Cara Menyimpan Video Dari Youtube

Cara Menyimpan Video Dari Youtube – How to save YouTube videos to mobile gallery (HP): YouTube media is really the champion when it comes to videos because we can access all videos for free, but that doesn’t mean they can be downloaded for free, some they download maybe not. But we have to pay new copyright to be able to get the video.

So for those of you who want to download YouTube videos through your mobile, but want to save them only in the gallery and not from the YouTube application, the method is very simple. Maybe many people download it by mistake, the intention is to save it in YouTube app in offline mode instead of saving it in gallery.

Cara Menyimpan Video Dari Youtube

For those of you who want to save YouTube videos directly to the gallery, this is very easy, and any videos that cannot be downloaded first, we will be able to download this time. So this article will help you if you want to save YouTube videos to gallery and you can’t download videos at first, we can download them later.

Cara Download Video Youtube Secara Legal (hp & Laptop)

Interested in how to download it? Well let’s take a look at how to download it, here is a full review and please look carefully.

3. Then select Copy Link (if the word Copy Link doesn’t work, open YouTube via a browser).

4. Then open your browser and visit page. In addition to savefrom, there are still many sites that offer YouTube downloads, such as:, And many more, just search the browser with keywords

5. When you open the website, first paste the YouTube link in the Website URL column and wait for a while until the video loads.

Cara Menyimpan Video Youtube Ke Galery Hp

6. If it appears, choose the desired quality based on the video you want, just download or download.

7. Then the video that failed to download at first is now available even if it is saved in mobile phone gallery, not YouTube app in offline mode.

This is the most convenient way to download YouTube videos saved in the mobile phone gallery directly, even if the video is not downloaded first, you can download it, so there are two advantages, hehe.

I can share with you how to download saved YouTube videos directly to mobile gallery, save YouTube videos to mobile gallery, move YouTube videos to gallery or how to save YouTube videos to mobile gallery. no app Want to save Youtube videos? But you don’t know how to do it? Check out how to save YouTube videos to gallery without the following apps!

Cara Menyimpan Video Dari Youtube Go Ke Galeri Hp

Currently, YouTube is the most used website to watch different types of videos for free. You just need a smartphone with enough internet quota to enjoy various videos of your choice.

YouTube video site benefits its users both for video uploaders who get paid by monetizing their videos and for viewers who can watch interesting videos for free.

Not just that, now Google has launched YouTube Go app to make it easier for Android users in various developing countries who are still lagging behind where the internet network infrastructure is uneven and the speed is still slow.

However, videos downloaded through the Youtube Go app have an expiration date and can only be viewed through the Youtube Go app. But don’t worry, there is a way to save YouTube videos to Gallery without an app.

Cara Menyalin Suara Di Youtube Menjadi Teks 100% Berhasil

For those who are still having trouble saving YouTube videos to gallery, you can follow the steps on how to easily save YouTube videos to gallery below.

The first way to save Youtube videos without a program is to use the Saveform download website. We can easily save youtube videos to gallery.

We can save YouTube videos to mobile phone gallery without installing additional apps. Just use the YouTube app and the browser. Go to Gallery To know how to save YouTube videos, the steps are not very different.

If it doesn’t work or experience problems through the Saveform Video Downloader website. Then try to download Youtube videos with Y2mate service in the following gallery.

Cara Download Mp3 Dari Youtube Di Pc Dengan Cepat Dan Mudah

How to save videos on YouTube using the Y2mate service is not much different from the save form. We just need to copy the video link and paste it on the website.

In fact, there are many video download services that we can use to download videos on YouTube, and the method of doing so is not much different from the one described above.

How to save YouTube videos to the gallery below still uses a web-based video download service. So we can practice it on a smartphone or PC browser.

By saving YouTube videos to mobile phone gallery, it makes it easy for us to save our favorite videos to gallery so that we can watch them anytime and anywhere without having to connect to the internet again.

Cara Download Youtube Di Chrome Laptop Dan Android

The thing to keep in mind when using stock video content is that users should be well informed as there are several videos that are copyrighted. So it is not recommended to reupload the video to social media or YouTube.

