Cara Pakai Toner Yang Benar

Cara Pakai Toner Yang Benar – To be honest, I was curious about the name of the toner. Understandably, I don’t really understand the world of skincare. In the past, the only face care was using face gel and cream.

Recently, since I discovered Scarlett Whitening facial care products, I have started doing more complex facial treatments on a regular basis.

Cara Pakai Toner Yang Benar

Scarlett Whitening has skincare products that can be considered very complete. From face wash gel, day and night cream, serum to the latest products that I will discuss in this post.

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The Scarlett Whitening face care product itself is divided into two series: acne and light. We can choose according to the condition of the skin.

If you visit the Hall of Memories often, you know that I have reviewed several skincare products from Scarlett Whitening.

My favorite face care product from Scarlett is the illuminating series because it suits my complexion which is rarely blemished but not too matte or shiny.

Joy, after using the Scarlett Whitening Brightening range of products regularly, my skin is healthier and brighter. The result is really satisfying.

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So the story is it’s been two weeks since I used my Scarlett Brightly Essence Toner routine for my face. Check out my review of the new Scarlett Whitening product.

Yes, there may still be readers of this Room of Remembrance, even laymen like me, who wonder what the function of toner is and how it differs from other skin care products.

The explanation below is after reading various references and experiencing the benefits of using toner.

So, a toner is a skin care product that is commonly used to remove dirt, makeup residue, and excess sebum from the facial skin.

Cara Pakai Ms Glow Yang Benar

In addition, toners help the active ingredients in skin care products to be absorbed more quickly. Therefore, toner is usually used after washing the face and before applying the serum.

At this point, you already understand how important it is to use a facial tonic. So, as a side note, Scarlett’s latest toner is not just a regular toner, you know, but an essence toner with more to it, of course.

Scarlett recently launched two variants of toners, Brightly Essence Toner and Acne Essence Toner, to complete the Scarlett Whitening skincare range.

Above, I mentioned Scarlett Whitening face care products, which is my favorite brightly line.

Nbs Facial Wash / Nbs Skin Care / Divastore354 / Nbs Skincare Original

The bottle packaging contains information about the product name, active ingredient, method of use, product label, content weight and BPOM number.

More information is on the packaging. The box also has a holographic sticker and QR code to help verify the authenticity of this product.

It is very important to check the authenticity of the Scarlett products we use because there are many fake Scarlett products in the market today.

It is not difficult to verify its authenticity. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the package and you will be taken directly to the website.

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Then enter the required information on the page and match the serial number printed on the hologram on the Scarlett packaging to ensure authenticity.

The cap of the bottle is light in color and equipped with a white pump that makes it easy to pour the liquid tonic.

In addition, the pump is protected by a cover, so it is completely safe. Because the size is not that big, including if you want to take it with you on a trip.

Like most toners, the Scarlett Essence Toner has a fluid texture and is easily absorbed when applied to the skin.

Cara Memakai Skincare Yang Benar November 2022

In particular, in addition to the liquid tonic, we can also find small grains or boba in this product. So it’s really crazy.

As for the color, it looks like a clear liquid when poured on the skin, but in the bottle it looks like a white to light pink color.

Scarlett Brightly Essence Toner contains Vitamin C, Glutathione, Witch Hazel Extract, Jeju Propolis Extract, Allantoin, Niacinamide and Grape Water.

Meanwhile, the tiny beans or boba (balls) in this toner contain niacinamide, which can brighten skin, hide dark spots, and disguise large pores.

Jangan Sampai Salah, Ini Dia Cara Tepat Memakai Toner Wardah

I regularly use Scarlett tonic after washing my face with face gel using the following method;

My first impression after using this essence toner was that I was a bit surprised by how cool and cool I felt after applying the lotion on my face.

What I love about this toner is that it absorbs quickly into the pores, so I don’t have to wait long before applying a serum or moisturizer.

What is certain is that I feel that the skin on my face is cleaner and healthier. In addition, my skin is more hydrated and softer than before using it. Live up to its claims.

Lemon8 Story #cara Pakai Toner

So, the Scarlett Essence Toner review claims to lighten the facial skin and many other benefits.

