Cara Mengedit Foto Di Photoshop

Cara Mengedit Foto Di Photoshop – Photo editing is currently a very common thing in this era. From adding effects to photos to manipulating them.

Ok, here I will give an example of how to edit photos with CINEMATIC THEMES. In this tutorial we will try to walk you through the process of creating a soft vintage/film effect in Photoshop to create a tone that you can use for your photos if you choose not to follow the steps in the manual.

Cara Mengedit Foto Di Photoshop

Change the gradient map to black and white -> Blend SoftLight -> Opacity 60 (your choice)

Cara Membuat Background Blur Di Photoshop

Add a dark and sinister tone to your photos with Turquoise Color Shift and Strong Vignette. fancy

Western transforms the image into a vintage photo with an old sepia style of dark browns and low saturation. the family

Washes out colors and provides stronger contrast to create a darker mood in the image.

It reproduces the look of old films in black and white tones, low contrast and thick grain. War creates a lonely mood through strong contrasts, sprinkled with colors and powerful soundscapes.

Cara Membuat Gradasi Warna Di Photoshop (menarik)

Transform images by mixing blue tones and strong contrasts to create a high-tech sci-fi look. Action Replicates the teal and orange tints popular in many Hollywood action movies. Recently, social media saw images of action figures from the creative hands of young people. A thumbnail photo posted on social media can generate hundreds of likes in an instant.

Figure photos are photos that show miniature people inside the subject. Photos of minipeople look unique because people appear tiny among other objects.

If you want to edit photos of action figures, you can use Photoshop software installed on your computer or laptop.

Photoshop itself contains different versions. The latest version is Adobe Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud). But to edit this action figure photo, all you need is CS3 or at least the CS version of Photoshop.

Cara Merubah Ukuran Kanvas Di Adobe Photoshop

Okay, let’s get right into learning how to edit photos with Photoshop CS 3. The first thing you need to do when editing a fine art photo is to create a 1:1 square photo sheet. The 1:1 square size is the standard photo size for social media, especially Instagram. We will edit the image of the villain as in the image below.

The above screen appears. Resize the photo. The example we provide is 1500 x 1500pk with a size of 72. You can also sample the photo size as in the box above.

Next is your photo sheet. The second step is to open your unique photo in Photoshop. How to click File – Open – and navigate to the location of the photo in the laptop folder. Or you can simply drag photos from the folder directly into Photoshop.

Once the photo file is open. The third step is to select the part you want to capture in the photo as a mini figure. In other words, you need to remove the background from the photo to make it normal or transparent. How to select a photo You can use the Pen tool or press the P key on your keyboard. See the box below.

Cara Edit Background Foto Dengan Photoshop Avenger Di Warung Lamongan

Start selecting your photos. Use the pen tool to follow the flow of the photo. Do it patiently and take your time. You can also zoom in on photos from 200% to 300% to simplify the photo selection process. The Zoom method simultaneously presses the CTRL key and the (+) sign on the laptop keyboard.

Select from the start point to the end point of the photo. After selecting all photo objects. The next step is to duplicate your photo. How to right-click on a selected part of a photo. Click Make Selection – the Make Selection box will appear, type 0 in the Pen Radius column – click OK.

Selected photos will cause dots to appear around the objects in your photo. Then press CTRL + J simultaneously. Your photo will be copied to a new layer.

To remove unselected parts, you can repeat the first selection method using the Pen tool. If the part you want to delete is already selected, right-click – make a selection – type 0 in the radius of the pen – dots will appear around the photo – then immediately press DELETE on the keyboard.

Cara Edit Foto Di Photoshop Seperti Berada Di Luar Negeri

Insert the selected photo named LAIER 1 into the table you created earlier. Click the Hand Tool and drag layer 1 onto your sheet.

Next, enter the background you want to create as your action figure photo background. How to file – open – find photo location – click to open. Or you can simply drag photos from the folder directly into Photoshop.

If the background photo is already open in Photoshop, the next step is to insert the photo into your sheet, which was previously filled with your photos. How to click the hand tool and drag the background layer into the worksheet.

Your background photo is now merged with the photo you selected. Adjust the position and size of the background image by first clicking on LAIER 2 and then pressing CTRL+T.

