Cara Memindahkan Video Dari Laptop Ke Iphone

Cara Memindahkan Video Dari Laptop Ke Iphone – As with Android smartphones, it is easy to transfer videos to iPhone from Mac/PC, but for security reasons, Apple has made it possible to transfer files to iPhone. For example, if you use a Mac, you can transfer videos to your iPhone using the AirDrop feature that uses Bluetooth and Wifi technology. How to transfer videos from iPhone without iTunes to Windows PC? To complete the guide to transfer photos from laptop to iPhone, this post will explain in detail some steps we can take to transfer iPhone videos to Mac and PC.

My most used Mac and iPhone. Transferring videos to iPhone using AirDrop is quick and easy. AirDrop is a feature provided by Apple for transferring data between Apple devices that is fast, efficient and secure. AirDrop uses Bluetooth and Wifi technology on both iDevices and uses it as a way to transfer videos to iPhone without iTunes.

Cara Memindahkan Video Dari Laptop Ke Iphone

If we use AirDrop regularly, updates on iPhone devices do not need to be set to Everyone, only Contacts and Mac will recognize the devices we use every day. The feature I use to upload videos to my iPhone is quick and easy. AirDrop can also be used to transfer from one iPhone to another, iPhone to iPad, Mac to iPhone and vice versa.

Cara Transfer Video Dari Pc Ke Iphone

Unfortunately, the AirDrop feature that can be used on Mac is not available on Windows devices. There is one method that can be used to transfer videos to iPhone from Windows PC.

There are third party software to transfer videos from laptop to iPhone. Xender and SHAREit applications use hotspot/WiFi as a file transfer method. To transfer videos to iPhone using Xender, the process is as follows:

The main trick for the Xender app to work is to connect to the same WiFi on both devices, laptop and iPhone, if there is no WiFi to connect, just make sure WiFi is ON and use the iPhone sharing. In addition to videos, this Xender program can also receive other files such as photos, music or documents. And one thing you should try is to transfer files from Android to iPhone or vice versa to transfer files from iPhone to Android.

For SHAREit app, the principle is the same, use HotSpot/WiFi connection from the two devices you want to transfer files. However, the weakness of SHAREit is that there are many ads that appear before sending the file, those who are used to SHAREit can try this Xender app with less ads and you can send videos from your iPhone laptop very quickly.

Cara Memindahkan Video Ke Iphone Tanpa Itunes Dengan Cepat

Hello, I’m Ryan, the founder of this blog, the purpose of this blog is to share my experiences in the world of electronics, online or online games, because sometimes I play games to kill boredom. Hopefully helpful and useful. Feel free to add comments, criticisms or reader suggestions in the comments section below. In terms of flexibility, Android is more flexible than iOS. This can be seen in the difficulty of transferring files from an iPhone to a Windows computer.

On Android, we can directly connect the mobile phone with a USB data cable to the computer device. And Windows itself recognizes the internal and external memory of our Android HP device.

Meanwhile, for iPhone users, the file transfer process will be easier if it is done with Apple devices such as iOS to MacOS or iOS to iOS.

In fact, not only iTunes, you can also take advantage of programs like 3uTools and SHAREit as additional wireless media.

Menggunakan Itunes Untuk Berbagi File Di Antara Komputer Dan Perangkat Ios Atau Ipados

Instead, you can transfer files directly from your iPhone to your Windows PC/Laptop. However, this may only work for image or video files.

There are two methods you can use to move iPhone files to Windows. In particular, the first method of using string file transfer. And secondly, don’t use a cable (for WiFi).

Transferring iPhone files wirelessly is easy if we use SHAREit. Important if you want to transmit wirelessly, make sure that all devices are connected to the same WiFi line.

To transfer files from iPhone to Windows laptop using WiFi, we will use ShareIt software.

Bagaimana Cara Memindahkan Video Dari Telegram Ke Laptop?

