Cara Menghilangkan Internet Positif Di Pc

Cara Menghilangkan Internet Positif Di Pc – Advanced internet is usually seen when we open some pages. To eliminate the advanced internet we can use the method.

Positive Internet is an information site created by the Ministry of Transport and Information. This page aims to prevent Internet users from accessing websites that are considered negative.

Cara Menghilangkan Internet Positif Di Pc

Some internet users believe that not all blocked websites are negative sites. That’s why many of them are looking for ways to get rid of the advanced Internet. To access the page again.

Cara Menghilangkan Internet Positif Di Laptop Dan Android

How to remove Advanced Internet from a smartphone and laptop is not difficult. Here are some ways to open closed pages.

There are many ways we can do to lose advanced internet on our computers. The easiest way is to use a VPN. Both third-party applications and browser extensions.

There are many VPN plugins available. But here we will use TouchVPN because this VPN extension is very easy to use, unlimited and of course free.

As well as used in the browser. We can also use remote VPN with different computer applications. Such as games that cannot be accessed using an Indonesian IP address. Here we will talk about the Betternet program.

Cara Membuka Internet Positif (hp, Pc & Laptop)

So, these are the two easy ways to get advanced internet on PC. For those of us using Android. Please see the procedure below.

This method is very easy. We just install the VPN app on our Android. Here we use Turbo VPN because this program is very easy to use, free and without ads.

It is very easy how to remove the advanced Internet using a computer or smartphone? Please use the most appropriate method. Use it wisely and good luck !!!How to open a website or site blocked by Kominfo government or often called advanced internet. Since the new Healthy Internet Policy rules have been implemented in Indonesia, we will not be able to access all sites as usual.

To comply with this policy, like it or not, all internet providers in Indonesia also block sites with inappropriate content. To be able to open this advanced internet, please follow this presentation.

Cara Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir Di Google Chrome Pc Archives

But the sad thing is that sometimes there are websites that do not have negative content but are also blocked, which makes many visitors uncomfortable.

Especially if you need important information from the site, it’s really not very convenient if you can’t access it.

Therefore, in the following, we have tips on how to open sites blocked by advanced internet in Google Chrome via mobile phone or computer.

But do not abuse these tips to open blocked sites because you will get access to sites that are not very informative for our young generation.

Cara Menghilangkan Internet Positif Di Hp Dan Pc

So for that you need to filter and select this guide so that it will have a positive effect on everyone in the future.

So this strategy only helps to reduce the negative effects of the internet, such as pornography and violence.

Here we provide some ways to open sites that are blocked on the advanced Internet, and from all the instructions below you can easily use them through a smartphone or computer:

A way to open blocked sites without the program is the simplest in our opinion to use a website that provides a feature for hidden agents. You can find many such sites online.

Cara Bypass Internet Positif Pada Pc Atau Laptop

But if you are confused about finding it, you can try some recommended proxy lists on our website. Here is a list of those sites.

Open one of the web proxies above through your trusted mobile or desktop browser, then enter the link of the site affected by the positive internet block into the blank field provided to give

Opera mini is the second way to get over the advanced internet. For those who want to explore the online world, you must be familiar with this popular browser software.

Yes, Opera mini for Windows is now available with a built-in VPN version, which is a feature that can hide your real IP address.

Lakukan Hal Hal Ini Untuk Mengatasi Laptop Lemot

VPN is the third trick to hack the advanced internet. A VPN or virtual private network is a network of computers connected to each other.

Is it safe to use a VPN? In fact, it is very safe, because a VPN can encrypt all user data so that the public cannot read it.

There are many VPN services or apps that you can use, such as NordVPN, Hide Me VPN,

Betternet VPN and many more you can try. Of course, all these programs support a computer and a smartphone.

Cara Menghilangkan Internet Positif Di Pc Serta Hp. Cepat & Mudah!

In addition to using the above three methods, we can also use the Windows Command Prompt (CMD) program to bypass ISP-blocked sites.

Well, CMD works here to see the IP address of the website, but there is a note that the website does not hide the IP address, because if it is hidden, you cannot use this method.

