferred to exchange cards, which means buying a new card for the first time every month. As soon as the internet package runs out, buy the card immediately. At that time Internet Starter Packs had more promotions.

I compare it to more effective, cheaper and cheaper. The counter usually did the registration so you just need to log into your phone and use it right away. This list is no longer needed. However, since there are strict rules for new registrations, I found it difficult to buy an Internet package with a starter package.

Cara Membeli Paket Internet Telkomsel

I then switched to buying vouchers directly from internet packages. For several months I have been using this method of filling the quota of Telkomsel internet packages with this voucher and I have also found that it is much more expensive than buying credit and registering for internet packages. When I moved to a new city in another province, I wanted to try again to buy quota online directly without credit.

Cara Dapat Kuota Unlimited Telkomsel Dengan Dial Murah Telkomsel

You know, the quota purchase system of 5GB, 10GB, 15GB and so on. I was wondering where I could find the cheapest. It becomes more expensive. For 15 GB, if you buy a quota, the price is IDR 115,000, and if you buy a starter card, it is IDR 90,000. In fact, if you do the math, buy credit and register a 15GB internet quota with just IDR 75,000.

Since then, I prefer to build or increase my Telkomsel quota with credit, using AS and Simpati cards. However, shopping online with credit should be more selective and prudent. Not all internet package options are easy on the pocket. Therefore, it is necessary to compare it in advance and do not forget to adapt it to the conditions of use. Here’s how to top up your Telkomsel internet quota package with credit:

The first step before buying a loan is to determine how much credit you want and the purchase price. This is because the number of quotas may differ from the total price. For example, 1GB Internet quota costs 25,000 IDR per week, usually more than 25,000 IDR credit required for purchase. The price can be 28,000 IDR. This means that we have Rp. 28,000 should be paid, Rp. 25,000 not.

Write the answer in the column. You can browse through different offers until you find an option that suits your needs. For example, according to the screen above, if you want to buy Telkomsel Combo Sakti Internet quota 15 GB (calls and SMS to Tsel)/Rp 75,000/30 hours, the next step is to prepare Rp.

Paket Telkomsel Murah 1 Bulan 20rb, Dapatkan Segera!

Don’t miss the deadline to use the quota. There are different ways to fill the quota of Telkomsel internet packages, there are daily, weekly and monthly systems.

Some users use the internet more during the day, some use the internet until the morning, so they buy a special promo package at midnight. The package quota offer is based on services such as voice packages, SMS packages, YouTube and others. You need to be able to filter according to your daily needs.

If the mobile data is active, as soon as the credit arrives, you are afraid that the credit you bought to register for the Internet quota will be reduced. When the Internet is down, you may have a lot of notifications and social media chatter waiting for you.

When you buy credit, you fear that the credit will be used or deducted at the Internet credit rate, which is usually calculated per kb. This can happen even if the quota is not registered. This step is for prevention and just in case. Don’t let your credit expire because you forgot to turn off your internet connection.

Cara Aktifkan Paket Internet Telkomsel Di Arab Saudi

To top up your Telkomsel internet quota with credit, all you need to do is buy credit at your nearest mobile counter, online credit, ATM service or mobile/online banking. I’ve been buying credit online from Shopee for almost 2 years now because every time I top up my credit there’s always a return, sometimes 3%, 4%, and sometimes 5%, so it’s economical more. Getting a refund is easy, just request it in the Billing, Credit and entertainment menu.

For example, if you plan to sign up for an internet quota of IDR 50,000, buy credit of IDR 50,000 directly. Do not buy multiple loans of Rp 5000, Rp 10 000 or Rp 25 000. Why? This is exactly what will increase the price, because every time you buy credit, the seller will make a profit.

If you buy 50,000 live credits, the seller will only get one-time profit. Conversely, buying 20,000 credits twice and 10,000 credits once to make you 50,000 points will increase your spending and shopping online.

Then my advice is to buy loans from supermarkets or middlemen because they usually sell wholesale and at low prices. Then the choice of nominal action is more varied and numerous. I once bought credit at a store and found that there was no 50k credit, so I had to buy fractional credit, 20k and 10k. So, three transactions, they spend a lot of time and lose the wallet.

