Cara Poles Mobil Yang Benar

Cara Poles Mobil Yang Benar – How to wash a car after it has been painted to make it shiny is simple. But there are some tricks you should do first.

For example scratches, dents or after a car accident. But there are some who just replace it to improve the color or even replace the color with a new color.

Cara Poles Mobil Yang Benar

The right approach will help you get the best results. In fact, there are many jobs to be able to paint car bodies.

Begini Urutan Mencuci Mobil Yang Benar

You can also see it on the side of the road. But not everyone can be right. Because painting has a special power.

Maybe from caulking to polishing. We recommend that you wash the car after painting using the correct technique for best results.

They can do everything from applying an anti-rust coating to a final polish. With alignment and alignment, the car will look like new again.

Having a nice and shiny car is everyone’s dream. Some of them spend a lot of money to repair a car.

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Not only taking care of the important parts of the engine, but also taking care of the body of the car is very important. You can do this even if the car has bare or soft paint.

It can be repainted to make it shine and shine like new. Reducing the body of the car is one way to make it look better.

This finishing method is usually after the painting is finished. You can use a brush and work in a circular motion to even out the brush on the surface of the car.

The first step before cleaning a car after it’s been painted is to make sure the car is clean. Make sure the car is protected from dust and dirt.

Cara Merawat Bodi Mobil Tanpa Andalkan Salon Mobil

The same body can be emptied on washing. You don’t need to wash it, but make sure you clean it with a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt.

To clean the car after painting, and then choose a place to clean. Choose a shady spot or even a spot that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

This method ensures that the toothpaste does not dry out easily. So that it does not dry easily when applied to the body. Because the right washing process also includes the right temperature.

This way you ensure that the results of the experience will be better. It is good to do this step during the day.

Kenali Teknik Mencuci Mobil Yang Benar

Time and space are important to you. If so, you can brush immediately.

Do not apply directly to the whole body. But make sure you have your hands on it first.

Apply quickly with a brush. Otherwise, the paste will dry out and become sticky. Therefore, if the brush is dry, the result will not be the best.

When you do a thorough cleaning job. Check better if the cleaning oil is clean without residue.

Jangan Salah! Ini Perbedaan Poles Dan Waxing Cat Bodi Mobil

When it is completely clean, you can wipe it immediately with a microfiber cloth to remove the paste left on the body.

Use the right technique to clean a car after you rent it. So that you can give maximum results like getting a new car. (R10/HR-Online)Jakarta – Many companies in Jakarta are replacing the current office work with work-from-home (WFH) arrangements. WFH itself wants to prevent office workers from getting infected with the current dreaded corona virus (Covid-19). Work from home for several weeks exactly like us because jobs are limited. However, there is one way to fill your free time during WFH and that is by polishing your car at home.

Before cleaning your car at home, it is good to prepare some tools and materials that will be used. Yes, before you wash the car, don’t forget to wash the car, okay? After that, what materials and equipment should be prepared to clean the car yourself at home?

Before cleaning at home, you need to wash the car first. Washing this car is a legal requirement, or fard ain, which is marked as non-skippable. The reason is that when the car is dirty, the body of the car does not shine, but it actually gets dirty when the car is washed. If you have a car wash at home, even better. Because the car wash spray removes dirt that is difficult to remove.

Begini Cara Poles Bodi Mobil Sendiri Di Rumah Tanpa Mesin

In addition, washing the car with a car wash also maintains the quality of the car paint. Because it will directly reduce the number by hand. The problems caused by the car washing machine remove the dirt from the car. So you don’t have to wash your hands on it, which is the risk of ruining the painting. When washing, use special car wash soap.

You can use car soap, which is generally sold at a store near your home. Do not wash with soap or dish soap. The pH of the soap is not very harmful to the car paint, but also varies for some cars. It is best if you use car soap with wax. Let the car shine after washing.

After washing well, it is better if the car is dried with a microfiber cloth. Microfiber towels themselves are often used by automotive contractors and detailers. This is because the microfiber cloth has a soft texture and is said not to damage the car’s paint jobs. These microfiber towels can also absorb water better than chamois or kanebo.

We use this microfiber after washing the clean car. If you don’t have a microfiber cloth, you can use Kanebo with a few notes.

Cara Menghilangkan Karat Pada Besi Mobil

Use two kettles and prepare clean water in a small bucket. The cloth used to clean the car’s paint surface is washed with clean water. Do not use Kanebo from the beginning of drying to the end without rinsing. By using kanebo 2, you can try to make kanebo clean. A pure canebo reduces the risk of color (

Before you start polishing the car, first prepare the necessary polishing tools to polish the car body and wax. To wash your car at home, just use wax to get good results. If you want better results, you can use a soft or medium-hard compound. Before cleaning, make sure there is no dust stuck to the car.

At the polishing level, there are two methods that can be used. This is done with your own hands and using a special car repair tool. So if you don’t have a shiny machine, you should eat healthy food so that your eyes don’t burn with hunger, hehehe…

Cleaning by hand takes a lot of time and effort. If you are more passionate about polishing your car at home, do one at a time to get the best results. Starting from the front right or left. Continue with the front door, side door and back door.

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Do it by gradually adding liquid wax until it is distributed. Once it has been thoroughly distributed, use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe off the water stuck to the bodywork. Clean your eyes by turning them often.

Once you feel you have earned enough money, you can go to other areas to gain experience. One of the main side effects of lifting a car by hand is that your shoulders and back will hurt a lot, like lifting a bag of rice. Other injuries tend to be uneventful and result in better results. It takes at least 2-4 hours to polish the entire body by hand, depending on the job and size of the car.

For those who have experience cleaning the car at home, do it like you used in the manual cleaning method. Start with the first problem, like the side of the car. To use the wax alone, start at the lowest speed the first time. After that, slowly increase the speed to medium speed.

Make sure the car repair foam is suitable for the roller. Car foam cleaner consists of different models; Flat foam, contour corrugated foam, thin flat foam and feather foam.

Cara Menghilangkan Baret Di Mobil, Bisa Dilakukan Sendiri Kok

Use a flat foam template and make sure the brush is flat and not bent as you brush. If changed, color damage may occur; curled or even damaged.

When brushing with a brush, try not to wait too long so as not to damage the color line. Also make sure to squeeze the eraser tool a little so it has more power. Try not to push too much because if you push too much it is also possible to damage the parts of the car. Special car waxes are also commercially available. Prices vary depending on the brand and size of the bottle offered.

These are just a few steps to polish your car at home. Auto repair can be a time consuming and expensive option. At least it’s fun for those who enjoy spending time with cars. For some people, cleaning their car at home is annoying and tiring. But there is no harm in trying, yes.

Rizen Panji Your hobby is to eat fat on weekends. And, of course, old cars, especially two-door model cars, are very popular. Yes it’s still nice to see a nice and clean car interior you know! Therefore, repairing your car at home is cheaper than going to an auto repair service provider. However, it is important to pay attention to the right way so that the color of the car is not damaged.

Otomotipsntricks: Tips & Trik Memoles Sendiri Mobil Anda

One of the most common car maintenance tasks is cleaning. This is to beautify the look of the car paint to avoid damaging the paint strip.

Sandi Dwi Putra, owner of Blessed Car Care, offers some advice for doing your own car repairs. According to him, if the original has been taken out, the cars painted picture can be damaged so much that the pictures will be damaged.

“First choose the right cleaning equipment. Now

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