Cara Pasang Iklan Di Blog

Cara Pasang Iklan Di Blog – Someone asked me how to install Google Adsense ads as an Affiliate Marketing on my blog. So here I provide the installation method and tutorial. The steps are not difficult.

Now in 2020, there are many ways to earn money online and one of them is through Google Adsense ads. But to sign up for this service you need a website or blog, youtube and an app. In this case, I just follow the blog.

Cara Pasang Iklan Di Blog

In addition, many types of Google Adsense ads are placed on our site, including display ads, text ads, contextual ads and affiliate links. In this article, I have shared how to add affiliate links to your blog in a few steps.

Cara Memasang Slot Iklan Adsense Di Dalam Postingan Blog Amp

These social media posts are different from other types of posts and therefore have influence over others. If you look closely, link ads are like all the “navigation menus” for links between pages on your blog. In other words, it increases the probability that the user will click on the ad.

So, when you use this type of ad, you need to place it where other readers will read it. To consider:

But don’t be fooled, don’t see a lot of ads in the article. Google doesn’t like it, and readers probably don’t like it. Instead, it will appear directly on your blog.

Step 4: Enter the information about Post Name, Post Size (optimal answer) and Post Style (color for each text template) and click Create

Cara Membuat Widget Iklan Melayang Di Samping Blog

Step 2: Choose where you want to place your ad on your blog and click Add Widget

Step 4: Name your widget and paste the code you copied and finally click Save

Step 3: Select one of the relevant sites suggested above and paste the ad link you copied.

This method is also used to insert any type of Google Adsense ads on your blog, whether it’s an ad, image, video, text, or affiliate link.

Cara Memasang Iklan Di Dalam Postingan Blogger

He is sometimes lazy to write but eager to share. Start writing anywhere, when you get home, fire up your laptop and hang up. twitter blog You want to run AdSense ads on Blogspot. In this post, I will share my experience on how to easily register and install Google Adsense ads on a website. Know that AdSense is the most expensive web advertising service. If more people see or visit your ad, your income will increase significantly. It is not possible to make money with Adsense ads to fulfill the needs of you and your family.

The key to the success of AdSense Publishing on AdSense Pages is to have a website with interesting content that will delight your users, before applying to AdSense, check your website for basic content. Of course, you need visitors, if no one sees your ad, then make sure people know about your website before you post your ad.

My advice is not to fail, if you have more than 20 original articles/articles (not copas), you will be accepted to sign up for Adsense through Blogspot. For the rest, you can copy or reproduce the text or information, and acknowledge the source of the copied website or blog.

This article will share how to register and add Google Adsense ads to your blog? For Blogger users, I recommend you sign up for your Adsense account directly through your blog dashboard

Cara Pasang Iklan Gratis Di Internet

As far as the administrator knows, how to register for Adsense ads can be done in three (3) ways: 1) For blog users, registration can be done through the blog console by selecting at the Adsense insurance button. 2) by filling out the form on the Google Adsense page; and 3) by signing up for Google Adsense through YouTube.

The Adsense login button does not appear on blog consoles set to Indonesian, so first change the language setting in the console to English by:

Register an Adsense account through the Blog Dashboard (1) In the language selection menu, change the Indonesian format to English, either American or British. Save it for later. Register Adsense Advertising Account via Blog Dashboard (2) Refresh/Refresh your blogspot Dashboard, a new page will appear, Adsense Money and content. Sign up for Adsense account via Blog Dashboard (3) Go ahead and check the service availability for your blog. If you open the login page and you see a display like below in the bottom of the box, cancel your preference first. Wait for the Sign Up for Adsense button to appear. If the following picture appears after selecting the Adsense Earning Button, it means you need to wait until the registration service is available. Register Adsense Ad Account Through Blog Console (4) But be aware of the requirements of google adsense, if there is such a presentation, you can choose How to Meet Adsense Rules. There are at least 4 requirements for a blog to be eligible for Adsense ads, namely: 1. You must have a website. You must be able to edit the HTML source code of the website you submit to AdSense. If you submit a website that is not yours, you cannot enter the AdSense code on it and your application will not be accepted. 2. Your website or website, blog, etc. must be suitable for following the rules of the Google Adsense program. Check that your site complies with Google Adsense guidelines before submitting an application. Please note that Google Adsense can change the policy at any time and we are asked if we are responsible for Google Adsense according to our terms and conditions. Keep up with what’s going on. 3. Is the site under consideration one that has been active for at least six months? In some regions, Google Adsense may require your site to be active for six months before being evaluated. Google Adsense does this to ensure the quality of the advertising network and protect the interests of advertisers and publishers. 4. Host must be 18 years of age According to terms and conditions, Google Adsense accepts applications from applicants above 18 years of age. If you are eligible, you can try to submit it by choosing to apply or register for ADSENSE and we will review your application and contact you by email in week. Easy ways to register and place Google ads on your Blog (5) But if after selecting the Adsense Earn button, the picture below allows you to register an account Adsense via Blogspot Dashboard page. Easy Ways to Register and Place Google Ads on Your Blog (6) Here are instructions on how to register for Adsense through the Blogspot Dashboard after you find the Register button on your Blog Dashboard. If the Adsense earning button is still there, select Register With Adsense and it will appear like this. The easiest way to register and add Google Ads to your blog (7) If you want to use an existing account, select “Sign up”, but if you want to use another account , select “Create Account”. If you choose to create an account, you will find the adsense registration form below. HOW TO SIGN UP FOR GOOGLE ADDSENSE ADS IN BLOG (8) If you choose to log in, you can register for Adsense through blogspot in three steps. In the first step, you can choose to use the email account you are currently using or to use a different email account. Please select Yes, using (your email). The easiest way to register and add Google Adsense ads to your Blog (8) The second step, just show the information about your blog. Choose the language you want to use on your blog, then select Continue. The easiest way to register and place Google ads on your Blog (9) The third and last step is the application form. Fill in all the options, starting with country, time zone, and account type (personal or business). Choose from the available options and the one that suits you best. For personal information, try to fill basic information, name, address, city, state, zip code and phone number, then click Submit My Application. You have completed your registration for Google Adsense, wait 3 times, each time for 24 hours or more than 1 week, for a response if you have been approved as a Google Adsense advertising service provider. 2. How to register Google Adsense through the method provided by Google Adsense For Google Adsense registration through the method provided by Google Adsense, you can do this: First, enter the Google page Adsense or select the following address https:///www. and select Sign Up Now and select Create Account and it will be displayed. HOW TO RENT AND ADD GOOGLE ADSENSE ADS TO YOUR BLOG (10) If the Google Adsense registration form is open, please fill it out. Please submit after completing all sections as required. ADD FREE GOOGLE ADVERTISEMENTS TO YOUR BLOG (11) 3. How to Sign Up for a Google AdSense Account Through YouTube To sign up for an AdSense account through YouTube, follow these steps: Make sure your YouTube account is activated for monetization. Submit your request to create a new AdSense account and link it to your YouTube account. Once your application is approved, you will see a ‘hosting account’ icon on your AdSense account page. If your AdSense account is in good standing, Google will pay you every month when your AdSense balance exceeds $100. Learn more about when you will be paid. If you have your own unsponsored website to display your ads, please submit a one-time request form so we know your website URL. This step only needs to be completed if you want to monetize your site — you don’t need to take any other steps to continue uploading your YouTube videos. Once a single request is approved, the “Host Account” icon will be removed from the main page

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