Cara Membuka Toko Di Shopee

Cara Membuka Toko Di Shopee – Choosing a delivery service for our store is very important if we sell in the market. Do not allow you to select all delivery services, but there is no delivery service in your area.

For example, if you use Shopee to sell. Shopee has several shipping services that you can use to support your sales. So, it is important to know how to choose delivery service on Shopee.

Cara Membuka Toko Di Shopee

You can choose delivery services that are close to your location and are frequently used. Like JNE, SiCepat, Tiki or Pos Indonesia. All four expeditions have a very large range and it is rare for addresses not to be supported.

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How to set up and select delivery services in our Shopee store? It’s very easy, just a few steps. More options, better and more attractive to buyers.

This is because the buyer may later choose to change bids to find the cheapest shipping price. Even better, the main thing is that the delivery service is mainly in your area.

How to choose a delivery service on Shopee, so you have a wide choice. But before you continue, read how to get rid of COD on Shopee and reasons why you are not getting free shipping from Shopee.

1. The first step is to choose and manage a delivery service on Shopee. Open the Shopee app, select “My Menu” and select “My Store”.

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3. Finally, select the delivery service you want to use. If not used, uncheck it and click Save.

Arranging delivery on Shopee is easy, isn’t it? Shopee has many delivery services so you can choose the delivery service you want. Don’t forget if you use J&T to find out if you can COD as I explained above.

When you want to set up Shopee delivery service, if there is a sudden problem in the Shopee network, you can read the article I discussed. I explained everything about the Shopee app in a slow and self-explanatory manner. Shopee is an online store that focuses on the mobile market segment. You can buy and sell products through the Shopee app on your mobile phone, currently the Shopee app is only available for Android and iOS devices.

Unlike other online shopping apps, you can find live chat feature in Shopee app where you can use this feature to negotiate prices between sellers and buyers. If the seller agrees, the price can be changed immediately according to the contract.

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Additionally, you can also use this feature to ask about the availability of products, whether they are still available or not, just like you would in an instant messaging application.

So you want to sell or buy goods with various facilities you can get in Shopee online store?

If so, the first step you should take is to create a Shopee account, because without a Shopee account you cannot sell or buy.

Actually creating a Shopee account is very easy, but it cannot be denied that there are people who find it difficult to create a Shopee account.

Shopee Shop Decoration

So this time I will guide you how to create Shopee account so that you can buy or sell products through Shopee app on Android or iOS phones.

Very easy! Just like registering a Facebook account, you only need to fill in the required information in the registration section later.

However, you should use a mobile phone number because if one day you forget the Shopee account you created, you can easily retrieve it if the number is still active.

You can sell instantly by registering with your mobile phone number, because the mobile number you registered will automatically go to the Shopee profile section of your account, but if you register with an email or Facebook account, you need to add it manually after registration. The process is complete.

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Before you begin, download it from the App Store if you’re using an Android phone, or if you’re using an iOS phone.

1. Open the Shopee app on your mobile phone, select “My Menu” at the bottom right of the screen, then select “Register”.

You will reach the registration page as shown in the image on the right, on this page you will see three methods you can use to register.

I recommend using a mobile number as the account you create will be used for later purchases. You can also sell products directly on Shopee and if you forget your Shopee account password, you can easily retrieve it.

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But if you want to register via Facebook account or email, you can select the button at the bottom of the page, but as we will get more benefits in this article, this article only provides steps to create Shopee account with mobile number only. .

2. After pressing the CONTINUE button, a notification will appear as shown in the image on the left, Shopee will send a verification code via phone or SMS.

Please click the call me later button. The confirmation code will be sent to you by phone, listen carefully if you have to write it down, so you don’t forget, because the confirmation is mentioned only twice.

3. Once the verification code is completed, you will be redirected to the registration page as shown in the below left image. Enter an optional username.

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Please note that Shopee does not currently offer the option to change the username you have created, so please think carefully about the username you want to use first.

Then enter the password you want to use, if you want to use a picture, select the picture icon, then select the picture you want to use.

However, you need to fill your account profile first. Select My Account below and fill in my profile, my address and bank account (if you want to sell).

Saw the article this time, good luck and hope it works. If you have any questions or problems, please write in the comments section. Now for Android mobile phone users who want to sell online, Shopee has made it easy because there are 2 ways you can set up a shop on Shopee via Android 2021 mobile phone.

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We know that Shopee is a marketplace with many customers and tough competition with Tokopedia, Bukalapak and other marketplaces. Due to the various benefits of Shopee, many consumers and sellers prefer Shopee to buy products online or sell products online.

The advantage of selling on Shopee is that you can use Android, as not all existing marketplaces can sell with Android phones. So for you as a seller who wants to open Shopee store and use Android phone. We are here to share two ways to easily create a store on Shopee using your mobile phone.

The first way to create a store on Shopee using an Android mobile phone 2021 is to use the Shopee app.

Yes, since you are using the Shopee app, the first thing you need to do is download the Shopee app from Google Playstore. You enter Shopee keyword in playstore search box and select Shopee app to download.

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Once the Shopee app download and installation process is complete, open the Shopee app and proceed by registering a new Shopee account, which will be used for later sales. You click on the person-shaped icon in the lower right corner.

After that, register with an active mobile phone number, email address, social network on Facebook or any of the registration options offered by Shopee. If so, you will be logged into your Shopee account profile.

In this section you can enter many settings like store address, account number, mobile number and other settings. After all the basic information is edited, proceed to upload the product you want to sell.

If you want to sell on Shopee, on the main page of your Shopee account, click “Start Selling” in the upper left corner. After that, click Add Product, continue uploading product images, descriptions and prices.

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Another way is to use a web browser. If you use this method, you can use the default Chrome browser on your Android phone.

The first step is to open the Chrome browser and enter the address of the official website If you go to the Shopee seller homepage, enter the account section, in the Shopee seller center section, enter the email, phone or username and password of the Shopee account you created.

After that, if you have already created a Shopee account, login to your Shopee account. If you have not registered with your phone number, Facebook or Gmail account on

On the shop seller homepage, you can manage your shop using all the menus on the left side of the page. If you want to add a product for sale, you can click on the Product menu – Add New Product.

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These are 2 easy ways to set up shop on Shopee with Android mobile phone 2021 that you can practice now. By using this method of selling on Shopee with this Android phone, you can hopefully increase the demand for the products you sell.

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