Fireproof Safe With Drop Slot

Fireproof Safe With Drop Slot – Need to store cash or other valuables at your office or facility in Singapore? Why not try storing in fireproof boxes?

First, a safety deposit box should keep your valuables safe and secure. These situations, of course, include robbery, arson or attempted theft. With Best Eagle fireproof boxes, you can rest assured that your valuables are protected from moisture, fire or theft because we have opted for anti-theft protection and our Best Eagle boxes are listed by international testing authorities.

Fireproof Safe With Drop Slot

Our Singapore beauty boxes can be locked and unlocked with a pin or key. Do your research before you buy, because forgetting your security pin or changing its key can be disastrous. 1 Cub Security Safe And Safe Box With Digital Keypad,fireproof Safe With Led Light,money Safe Box For Home Hotel Business

Whether you want to use a fire alarm or equip your home with electronic locks, manual locks or double locks, it’s a good idea to invest in burglar security. This way, your valuables won’t get damaged in a fire.

To determine the level of protection you need, have a good understanding of the types of important items you store in the safe. If you need to keep confidential files safe at the office, you may want to consider Eagle SafeFiles, a large storage unit that comes with a separate lock for each file. Eagle Safefiles drawer safes can be centrally locked on fire resistance. If you plan to store small jewelry and expensive watches, you can choose small safe boxes from the Eagle Safe series.

Browse our entire catalog for the best prices on Eagle’s best quality boxes today, and you’ll never have to worry about missing out on your goodies.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and security repair services in Singapore.

High Security Dual Key Metal Drop Coin Commercial Safe Box

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