Create A Blog In WordPress

Create A Blog In WordPress – In this article, we’re going to give you a simple 6-step guide (along with some cheeky additions at the end for those reading the entire blog) on ​​how to create a WordPress blog in 2022.

Your humble blog has the potential to turn into a money-making machine – earning $1,000 semi-passively every month!

Create A Blog In WordPress

I am fortunate to be able to do this and encourage you all to follow suit. At worst, you’ll spend a few dollars a month acquiring useful skills and investing in your future self.

How To Start A New Blog On WordPress

Remember that it’s also okay to start a blog just for the passion of writing! Not everything in life has to give money.

Blogging is a great way to improve an existing website’s SEO or to promote your online business. A WordPress blog on BlueHost is also an option for you to create

Of passive income. Some of the most profitable blogs are actually earning 5, 6, and 7 digits per month from advertising and affiliate revenue.

Of course, this may seem unlikely for the average blogger, but a small slice of those huge wins can still be life-changing.

Creating A Blog With WordPress

Don’t make the same mistake I did, get involved with blogs or blogspots. Our traffic increased when we converted to WordPress. We would never look back!

BlueHost WordPress blogs offer some of the best options to start your blog and generate income. BlueHost is also one of the best (and cheapest) hosting platforms out there.

Think of Bluehost as the “home” of your blog. Or rather, the vacant lot on which your home can be built. WordPress is then the platform that you can use to stack the bricks to build your house (your blog).

There are better and faster web hosts out there – but they are inevitably much more expensive and geared towards larger websites.

Creating A Blog For Your Startup, Things To Do And Things To Avoid

(Full disclosure: We now use WordPress and Kinsta hosting. We switched when our site traffic exploded! But Kinsta is well over 10x more expensive, so we still 100% recommend you start with Bluehost).

By this point, you should already have thought about your niche and blog name. We’ve discussed choosing a blog domain name here, but here’s an overview:

When registering your domain name, make it fast, catchy, short, and memorable. You don’t want anything that’s too long. People need to remember that!

You will now be taken to 1 of 2 screens (depending on your country). Most people see screen 1.

How To Create Multi Author WordPress Blog For Guest Posting

Before we get into how to buy hosting from BlueHost, let’s talk more about what hosting is and the pricing BlueHost offers.

Simply put, website hosting means that a provider allocates storage space on their server so that you can have data, files and content on your website.

You pay a hosting fee to build and host your website (using WordPress) on the infamous World Wide Web.

In general, you will notice three hosting options depending on the capacity you need on your website. These are offered for a period of 12 or 36 months:

How To Create A Custom Blog Page In WordPress

If you want to start a single blog, the Basic option is almost always the best option for you. So you can get started with very little initial investment!

If you back up the basic plan for a 36-month period, you’ll save over $215 over 3 years. Unlike the 12 month plan which only saves you $60.00 per year. Paying in advance also saves you from worrying about expired credit cards, fluctuating prices or a website that expires month after month.

On this screen you can connect a domain that you have already purchased through BlueHost (explained in step 5) or create your own domain.

After connecting your domain (or skipping this step entirely), you’ll be prompted to enter your payment information.

WordPress Website Creation Book. New Blogging Guide Ebook Available For…

You don’t need the extras to get started unless you want them. Especially on a tight budget. Tip: Make sure the grand total hasn’t changed before you’re done!

Step 5 only applies to you if you purchased hosting and domain on separate platforms. If you bought hosting and a domain name from Blue Host, you don’t need to worry about this step!

For example, if you bought your domain from GoDaddy and hosted it on Bluehost, you need to connect it.

*Bluehost custom nameserver will be “” and “”. So these are the custom nameservers that you need to enter into GoDaddy.

Why Use WordPress? A Deep Dive Into 10 Good Reasons

Also, with Bluehost, make sure to add your GoDaddy domain to the Bluehost server. All you have to do is go to the Bluehost dashboard, click on “Domains” and click on “Assign”.

To do this, you need to install WordPress on your Bluehost domain. WordPress is the best and most popular publishing software that you can use to create amazing blogs to publish articles and make money. Plus it’s FREE!

Some of you might even think that WordPress was already pre-loaded when you signed up for Bluehost. Ye happy demons!

This step should go relatively smoothly, but if you need help send me a message to info@

How To Create A WordPress Blog In 2020

Here is a step-by-step overview. This is one of the final steps to create a WordPress blog on Bluehost in 2022:

This one is huge. The blogs that explode and make big bucks are the ones that have a content plan!

Decide what you want your blog schedule to look like and plan your articles. This will push your blog to the top of Google rankings. This requires good keyword research – try KWfinder or Mangools

I recommend having a professional create a well-researched blog content plan. This can be done relatively cheaply on Fiverr – here’s the best-seller that does it for you.

Blogging On Showit + WordPress

Before you blog left, right, and center, define your niche. Make sure it’s specific enough to be unique, but broad enough that you don’t run out of topics to write about.

Making sure you have the right niche will make monetizing your blog that much easier! You can target specific companies and partners for ads and affiliate links.

Don’t just blindly write articles in your niche — again, use keyword research to identify topics you have a chance of ranking for in Google.

This is very simple, all you have to do is click the Posts menu on your dashboard and click Add New from the drop-down menu.

Blog Page Setup

Here you can add text, change headers and fonts, choose a color, add media, and more. You will get a blank page that matches your pre-selected theme. All you have to do is customize and add your content.

After you’ve written your first blog, it’s important to preview and read it. Make sure you like the look and that there are no obvious spelling or grammatical errors.

Here are some of the latest hidden gems that will help you launch a WordPress blog with Bluehost in 2022!

To make sure you can create the best blog possible, we want to include the best tools, tips, and plugins to use on your WordPress blog.

Tips To Create A WordPress Blog

Starting with tips, we’ve narrowed our list down to 6 top tips for creating the best blog possible:

WordPress and Bluehost also offer over 50,000 tools and plugins to take your blog to the next level!

Whether it’s collecting stats and analytics, adding an ecommerce store, or optimizing your SEO, there’s a tool for everything.

A word of warning – don’t download too many plugins. This can slow down your website and nobody wants that!

How To Make A Free WordPress Blog (2022 Instructions)

If you have started a new blog, let us know in the comments section. We’re happy to check it out!

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How To Create The Blog Posts Index Page In WordPress

Technical storage or access is necessary to create user profiles, to send advertisements or to track the user for similar marketing purposes across a website or multiple websites. The content is free. If you make a purchase through referral links on our site, we earn a commission. Learn more

So you want to create a WordPress blog. Congratulations! WordPress is a great solution for starting a blog, and we love blogs!

Even better — it’s also surprisingly easy to create a free blog. That’s why we say you can do it in under 15 minutes.

You create is still important so that you don’t lose any time on your way to becoming a successful blogger. That’s why we created this step-by-step guide.

How To Create A Blog On WordPress [step By Step]

We’ll show you all the steps needed to start a blog with self-hosted WordPress. And we will do it with tons of screenshots and instructions for beginners. Start a blog today!

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