I hope this article on how to save Youtube videos to gallery can solve your problem and still having trouble downloading favorite videos. Thank you – YouTube has become a video sharing service used by many people all over the world including Indonesia. Not only by uploading videos, you can earn or earn money on YouTube.

YouTube has a lot of useful video content ranging from tutorials, cooking, walkthroughs, dramas, series, reviews, and more. Meanwhile, you need internet access to watch videos on YouTube.

It will definitely be a hindrance when you want to watch video content on YouTube but there is no internet access where you are. For this reason, you should save YouTube videos to your mobile phone gallery.

Statistik Video Youtube Untuk Cara Simpan Video Youtube Ke Galeri Tanpa Aplikasi

In addition to not requiring Internet access, you can open the video repeatedly when you travel to an area where the Internet connection is not good or not good enough.

After saving the video to the mobile phone gallery, you can play the video continuously without having to access the Internet. This definitely makes it easier when you are somewhere with a poor internet connection.

But actually, if you really want to watch YouTube videos offline, you can take advantage of the download feature available in the YouTube app, although subsequent videos can only be played on the YouTube app.

It should be noted that sometimes the download function directly in the YouTube app is not enabled for some videos due to copyright issues, the intentions of the user who uploaded the video, and other reasons. Easy way to save YouTube videos to gallery. The first method is to download the video directly from YT (do not enter the gallery), and the second method uses a link that will be used to download the video later (enter the cell phone gallery).

Ss Youtube Download Video Youtube Hd Mp4 + Konversi Ke Mp3

2 How to save this Youtube video is very easy to follow. Because basically, YouTube already offers a download feature on every video. However, not all of these download features can be used. There are some videos that cannot be downloaded at first. So the way to get around this is to use the second method, which is to use Links.

As explained above, there are 2 ways that will be discussed in this article. First, download the video directly from YouTube. Meanwhile, the second method uses the video link to download. Both methods can be used as needed. Because you can’t always use the first method.

This method cannot be performed on all Youtube videos. In general, there are many videos that cannot be downloaded directly by this method. Downloaded videos do not enter the gallery either. But the collection of YouTube videos.

So how to download YouTube videos to save directly to HP Gallery? Ok, follow the steps below.

Cara Menyimpan Video Dari Youtube Tanpa Aplikasi (100% Work)

The way to save YouTube videos to the gallery can be done using the video link, which is then entered on the SaveFrom website. This method is very easy for beginners or those of you who are downloading YouTube videos for the first time.

It is important to download YouTube videos to save quota. Once downloaded, you can view saved videos multiple times in HP Gallery Besides that, after downloading the video using the first method. Then you can watch YouTube videos offline (in YT video collection playlist). How to save YouTube videos follows the user’s desire to record selected videos to save them in the phone gallery. This is because YouTube is a site that offers many advantages of flexible access to video sharing media.

Apart from coming with a website, YouTube also comes with an app that makes it easy for users to take advantage of all its features. The features they provide always undergo rapid development according to the needs of their users. So we can easily find our favorite video.

Especially if you want to keep it private or return it to share on our social networks. How do we do it? Take a look at the following tips.

Cara Menyimpan Video Dari Fb Ke Galeri Hp

YouTube features have grown rapidly so that you can easily access any video. Sailing is more fun and exciting.

One of the things you can do is share YouTube videos with friends or on social media. However, before you do that, save the video you want to your smartphone gallery.

YouTube offers its users several benefits that you will enjoy. Watch videos offline without reducing your quota. You can do how to save YouTube videos using the available features

As we know, YouTube has provided various features for the convenience of users. By introducing the download function, you can play it offline.

Cara Menyimpan Video Dari Youtube Ke Laptop Tanpa Aplikasi

This feature comes with a special symbol that you can easily find below the video, which is a down arrow. Here are some steps you can follow to download videos using this feature.

If you think that saving YouTube videos is less useful for you, then it is better

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