Cara Mengaktifkan Wifi Di Hp

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Cara Mengaktifkan Wifi Di Hp

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Cara Mengatasi Wifi Tidak Menyala Di Hp Android

– Instagram is one of the most popular social media services. Nowadays, almost every internet user has an Instagram social media account. Especially for less sick young friends who don’t use Instagram. On the social networking site Instagram…

– Instagram is one of the most popular social media. Almost everyone has an Instagram account. Especially for young friends, you should already have an Instagram account. With Instagram social media, friends can share…

– Who doesn’t know TikTok?? TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps for sharing short videos. The TikTok app lets you create fun short videos with filter effects and music. Rose… Noorhati Bhattiar- Ever thought of turning your favorite Android phone into a simple WiFi extender or access point? If you’ve ever wondered about it, this article will give you a very simple tutorial on how to get your Wi-Fi and Android hotspots together, which will come in handy when you need it.

By default, Android can only enable Wi-Fi or hotspot, but not both.

Cara Mengaktifkan Wifi Di Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11

For example, if you want to use Wi-Fi on your laptop, but it is blocked by many walls and the Wi-Fi signal you get disappears, you can turn your Android phone into a Wi-Fi signal receiver. This place. Enable the appropriate location and hotspot. The laptop we used earlier got a Wi-Fi spreader to get a stronger signal.

It sounds simple, but it is definitely very effective. Here is a simple example to illustrate how useful this feature can be on Android phones.

This tutorial uses Redmi Note 9 device, other devices may be slightly different, but if you follow it and find a similar menu, surely you can easily run it without any problem. OK!

1. Click Settings > About phone > 10x kernel version or MIUI version (xiaomi) to enable developer mode on your Android device until you see the notification “You are a developer”.

Cara Mengatasi Wifi Tidak Tersambung Di Hp Samsung, Berhasil!

2. If so, enter Developer Options in your Android phone settings, which can be found at Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options.

3. Then scroll down or swipe down until you find the “Network” section, where there is an option to “Enable WiFi Range Extender”. Activate it as soon as you get it.

Of course, it is very useful as a Wi-Fi extender in areas where there is no Wi-Fi network and can also serve as a medium to extend the Wi-Fi network your Android phone is connected to.

It’s pretty simple, easy and obvious, right? For non-Xiaomi devices, there may be slight differences in the menu and options that appear. However, for Android using version 10 or higher, you no longer need to use this method. Or even more, it already supports Wi-Fi and hotspot at the same time. What is the reason for Wi-Fi not turning on and how to fix it? If Wi-Fi can’t turn on or won’t turn on, rebooting or restarting your Android phone is a common solution.

Cara Menyambungkan Wi Fi Ke Komputer Dengan Mudah

But sometimes this method doesn’t work to enable Wi-Fi icon. Finally, Android phones cannot connect to the Internet.

So, if you are facing the problem of Wi-Fi icon not turning on when trying to activate, you can follow these steps to fix Wi-Fi not turning on on Android. This method can be used on any Android smartphone. Starting from Samsung, Xiaomi, Redmi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, Sony, Asus Zenfone and many more.

Before moving on to the steps on how to deal with problematic Wi-Fi on Android smartphones, first determine the cause. If you know the reason why the Wi-Fi is not turning on in your Android phone, you can easily fix it.

Common problems occur when Wi-Fi button is not enabled on your Android phone:

Cara Mengatasi Wifi Tidak Bisa Connect Di Hp Dan Laptop

If you have issues #1 and #2 causing your Android Wi-Fi not turned on, it’s pretty easy to figure it out. Then it will be easier to deal with.

However, if there is something else (from #3-6), it will take some time to resolve. If you are facing the problem of not being able to activate the Wi-Fi button on your Android phone, there are some steps you should take.

If you’ve restarted or restarted your phone and Android WiFi still isn’t working, try the next method.

To do this, drag the screen down from the top to reveal the menu bar on your phone, then look for the Wi-Fi icon. Press the Wi-Fi button repeatedly. If that doesn’t work, go to the next step.

Cara Mengaktifkan Wifi Di Hp Xiaomi Dengan Baik Dan Benar

Before turning on Wi-Fi, close or close all apps or games on your Android phone, especially for all brands of phones with small RAM memory and storage.

As mentioned in point 2 above. One of the reasons for not being able to turn on Wi-Fi on Android is that the RAM and storage capacity can no longer accommodate the cache and history of your Android phone.

To do this, clean some files (photos, videos, other files) that you don’t need. Make sure your phone’s storage/storage memory is small. Hence, RAM performance is slightly increased. That is, computer functions also work normally.

To free up storage space on your Android phone, try turning off your Android phone for a while after deleting some files/folders. First, turn off your phone for 2-3 minutes.

Cara Aktifkan Data Seluler & Wifi Secara Bersamaan Di Hp Android

Note for a moment that this could be a specific app you just installed. Suddenly, after a few minutes, some Wi-Fi buttons on my Android smartphone don’t work as usual.

To see the list of installed apps, you can go to the Settings menu and scroll down to find the Installed Apps menu.

To enter the Forget Wi-Fi connection page, briefly press the Wi-Fi button on your phone and check the list of Wi-Fi connections for your phone in the Manage Saved Networks menu. Then select the Wi-Fi name of the home router and tap the Delete Network button to delete the saved network.

If the above methods still don’t work and Android doesn’t turn on after activating Wi-Fi, next time you need to check your router. Restart your router.

Cara Login Router Tp Link Menggunakan Hp Android

Just press the on-off button on the router. Then turn it off for a few seconds first. Then restart the router.

Alternatively, you can enter the admin page on your router. Enter the code through the browser on the other device. After logging in, find the router reboot menu. Wait a few minutes for the router to become fully functional again. This is indicated by the existing internet light.

An Android phone that cannot turn on Wi-Fi is usually caused by malware or viruses. Signs that your Android smartphone is infected with malware or a virus:

If you face this problem, try to go to point 5. Scan your Android phone and remove viruses and malware without antivirus.

Cara Setting Handphone Android Menjadi Hotspot Wifi Tethering

How to deal with Android Wi-Fi not turning on by resetting this Android phone is a bit serious. By resetting your android phone you will lose various files, files, contact numbers, installed apps etc. in your android phone.

However, if starting is unavoidable, back up your Android phone’s files to cloud storage (eg Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.) or another device.

Follow our tutorial on how to reset/hard reset any brand of Android phone.

The next step to fix Android Wi-Fi is to visit the phone brand’s service center. It is better than cheating without experience and proper knowledge.

Berikut Cara Mengaktifkan Wifi Id Di Android

Your phone may still be under warranty, so all you need to do is file a claim. If not, show it to a friend who specializes in cell phone disassembly. Friends can help you fix Wi-Fi not enabled problem when trying to turn on your Android phone.

If you are facing the problem of not being able to activate Wi-Fi on your Android phone then you can follow the steps above. With a bit of patience, any of the above methods will help keep Android Wi-Fi from turning on.

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