Cara Memutihkan Kulit Dengan Photoshop

Adjust the position and size of the person’s photo, the method is the same, click on the layer of the person’s photo LAIER 1, then press CTRL + T.

Since photos of people’s subjects are dark, you can use curves to brighten the light in the photo. How to first click on LAYER 1 and then press CTRL+M. Adjust the position of the dot, the higher it is, the brighter it is, the lower it is, the darker it is.

Then google the wooden directional sign image to give your minifigure photos a nice look. If you have an image like the one above, you can open it directly through Photoshop. After opening, remove the white background around the tray. How to duplicate the first layer. Place the cursor on the background layer. Right click-click-duplicate layer. This will create a new layer called Copy Background Layer.

Next, remove the white background by clicking the Magic Wand Tool (V) and clicking on the white part you want to remove. After that turn off the eye symbol on the BACKGROUND LAYER and you will see that the white background is gone.

Cara Membuat Thumbnail Youtube Di Photoshop Lengkap Dengan Ukurannya

You can then drag a photo from the board directly into your photo sheet. How to click the hand tool and drag the background layer into the worksheet. Adjust the position and size of the board image, the method is the same, ie. click on the board image layer (BACKGROUND), then press CTRL + T. To change the orientation of the boards, here’s how to do it: Right-click on the photo of the boards – then click Flip Horizontal.

To make the laying of the boards look natural, we need to glue the boards into the ground. How to select the ground part (LAYER 2) and then multiply it. Place the floor selection on top so that the image layer is covered by the floor selection layer. Press CTRL + T to adjust its position

Then put the words or words on the nameplate. To type, you must press the T key on your keyboard (horizontal type tool). Then write “KUA” and place it on the board.

To make the photo of the person object look like it is merging with the ground, you need to add a black brush to the parts that touch the ground. How to use the brush Press the B key on your keyboard and place the brush for the layer below the person’s photo.

Cara Edit Photo Dengan Efek Splash Painting Photoshop

When all editing processes are complete. You can save your work in folders on your computer. There are important things you should know. Saving a document in Photoshop is a two-step process.

First, you need to save the file in PSD format (for original files). In the second step, you need to save your document in JPG or PNG format so that the photos can be shared on social networks.

That’s it for editing action figure photos with Photoshop CS3. I hope this tutorial will be useful to everyone who reads and practices it. I hope this article will also increase your knowledge about photo editing in Photoshop. It never ends when we talk about photo editing in Photoshop. From ordinary or simple to vov. There are many ways to do all of this. So, in this tutorial I will discuss a guide on how to edit photos with paint splatter effect in Photoshop. The materials we need are photo models and ink splash images. Friends can search on Google or use existing data.

To make sure you don’t get confused when you get a sequence of photos, try saving it and then opening Adobe Photoshop on your computer or laptop. Follow the steps below to edit your photos with Photoshop paint splatter effect:

Cara Merubah Foto Menjadi Lukisan Realis Menggunakan Photoshop

1. Open the photo we want to edit in Adobe Photoshop. Right-click the image in the folder you want to save > open in Photoshop.

2. Open Splash Art in Adobe Photoshop. Right-click the image in the folder you want to save > open in Photoshop.

5. Select the splatter layer (layer 2) > use the magic wand tool to remove the white background > move the splatter layer (layer 2) below the photo layer.

6. Select Layer 2 > Right Click > Create Clipping Mask. If the photo is not large enough, you can zoom in again so that the paint splatter area is enclosed. Or we can even increase or decrease the spray area as needed.

Cara Mengedit Foto Di Photoshop Bagi Pemula, Untuk Memutihkan Wajah

7. Select the photo layer (Layer 1) > click the New Fill or Adjustment Layer icon > Gradient > The Gradient > Set Gradient window appears.

8. The gradient setting is to click on the gradient color bar > select gradient color > style=linear > angle 450 > ok.

9. Select the Gradient Fill 1 layer > Right click > Create Clipping Mask > Still on the same layer, change the blending mode to Soft Light.

10. Select the background layer > click the icon create a new fill or adjustment layer > select a solid color > select light yellow > OK.

Cara Edit Foto Dengan Curve Di Photoshop Untuk Mendapatkan Efek Film Klasik

Make it easy for a friend? ? ? The above is a simple example. Friends can also evolve further. Hence quickly and

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