Cara Mengubah Hp 3g Menjadi 4g

Cara Mengubah Hp 3g Menjadi 4g – Want to experience the speed of 4G network? Almost all the latest Android mobile phones support 3G, HSDPA, H+ and 4G networks. Here’s how to change your 3G network to 4G LTE and how to disable the 4G signal icon.

Many Android phone users don’t know how to change internet network from 3G to 4G LTE and end up using only 3G network, which is faster than 4G LTE.

Cara Mengubah Hp 3g Menjadi 4g

Almost all the latest versions of Android smartphones support 4G LTE networks. But some Android phones need to update settings to enable 4G network.

Cara Mengaktifkan 4g Lte Di Iphone Dan Ipad

So, in this article, we will discuss how to change 3G network to 4G and also how to lock the network to maintain 4G LTE network. Follow the instructions and instructions.

When we want to switch our Android phone’s network from 3G to 4G LTE, we first need to know the requirements to upgrade from 3G to 4G.

You note that not all Android smartphones support 4G networks, to upgrade from 3G to 4G you need to pay attention to the following conditions.

After all, the needs and carriers where we live already support 4G networks. Then we need to set up the Android phone settings so that the phone can connect to the 4G network.

Cara Merubah Jaringan 3g Ke 4g Di Hp Samsung (semua Tipe)

To upgrade the network from 3G to 4G LTE, it is enough to set a few settings in the “Network and Internet settings” menu.

Done, we were able to change the 2G/3G network to a 4G network by updating the settings above. If the area we live in has 4G support, a 4G wave icon will appear above the screen.

In addition to going through the settings menu, upgrade your 3G network to 4G via the dial-up menu. It’s the same way as a credit check or a phone call.

Note: The steps to change 3G network to 4G network above are done on Android 9 Pie phones. As a result, there may be slight differences in the Settings menu on other Android phones.

Cara Uprade Hp 3g Ke 4g (3+ Metode) Paling Mudah

In order for our Android phone to continue using the 4G network, we must first set up the settings in the network settings. Each mobile phone brand has different settings.

How to change Samsung network to 4G can be done in many ways. But first make sure that the Samsung phone we are using has 4G network support.

If setting via Dial does not work, we can use another method, which is Grace UI or Samsung Grace UI. Here’s how to do it.

How to do 4G Only other Samsung phones can use TouchWIZ interface. Here are the steps to update your 4G network settings.

Cara Merubah Setting Jaringan Hp Android 3g Ke 4g Lte

To change and disconnect 3G network to 4G on Xiaomi brand Android phones, you can do it in the following way.

With the above method, we can change the Xiaomi 3G network to 4G and use the Internet at maximum speed.

Changing from 3G to 4G for Asus HP is as easy as it is for other brands of Android mobile phones, just go to the Settings menu and follow the steps below.

Changing the network to 4G on your HP Oppo can also be done through the Network Settings menu. For this you can follow these steps.

Cara Mengubah Hp Android 3g Jadi 4g

Changing the signal on a Meizu phone to 4G can be done quickly using the dial pad menu. You enter the code *#*#4321#*#*, 4G signal on Meizu will automatically activate.

In addition, we can convert the signal to 4G with a 3G to 4G network converter application.

If you do not want to bother with the settings as explained earlier, we can use the method of changing the 3G network to 4G with a special request.

What is the application to convert 3G to 4G network? Recommended applications: 4G switches and advanced signal states. This application makes it easy for us to set up a 4G network.

Cara Upgrade Kartu Tri 3g Jadi 4g Sendiri Tanpa Ganti Nomor

We can use this 3G to 4G signal converter app on our android mobile without root access. Follow the steps below to install it.

, then we can use a 3G to 4G signal converter application called Signal Advance Status. Follow the steps below to install.

Changing from 3G to 4G can be done in several ways, by setting up your Android phone or by using an app to change between 3G and 4G signals.

With above method we can upgrade 3G signal to 4G without computer for all operators (Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Axis, Smartfren or 3), network is 2G or better stuck on 3G.

Cara Lock Jaringan 4g Vivo Smartphone

But unlike now, the internet that we use supports 4G LTE network and there is information that 5G network is ready.

But that is not what we will discuss in this article, how to change internet network from 3G to 4G on Samsung Grand Prime.

