Cara Mengaktifkan Wifi Di Komputer

Cara Mengaktifkan Wifi Di Komputer – Sometimes the problem of how to connect Wifi to a computer makes some people annoyed, not to mention when they are rushed by a work deadline.

Yes, it is not as easy as when we use the internet on a laptop or Android. How to connect WiFi to the computer is a bit complicated because not all desktop computers or personal computers (PC) are equipped with wireless devices or Wi-Fi receivers.

Cara Mengaktifkan Wifi Di Komputer

So, how can WiFi be connected to the computer? It’s easy guys, just follow the steps below which are guaranteed to be 100 percent successful.

Cara Mengaktifkan Wifi Di Laptop & Komputer

Of course, the first thing to prepare is the wireless adapter. Therefore, a wireless adapter is a device that can connect a computer to the Internet network without using cables.

If you have installed the WiFi adapter, the next step is to install the WiFi driver. Usually, when you buy a wireless adapter, you will find on the instruction card or on the back of the packaging box how to install the driver.

However, if you don’t have the driver, don’t worry because you can search on Google with keywords like “Wireless adapter driver download” for example: “TP-LINK 888 wireless adapter Download driver

After the wireless adapter and driver are correctly installed, try to connect the computer to the WiFi network.

Laptop Tidak Bisa Connect Wifi? Begini Cara Mengatasinya

But first, to connect to a wireless network, you must first enable WiFi on your computer. Usually located in the lower right corner or in the control panel as shown below:

After entering the control panel, select the network connection, then you will see the available WiFi networks. If it is not detected, try refreshing it.

Additional information, if the Internet connection via your WiFi network is not stable, then use a WiFi signal booster or place the computer in a room closer to the modem.

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Cara Menyambungkan Wifi Ke Komputer Dijamin Berhasil

To use Social Access, you must consent to the storage and management of your data by this website. %privacy_policy% Wifi or wireless available on laptops can make it easier for us to navigate the activities in search of information on the Internet anytime and anywhere, it is no longer necessary to worry about the devices connected to your computer such as modem, cables and others. But you also need to navigate in places where Wifi is available, like in schools, cafes, malls, usually these places offer free wifi.

In the past, when I visited the cafe for the first time, I looked at the walls of the cafe. There were several cards emblazoned with the words “Free Wifi”. At first I didn’t know that there is wifi available in that place, which you can access for free as much as you want. I casually brought a laptop and tried to turn on the laptop because I really wanted to taste the delicious taste of free wifi.

The problem is when the laptop is on the wifi icon somehow doesn’t appear… I did several ways to make the icon appear…

After a long time I fiddled with the wifi settings to no avail… Finally I decided to go home as it was late at night and I needed to rest…

Cara Mengaktifkan Wifi Di Laptop Windows 10 Dengan Mudah

Then the next day, I finally fiddled around in the wifi settings again and tried with the HP wifi. As a result, it only took 5 minutes.

It turned out that the wifi of the laptop I was using was disabled… Finally the next day I visited the cafe again and tried to connect… Finally it worked and I managed to taste the delicious free wifi wkwkwk .

Therefore, for this reason, I want to share a tutorial on how to enable Wifi Disable and Wifi Off on a laptop or PC so that you don’t feel the same way as me.

Before enabling the wifi, first make sure that the wifi is turned off or disabled in your laptop. Here are the features and differences.

Cara Setting Di Windows 10

After doing the first step, the icon will become Wifi Off, so if you only have Wifi Off, continue from step two below.

After use, do not forget to turn off the wireless again, so that the battery of the laptop lasts longer and does not run out quickly. So the article on how to enable wifi on this laptop or computer, I hope this article can be useful and help.

If you are still confused and have not succeeded in the above method, please write and ask in the comment column, I will help you through it. By default, wifi in a laptop is always on or active. But sometimes the wifi is not active for many reasons. The most common cause is accidentally pressing the wifi or airplane mode button on the keyboard. In addition, an error in the driver can also cause the wifi not to turn on. Also missing from the laptop.

Because it has many causes, how to activate it must also be in accordance with the cause. So in this article I will share how to enable wifi at all in a laptop. Starting from simple steps via keyboard keys to the most powerful. So it can be used in different conditions for laptop problems in all brands. Starting from Asus, Acer, Axioo, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba and others.