Bikers Harus Paham, Bisa Beli Paket Data Internet Tanpa Perlu Ada Pulsa, Ini Caranya

At this stage you can dial *363# again and select the quota you want to consider. For example, you were previously interested in the Telkomsel Combo Sakti Internet service 15GB (calls and SMS on Tsel)/Rp. 75 thousand/30 hours, and then you need to enter the number 1 (Buy) in the answer column.

Wait for the notification from Telkomsel. After that, you will receive an SMS from Telkomsel informing you that your package quota has been activated, with information about the quota amount and usage limit.

Otherwise, I rarely buy a daily or weekly internet package, because in my opinion it is more economical. vanity. I once tried to use my internet limit for a week when I was desperate for internet and ran out of money.

In addition to being difficult to buy online every week, compared to the price and the total quota you get, it is not easy either. Honestly, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a little internet, but for me it’s still the same, then buy again.

Promo! Paket Internet Telkomsel 10gb Cuma 100rb Perbulan

Instead of always buying a small amount, which still costs a lot of money and seems more expensive, it is better to buy the quota directly according to the needs of the Internet in a month. I also don’t like Internet packages with daily, weekly or special night usage limits. Unlimited likes can be used day or night in 30 days, I find it easier, easier and easier.

Yesterday my sister complained that she bought internet 2 weeks ago, but it’s gone. Finally I asked, said to find that he actually bought a 50k package with a 2 week limit and only 6GB, you know. So till now, he buys internet package twice a month, that is for total payment of Rs 100,000 he gets 12GB internet quota. So I told him how to top up his internet quota with easy credit, finally he got 15GB quota for 30 days for just Rs 75,000.

After purchasing Internet package quota, the last step is to restore the mobile data. In addition, you can use the Internet for browsing, sending messages, watching YouTube, opening social networks and other useful things.

Above is a general description of how to top up your Telkomsel internet quota with credit. It is said that Telkomsel offers prices, quotas and promotions based on region. Small experience, Telkomsel promotion for a total internet quota of 5 GB and Rp. 1 had 100 minutes of free calls. Once, even though it was easy, I ran to send the news to my family. Oh, my younger brother in Java didn’t get the promotion. Valid for Sumatra region only.

Paket 4g Telkomsel Paling Murah Cuma 10 Ribu Untuk Pelanggan Terpilih

Don’t be surprised if you increase your Telkomsel internet quota with credit, the price may vary. Prices and quotas may vary from region to region. In other words, the price in your city may differ from my purchase price, due to service adjustments and other reasons. Through this article, I want to share tips and information about setting up Sympathy Telkomsel Internet daily, weekly and monthly, which is easier and more economical than my experience.

Anyway, some people are wondering if the above Telkomsel internet quota top-up method is only valid for Simpati cards? No. This method can be used by all customers using Telkomsel, or Simpati, AS, Hilo or Loop cards. remote area. But behind these various benefits, many customers complain that the price of Telkomsel internet packages is more expensive than its competitors. For customers, if you want to save more, check out these tips for Telkomsel internet packages.

The trick to cheap Telkomsel packages is in the form of promotions. Users can get Internet packages with a higher quota, but the price is very cheap. This promotion is only available on certain days.

How to set up a cheap Telkomsel package that is explained below does not require the use of additional applications. To access the Telkomsel system, you need to know the UMB code. Note that not all settings may work as expected. If this happens, Telkomsel may have withdrawn the promo.

Fitur Bikin Paket Internet Di Aplikasi By.u

Here are some cheap mobile internet package offers for Simpati Card, S Card and Loop Card users.

Dialing code *363# is the secret code for cheap internet packages offered by Telkomsel. Unfortunately, not all promos can be redeemed with this code. Here are some cheap Telkomsel 4g internet calling codes that you can try one by one.

This cheap bundle promo code can be used on various Telkomsel prepaid cards namely Sampati card, Ace card and Loop card.

The promotional package of cheap internet packages is officially offered by Telkomsel. Users can access by dialing *363#. When users get the promotional offer, they will also get the bonus 4G Internet package up to 5GB quota.

Cara Beli Paket Internet Telkomsel Murah Best Super Weekend Deal

Sampati Card users who have registered as Sampati Sakti Card are eligible for this promotional offer. Do this by entering *363*x# in the menu.

Some of the promo codes that can be used are: *363*9# which enables cheap Telkomsel internet packages.

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