Knowing the type of Samsung Grand Prime mobile phone Before discussing how to change the internet network from 3G to 4G on a Samsung Grand Prime mobile phone, you should know that there are several types of mobile phones.

There are several types of Samsung Grand Prime phones that do not support 4G networks, which ones support 4G and which ones do not? Yes, see below.

Cara Mengatur Jaringan Menjadi 4g Only Di Hp Vivo

For the Samsung Grand Prime owners above, congratulations, you can use 4G network and change it with the guide discussed this time.

Therefore, there are cases where the Samsung Grand Prime phone does not yet support the 4G feature, or the network is still 3G. The type that does not support 4G is G530H, so if your Samsung Grand Prime is G530H, you can’t use 4G. Because it’s not supported yet

It’s very easy to make changes to your network or change your network settings to 4G and you should know if I’m on android version 5 or lollipop.

If your phone has a different version, the look and feel of the menu may be different, but the method is still the same, because we are basically setting the settings in the network menu. See how below:

Cara Memperkuat Sinyal Android 3g Menjadi H+

So you have made the switch from 3G to 4G on your Samsung Grand Prime phone. If the network icon appears with a cross after making changes, read the article on how to handle emergency calls only on phones – How to change 2G/3G 4G LTE signal on Xiaomi phones. 4G LTE network technology has been significantly developed in many areas of Indonesia, but it has not spread evenly and has not reached distant countries. But 4G LTE allows users to access the Internet, especially to open social networks, browse, chat, watch online videos (Youtube), etc. open network For Xiaomi devices, of course some (latest versions) are equipped with 4G LTE function.

On this occasion, I will share with you all how to set up 2G/3G and 4G networks only on Xiaomi HP. By making changes to Xiaomi’s network mode, it is expected that the ability to open pages while browsing will be faster and maximized. Also, if your city is covered by a good enough 4 LTE network, this will definitely be an advantage for you. If you want to know how, see the steps below.

2. Then continue by selecting the carrier you want to change the network to 4G LTE (maybe on SIM 1 or SIM 2). Then select “Preferred network type”. From here you can select “Select 4G network”.

3. Now when you make these changes, if you are in an area with 4G LTE coverage then the 4G LTE icon will also appear as usual. I hope the data transfer rate can be faster and max.

Cara Mengubah Sinyal Jaringan 3g Menjadi 4g Lte Di Hp Android

NOTE: Each Xiaomi device has a different way of setting up 4G LTE network, so if it’s a little different from the instructions I wrote above, try to adjust it yourself.

In addition to accessing the settings menu, you can also use a secret key combination to change the network mode on your Xiaomi phone. Of course, with the push of a button, your 4G LTE connection will stay strong and last much longer. The code to use is *#*#4636#*#*. You can see the steps below for more details.

You can see how to change 3G network to 4G network with the short video below to easily follow the method I suggest.

The above method can be applied to all Xiaomi devices such as Xiaomi Mi4s, Mi4c, Mi4i, Mi4, Redmi 1S, Mi3, Redmi NOTE, NOTE 2, NOTE 3, Redmi NOTE 4, NOTE 4X, NOTE 4 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi 2 , Xiaomi . Redmi 4, Redmi 4A, Redmi 4X, Redmi 4 Prime, Xiaomi Redmi NOTE 4, 4 Pro, 4 Snapdragon, Xiaomi Mi2A, Mi2S, Mi2, Mi1S, Mi Pad 2, Xiaomi Mi NOTE, Mi NOTE Pro, etc. If there is a slight difference from the instructions or methods above, it should be adjusted.

Cara Agar Sim 1 Dan Sim 2 Android Support Jaringan 4g

This is a short overview on how to easily and quickly set up a network from 2G/3G to 4G only on Xiaomi phones, I hope it can be useful and useful. If you have anything to ask or convey, write it in the comment column below. Thanks and good luck! Almost all Android smartphones nowadays support 4G technology in their devices and this may include the device you are using. If the area is covered by 4G network, we can use this 4G service, major cities in Indonesia may already use it, but if you are in the country, you may need to be patient enough waiting for this technology. Enter your country. hehehe, let’s pray for this 4G technology to spread throughout Indonesia. In this guide we will discuss how to change or change the Android signal to 4G LTE, but there are a few conditions that must be met first, what are they?


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