To view the IP address of a website through CMD very easily, go to start menu >>> run >>> type CMD >>> Enter >>> type ping in the command window >>> then enter enter the web address for example: name. com.

Wait a minute, the IP address of the website will appear, then write it down or copy it and paste it in the address bar of your browser.

Cara Membuka Internet Positif Di Pc Dan Hp

The DNS configuration method is simple, you can set your favorite DNS server: and another DNS server: which is in your Windows browser or smartphone settings, then click Save and then restart your browser / connection and run it again.

In addition to being available for free internet, SSH also has a special function, which is to access blocked sites safely.

For you Android users, of course, you are already familiar with this SSH service, as many users use this service for free internet via mobile.

To get this service, you can search online using the keywords how to create SSH, then choose one and register an account.

Cara Mengatasi Kumpul Bagi Terkena Blokir Internet Positif (100% Work)

If you’re using a smartphone, just use an SSH app like KPN Tunnel that you can download for free from the Google Play Store.

Register for an account and then click Start to start the program. After that you can create your own ssh account through internet sites.

Now for the next method, it is only for PC users, because this additional feature is only available for PC browsers.

How it works is not much different when you use a VPN application, the VPN extension helps to encrypt your data when you surf the Internet.

Cara Menghilangkan Internet Positif Di Google Chrome Android

The installation procedure is very easy, go to your browser’s add-ons menu, then type Browsec VPN (for Google Chrome).

Once you have found the plugin, proceed by clicking install. So you can use the plugin to unblock blocked sites.

Many people may not know that, apart from being used to translate languages, Google translate can be used to access advanced websites.

We know this ourselves recently, we accidentally wrote the web address in the translation box, then an active link appears, and we click on the URL, and it is accessed.

Cara Mudah Membuka Situs Yang Di Blokir Internet Positif

⚠️ Note: Use the above tips for positive things, don’t use them to open websites with negative content because it will damage the confidence of today’s young generation. Keep on keeping the internet positive!!!.

So these are some ways to open websites that are blocked on the advanced internet and you can try it through Android or PC.

That’s all for this review, I hope the post about breaking the progressive internet will be useful and will add perspective to the young generation in Indonesia. If you found the above article useful, don’t forget to share this post!!!

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Cara Membuka Internet Positif Dengan Mudah Di Hp Dan Pc

Do we need to know the wifi password of other connected people? You can use the following method to view wifi password on Android without root.

Having trouble transferring from LinkAja to another bank? Here’s an easy way to deal with LinkAja that can’t transfer to all banks How to remove positive internet – positive internet is something that happens when we visit websites that are blocked by it the government and this happens too. with suppliers directly linked to the government.

In fact, the program will annoy us because we can’t open the websites we want to read or just look at.

And the thing is, we are angry because we are not going to a website with negative nuances, but something normal and in a positive way.

Alternatif Membuka Blokir Internet Tanpa Vpn 100% Work

However, some websites blocked by the government using the advanced internet are websites with fraudulent elements, Sara, and the worst is pornography.

So, this program is really necessary to avoid the reasons mentioned above so that people who don’t know about it can be saved immediately.

However, if you frequently visit the website but feel that the website lacks the above elements but is open to the advanced internet, you can skip it there the different ways we try to provide.

The first way to get rid of the advanced internet of the website you want to visit is to use a VPN.

Cara Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir Internet Positif Di Pc / Hp Android

VPN is very useful for you to change a place or country to another country where that country does not have advanced internet and you can access websites that had advanced internet before.

So if you don’t want to install other programs, you can use Bowsec because you don’t need many programs. All you have to do is install the extension from Browsec to the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox you are using.

After installing this extension, you can easily use Browsec to browse on the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox you are using.

You can transfer to any country in the world from Singapore, UK, Netherlands, Hong Kong, USA and other countries.

Cara Mengatasi Https //

The second way is to use the Opera Browser, most people are probably very familiar with a browser called Opera or there is one called Opera Mini as well.

Opera browser has one such feature

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