Cara Ampuh Mengaktifkan Wifi Di Laptop & Komputer Windows

Some laptops have a special button for wifi. This button is used to turn off and on the wifi in the laptop. The location of the wifi button is different for each type of laptop. Some are on one of the F1 to F12 keys. There is also a separate button. Usually the button has a symbol in the form of an antenna or transmitter.

If your laptop has a wifi button, make sure the indicator on the button shows that the wifi is active. Usually marked with an indicator that turns on when active and off when deactivated. There is also white when it is active, while red when it is not active. If you are not sure, please press the button and then see the change in the wifi icon in Windows.

So if your laptop doesn’t have a wifi button or the button doesn’t light up when you press it. Please go to the next step.

Check the wireless network section. Make sure the wireless is not in off state. The off state is indicated by a red crossed wireless symbol with the text Wireless off. If you find that it is really off, then click Turn on wireless to enable wifi.

Cara Membuat Hotspot Di Laptop Windows 7, 8, 10

The Wireless Network option is only available in Windows 7. So if you are using Windows 10 and 8, there will be no wireless settings in Windows Mobile Center.

Windows 8 and 10 have an airplane mode feature that will turn off all signaling devices when enabled. We usually accidentally press the quick button for airplane mode. So that the function becomes active. These buttons are usually located from F1 to F12, it is different for each type of laptop.

We need to disable flight mode to enable wifi. You can do this through the different keyboard keys on each notebook. So, to be the same, I will share how to disable it via the Settings menu.

For Windows 10 users. Click the Start menu > select Settings > click Network and Internet > then select Airplane mode. Turn off airplane mode by turning it off.

Cara Mengaktifkan Wifi Internet Di Windows 10

For Windows 8, click Settings on the charm bar > Change PC settings > click Network > click Airplane mode. Make sure airplane mode is OFF.

Windows 10 has its own settings menu to enable WiFi in the settings window. Click Start > click Settings > select the Network and Internet menu > click WiFi. There is an option to set ON/OFF. Make sure you set it to ON.

While the WiFi settings in Windows 8 are located in the charm bar on the right side. Select Settings > Change PC settings > Airplane mode. Set wifi to ON to enable wifi.

If the Wi-Fi menu or the wifi option does not exist, it means that the wireless device is not active. There are 2 possibilities i.e. the device is disabled or the driver is not installed. To check, please refer to the next step.

Bagaimana Cara Mengembalikan Atau Mengatasi Wifi Yang Hilang Di Laptop

> press Enter. All our laptop network devices will appear there. Look for a device named Wi-Fi or Wireless Network Connection. Right-click the device and then click Activate. The activation option does not appear if the device is already activated.

If there is no device called Wi-Fi or wireless network connection, it means that the device is not detected. Usually marked with a Wi-Fi icon that does not appear or not at all. This may be due to the driver not being installed or the driver not being compatible. Please read the next step.

Then press Enter. Click on Network adapters. Search for devices with names that contain Wireless or WiFi. Right-click the device and then click Uninstall Device. Check the uninstallation of the driver software for this device. Click Uninstall.

. Then download the wifi driver and install it on the laptop. We may also use software assistance. Please read my article on the best driver update software. Use one of the 5 software.

Ampuh! 8+ Cara Mengembalikan Wifi Yang Hilang Dengan Mudah

After reinstalling the laptop’s wifi driver, the wireless icon on the taskbar should be active. Unless our wifi device is damaged or the WiFi button in step 1 is OFF.

The most successful step is step 3, that is, turning off airplane mode. This is caused by the user accidentally turning on flight mode. But you don’t know how to turn it off. It’s not uncommon for step 6 to successfully enable wifi because reinstalling the driver resets all configurations to default. It is not as easy as using the Internet via Wi-Fi on the laptop and Android devices. This is because not all desktop computers have a wireless device or Wi-Fi receiver.

So how do you connect WiFi to a computer? The following will write which devices or equipment are needed to be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

A wireless adapter is a device that allows a computer to connect to a network without the use of cables. There are two types of wireless adapters, namely external and internal wireless adapters.

Cara Setting Router Wifi Di Rumah Atau Kantor • Computory

If you have confirmed that you have a wireless adapter on your computer, then also make sure that the wifi driver is installed correctly. Usually when you buy a wireless adapter you will receive instructions or how to install the drivers.

If you don’t have the manager, guys

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