Before doing this, make sure that your iPhone and Windows laptop have SHAREit and are using the same WiFi network. To follow the steps, follow these steps:

We hope this guide will be useful especially for iOS users and if you have any questions related to the above methods feel free to post them through the comment section. I hope this helps. Unlike transferring photos, transferring videos on iPhone is unpleasant and even difficult and difficult to do. Now, for those who want to transfer movies or videos from PC (computer, laptop or mac) to iPhone or iPad, you can use 3uTools software.

However, it should be noted that when you use this method, the transferred videos are not stored in the iPhone’s photo library, but in a previously downloaded (third-party) program. Well, so you are not interested, here is a complete way to transfer videos from your computer to your iPhone or iPad.

#1 : First, download the Media Player app on your iPhone/iPad, an admin-approved service called PlayerXtreme Media Player.

Cara Memindahkan File Foto Dan Video Dari Iphone Ke Laptop

(No ads :P, why PlayerXtreme? Apart from being free, this app also has a feature that can show subtitles, so it’s very suitable for those who like to watch movies)

#2 : If you already have a computer, install iTunes (if you haven’t already) and download the 3uTools software via the following link.

#3 : After the installation is complete, connect your iPhone to the computer with a data cable and then open the 3uTools app (don’t forget to open the passcode on the iPhone and click Trust if prompted)

#4: If your iPhone is recognized by the 3uTools app, now click on Apps and find the media player you installed on your iPhone, then click View menu next to the media player name.

Cara Transfer File Dari Pc Ke Iphone Atau Ipad Dan Sebaliknya, Penasaran?

#5 : Now if you type on Import and then select Select File (use Select Folder if you want to transfer the video together with the folder)

#6 : Now find and select the video file you want to transfer, then click Open and wait for the transfer to complete (the size of the video, depending on how long it takes).

#7 : If it works, open the PlayerXtreme (media player) app on your iPhone and watch the video you have already transferred

For those who have already used PlayerXtreme to display subtitles on a video/video, make sure that the file is provided with the video. If you did not convert the subtitle file back using the above method, remember the name of the subtitle file and the video file if you can match it.

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If it is automatic, subtitles will be shown in the video. To change subtitles, tap and hold the text and then move to the desired location.

That’s the end of the whole story on how to transfer videos or movies from computer to iPhone, iPad. If anything is not clear and you want to ask more, please leave a question in the comment section below, thanks! Confused because you don’t know how to transfer photos from iPhone to laptop? Enjoy because ApkVenue really has a simple and fast process.

If you were an Android user before, transferring photos from your iPhone to your laptop is as easy as transferring photos from your Android phone to your laptop.

There are 5 ways you can use to transfer photos from iPhone to laptop. You just have to choose the easiest way for you.

Cara Mudah Memindahkan File Dari Komputer Atau Laptop Ke Hp

The first way to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows 10 laptop is to use the built-in Photos app.

The Photos app on Windows 10 laptops is the default Photos app. So you don’t need to install this or any other software.

To move all photos and videos, copy and paste all folders. But if they are real pictures, you have to find them one by one in the folder.

The next step is to install the Google Photos app on your iPhone. You can download the app from the Apple Store.

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Then open the app and give Google Photos access to your photos and videos (when the pop-up window appears, click Allow).

In addition to the above method, you can also use the Google Drive app to transfer photos or videos to your laptop.

The last way to transfer photos from iPhone to laptop is to use iCloud Photos. Doing so will open iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone. You have a video collection saved on your laptop and want to transfer it to iPhone, but I don’t know how to transfer videos to iPhone without iTunes? In fact, there is nothing wrong with transferring the video collection to your iPhone, because then you can easily enjoy videos at any time without using a laptop to watch.

So usually iPhone users use iTunes to transfer videos. But unfortunately, this process is very difficult, although there is actually a way to transfer videos to iPhone without iTunes that is worth trying.

Cara Menampilkan Layar Hp Android Ke Pc Atau Laptop

In fact, transferring files from a computer to an iPhone is easy, just like when you want to transfer files from a laptop or an Android computer. For security reasons, Apple has established that the transfer process must go through several stages. Now for those of you who want to know how to transfer videos to iPhone without iTunes, don’t worry because in this article I have explained in detail.

There are several ways to transfer videos to iPhone without using iTunes, such as

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