Well, I agree that this Scarlett toner is no ordinary toner as it lives up to its name. With added essence, this toner has many benefits you need to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Until then, if you are interested in using the Brightly Essence Toner, let’s head straight to official Scarlett Whitening to order.

This toner costs only Rp 75,000. Or if you want a better price, you can order a bundle directly with your other facial care products.Scarlett Brightly Essence Toner For healthier, smoother and brighter skin. Essence Toner, another range of skin care products, is said to partner to complete the range of facial skin care products to make it more than smooth, meaning the facial skin is healthy, smooth, radiant and radiant with a natural glow.

Urutan Pemakaian Skincare Scarlett Whitening Yang Benar

Taking care of yourself is a long-term “health saver” you’ll enjoy in the future, as well as a way to be thankful for the physical blessings you’ve received. Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim, you can say that you are protecting your face from the effects of free radicals (premature aging) in thanks for staying healthy, glowing and radiant, right?

So what is the relationship with Essence Toner? At the same time, I wonder why Essence Toner? Are essences and tonics usually separate? Already using a serum but still need an essence toner? And a few more questions that automatically came back, um… I mean, a few questions that hypnotized me when I found out that the new Scarlett Brightly Essence toner was out.

Yes yes yes… The Essence Skin Care Toner, which I am going to review briefly this time, is one of the new things that the Scarlett By Felicya Angelista skincare brand has come up with recently.

The Scarlett brand releases an ever-expanding range of skin care products, all designed to complement and support each other. From body care to face care, from body care to face care, you can now enjoy Scarlett’s product variations.

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From shower scrubs, face washes, body lotions, essence toners, serums to modern moisturizers/creams. Earlier I shared stories about using Brightly Essence Toner, today I will continue to share my experiences using Brightly Essence Toner skin care product. yes listen…

Tonic and essence, these two types of skin care are used after cleansing the face and before applying serum and moisturizer to the face. After washing and exfoliating the face, the skin on the face loses moisture because the essential oils on its surface are washed away during washing.

In the phase between washing the face and skin care, it is necessary to have a tonic and essences, which will be “vitamins” that strengthen the health of the facial skin.

Toners have the “duty” to re-hydrate the face as well as exfoliate to remove any dirt left on the surface of the skin. Meanwhile, Essence has the role of binding water molecules to the skin to keep the skin hydrated and protect it from dryness. Thanks to its high water content, it absorbs the active ingredients of skin care products more effectively.

Cara Pakai Hydrating Toner Biar Hasilnya Maksimal!

According to estheticians and dermatologists, the effect of the essence can be described as a “mediator”, thanks to which other skin care products penetrate more easily between the skin.

Generally, in the skin care market, toner and essence are two types of products packaged separately, with an order of use: toner first, then follow up with essence.

To make it more practical, economical and ergonomic, Scarlett took a step forward by combining Toner and Essence in one type of product called Scarlett Brightly Essence Toner Brightening.

At this point, it is clear why the presence of Radiant Essence Toner Scarlett should be a soul mate who follows a series of skin care steps to keep them naturally healthy, radiant and radiant.

Cara Menggunakan Skincare Routine

Scarlett Essence Toner is packaged in a volume of 100 ml, using a thick transparent plastic bottle, so that the liquid toner is clearly visible: with small grains (balls) like boba. Buckwheat contains niacinamide.

The consistency of Brightly Essence Toner is mostly liquid (more liquid than serum), almost like mineral water, with a fresh and subtle scent.

In my opinion, the packaging is attractive, tasty and very ergonomic, because it has a pump that makes it easier to use. It also has a durable bottle cap, don’t worry about spilling, easy and fun travel.

True to its tagline as Brightening Essence Toner, the active ingredients are lovingly formulated to provide the best skin care products and Scarlett Brightly Essence Toner is BPOM registered. NA 18211204658).

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Do you want to know the active ingredients of this Scarlett Essence toner? Wokewww, in fact, information about the content of active ingredients used in this essence toner can be easily found on the product packaging.

The 7 main ingredients of this toning essence are natural vitamin C, glutathione, witch hazel extract, Jeju propolis extract, allantoin, niacinamide and grape water and many other ingredients.

Arasseo, let’s look at the benefits of each ingredient in Brightly Essence Toner Scarlett

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