Drama Korea Subtitle Indonesia Online

Drama Korea Subtitle Indonesia Online – Looking for recommendations for the most watched and trending Korean dramas in Indonesian this month?

Below is a list of the most popular South Korean dramas for this month, along with synopses and cast.

Drama Korea Subtitle Indonesia Online

The first famous drama was “Bad Prosecutor”. The drama stars Do Kyung Soo (D.O. EXO) and Lee Hye Si. Bad Prosecutor Do Kyung Soo’s comeback drama after 2 years of military service, so fans are waiting for this drama!

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Bad Prosecutor tells the story of prosecutor Jin Jung (played by Do Kyung Soo), who has a unique personality due to his free-spirited and even crazy tendencies. Although he may seem rough and unlike your average prosecutor, Jin Jung never loses sight of his goal of becoming a prosecutor.

Jin Jung is a prosecutor who always tries to take the side of the weak and is ready to fight criminals and greedy rich people. He has wise ways. His partner Shin Ah Ra (played by Lee Se Hye) is a very smart and neat prosecutor, so he often fights with Jung Jung.

However, when it comes down to it, these two always do their best. In particular, Shin Ah-ra is a high-ranking prosecutor and one of the women who works at a well-respected and well-known law firm. Come and see the excitement of solving these two different cases in their own way by downloading or watching Bad Prosecutor vs. Indo Sub!

A cheerful romantic comedy with a mystery story starring Han Ji Hyun, Yang Gyuri, Bae In Hyuk, Kim Hyun Jin, Lee Eun Sam, and Yang Dong Geun. The drama follows the lives of students who are members of Teja’s fan group and try to get out of trouble.

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Han Ji Hyun plays Do Hae Yi, a freshman who lives an incredibly busy life. Well, he was not born in a rich family, so he works part-time to save a lot of money. At first, she is not interested in participating in campus activities and only wants to focus on earning money while studying, but then rich Yang Won (Jang Dong Geun) approaches her and offers her a side job as a new member of Tae. . club.

Do Hae Ji then decides to join the Tia Club with her best friend Jo Seon Ja (Lee Eun Saem). Seeing Do Ha Ji applying, Jin Sun Ho (played by Kim Hyun Jin) wants to apply because Do Ha Ji is attracted to him. Who thought Kim Hae-yi crossed paths with cheerleader Park Jong-woo (played by young Gyuri).

Tae Cho He (played by Young Gyuri) looks like a cold old man, but he’s actually a funny person who always wants to do what’s best for Taeya. What will happen to savings in the future? Enjoy following these students’ stories!

Empire is an original drama starring Kim Myung-ji and other famous actors including Jae-wook, Kim Sun-ah, and Lee Mi-suk. Ahn Jae Wook plays Na Geun Woo, a seemingly perfect man willing to do anything for fame, money, power and even love. His wife Han Hye-ryul (played by Kim Sun-ah) is also an important woman in the legal field.

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Han Hyul-rul is a successful prosecutor with a rich family background and is respected by many. He is currently the head of the Special Division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office. The two partners seem perfectly compatible, unaware that there is a trick behind the relationship.

As if his current affairs weren’t enough, Na Geun Woo is in a relationship with Hong Nan Hye (played by Jo Se Bin), a law student who becomes his son’s friend. At first, this illicit relationship was going well until it was finally discovered by Na Geun Woo’s in-laws.

On the other hand, Han Hye-rul is trying to overthrow Yoosung’s company, which has enough influence that people don’t want to mess with Yoosung. Interested in continuing their story? Watch Empire in full!

“Love Cafe” is the original set of legal stories, starring Lee Seung-gi and Lee Se-yang. The drama was used as a reunion drama after starring in the same drama for several years. In the drama, the two play former school sweethearts who reunite after growing up and old feelings begin to resurface.

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In addition, Love Cafe has a rather unique story, where there is a lawyer cafe that allows guests to get legal advice while enjoying the cafe. Lee Se-yang plays Kim Yoo-ri, a prosecutor who decides to open a lawyer’s cafe in a building owned by Kim Jong-ho.

After opening the cafe, they faced all kinds of legal problems, from the seemingly simple ones to serious legal cases when they faced corruption in the factory. It even turns out that some of the cases they are dealing with are related to dohan construction, so the two try to solve these cases one by one.

Kim Jong-un would have thought that this time he was writing a book covering corruption in the construction of Dohan, which is one of the reasons why he stopped being a prosecutor. What do you think will happen in the future? Find out by downloading or watching the Indo episode of Love Cafe!

If You Want Me is an original drama starring Ji Chang Wook, SNSD’s Sooyoung, and Sung Dong Il, and tells the story of Yoo Gyu Ryo (played by Ji Chang Wook) who has a very difficult life. He realizes that there are issues that have plagued him all his life. From the little things to the big things that hurt her.

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He spent his childhood in orphanages and even had to spend time in juvenile centers and prisons. Fed up with his hard life and surrounded by problems, Yoo Gyu Ryo tries to make his life more normal.

While supporting this effort, it led her to volunteer at the hospital. There, he works with volunteer leader Kang Tae-shik (played by Sung Dong-il). He also works with friendly hospital nurse Seo Yeon Jo (played by SNSD’s Sooyoung).

As time passed, their relationship grew closer, and Yoo Geo-ryol became a better person. Interested in continuing their story? Come and watch the drama Want Me!

Another popular South Korean drama is My Life starring Lee Jong Gi and Kim Ji Yoon. This original drama is a drama adapted from web stories and popular web novels in South Korea, You Know!

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Again, My Life follows the life of Kim Hye Woo (played by Lee Joon Gi) who died due to being killed by an unknown person. Kim Hye Woo is a smart person who wants to be more successful. He was a high school student, did well, went to college, and then became a lawyer. Therefore, he is now working as a prosecutor who dares to fight corruption and oppression.

One day he investigates a corruption case involving a politician named Jo Tae Seob (played by Lee Kyung Young). However, he is suddenly killed by an unknown person. Then, the Angel of Death tells Kim Hye-woo that he can live again and gives him the chance to overthrow the rulers who will cause harm to many people.

After agreeing to go back, Kim Hye-woo realizes that he woke up not when he woke up. However, all his memories were memories of the future, and he knew many things that would happen in the future while living in the past. Of course, the sudden awakening and the jolt from the past left him a little confused. However, he didn’t miss an opportunity to deal with the problem of Chorik Jo Tae Sub.

With all his knowledge of the future, Kim Hye Woo slowly tries to uncover the secrets of the corrupt officials, including Yoo Sub. Can Kim Hye Woo really topple Jo Tae Sub? Can he live in the past knowing the future? Watch or download Opet moj život only in Hindi to continue!

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Lee Sung-kyung, who has been away from the screen for a long time, is finally returning as the main character in the latest South Korean drama ‘Shooting Stars’. The drama is a romantic comedy about the behind-the-scenes life of people who try to rise to fame and become celebrities.

In this drama, Lee Sung-kyung plays the role of Ah Han-byul, the head of a PR group with extraordinary talent. He overcomes various problems faced by the artist and becomes famous

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