Free Wheel Of Fortune Slots Online For Fun

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Some of the most downloaded and profitable video games in leading software stores use casino graphics for their design, raising questions about the dangers of gambling software.

Free Wheel Of Fortune Slots Online For Fun

Ardy Ragian is a freelance journalist who focuses on covered social issues. He is a former city reporter for City on a Hill Press at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a former radio journalist for the environmental news program at the university’s station KZSC.

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Matthew Renda is a freelance writer in Santa Cruz, California. He is interested in the relationship between technology and social issues and enjoys reading, hiking, skiing, skiing and hiking. The worst part of his life was being a Cleveland player.

Many popular game programs – including GSN Casino – take their inspiration from slot machines, blackjack and more. Game Show Network

There is a lot of concern about the future stress on Brett as he works through the gambling.

The 21-year-old’s biggest concern after leaving the three-month program in California: Knowing the people, places and things he wants to gamble with. But nothing compares to the biggest threat he faces: his phone and the many casino games available with a quick click in the app store.

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“I don’t want to go to the casino,” said the former business student, who asked not to be named. “Call your phone and you’ll be there.”

Brett’s gambling problems began a few years ago with bets on NBA games and then other professional sports. Soon his habit extended to social casino games. Games played on a smartphone or computer and through Facebook simulate slot machines and card games in casinos. The main difference is that players cannot win real money. They are linked to in-game currency and if they run out they can spend in the real world to get more.

“These are a lot of games,” Brett said. “Many are very popular games.”

He started playing Zynga Poker, a slot machine game, last year. But he wants the excitement that comes with real money bills. He immediately placed bets in a brick-and-mortar casino with cash problems. When he lost more than $5,000 in poker and sports betting, he had to ask his parents for money to pay off his debts. That’s when he and his parents decided to go to the rescue program.

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It was these games developed for mobile devices that got Brett into gambling. Part of its hold is the “free” nature of social casino titles, a strategy that has become a new way of making money in the video game industry. The lure is simple: Attract players with a free game and entice them to pay virtual currency, rewards and more when they join.

Sally Gainsbury, a researcher at the Center for Gambling Education and Research at Southern Cross University in Australia, said the games “facilitate gambling behaviour”. “It is seen as an acceptable everyday activity and helps people develop a positive attitude towards gambling, which can be transferred to young people willing to invest in gambling.”

That may be the biggest problem, says John Kindt, a gaming critic and professor of business policy and law at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. “When you add e-sports to sports and games in the context of young people who think you’re the bomb, you have social and economic problems waiting to happen.”

A Zynga spokesman declined to comment, and representatives for Caesars Interactive Entertainment and Big Fish Games did not respond to a request for comment.

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There’s more power with the Bretts there. Video games are becoming more and more popular these days and their influence continues to grow. For game developers, this translates into a monthly audience that is more than three and a half times the number of people who visited Las Vegas last year.

The global population for mobile apps reached an average of 145 million users per month between July 2014 and June 2015 (excluding Asia, which was not reported in the quarter). global market) according to SuperData Research. Sports researcher Gainsbury estimates that sports will attract 269 million people worldwide in 2016.

Those tourists open their wallets for sports as well. Last July, gaming made up a quarter of the 20 top-grossing apps in the Google Play Store, according to market analyst App Annie. Apple’s App Store released similar figures for the month, with casino-related apps in third place in the top 20. Both Slotomania: Free Casino Slots and Big Fish Casino: Free Slots are in the top 10 on both stores.

Although the game is free to play, in-game purchases generate millions in revenue for the biggest advertisers. Zynga’s total new sales from social casino games were estimated at $80.1 million in the first quarter of 2015, compared with $167.6 million reported by Caesars Interactive, a major social casino player that includes Slotomania and Caesars Casino, according to Eilers Research.

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The Social Casino app for smartphones has more than three-and-a-half times more visitors per month than Las Vegas in previous years.

Sales continue to grow: According to Eilers Research, the global gaming market reached $809.6 million in the first quarter of 2015, an increase of 7 percent over the same period last year. . Mobile revenue accounted for 61 percent of the total market in the quarter, compared to 50 percent last year.

According to SuperData, the global market for casino games is expected to reach $3.2 billion by the end of 2015.

Games are not the only thing that attracts customers. The developers have also hired celebrities to assist them.

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Basketball star Shaquille O’Neal partnered with PlayStudios in March to offer two interactive casino games on the company’s MyVegas app: Caddy Shaq Slots and ShaqJack. Blackjack title. “Once the players can see the game with all the lights, sounds and sights, I think it can help those who want to be there,” O’Neill said.

He should know: O’Neal said he still plays and plays in between watching playoff basketball. He introduced MyVegas to his five children, ages 9 to 19. O’Neill said he likes sports because it makes learning math fun.

For Liz Wooley, the game represents an emerging social problem and little is known about video game addiction. Wooley founded Online Gamers Anonymous in 2001 after his 21-year-old son killed himself after spending two years playing EverQuest, an online fantasy game.

“He used to be normal,” she said. “He has visions for the future like everyone else.

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Woolley said her son suffered from addiction and depression. “Sports are an acceptable treatment option for some people,” Wooley said. “They use it as an escape from reality and parents use these games as babies.”

Developers and supporters of the online gaming industry say the programs aren’t as dangerous as critics say. They tell the story of tragedy caused by violence.

Game developers have signed deals with celebrities and brands to boost their profile. Game Show Network

“It’s not a gathering game,” said Andrew Pederson, senior vice president and general manager of social casinos for the cable TV gaming network, the GSN gaming division that develops casino software for smartphones. “It’s about people being afraid of who they are.”

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Tony Lawrence, 58, a recovering gambler and counselor at the Aboriginal Gambling Support Service in Adelaide, Australia, says he has used social casino games as a learning tool for himself and his clients.

“It gives them an adrenaline rush and helps them manage their addiction and change their behavior,” said Lawrence, who spends two hours a day at Slotomania.

However, the freemium model is complex. Lawrence advises his customers to stay away from games that often pop up to buy extras, saying they are addictive.

“I look at it like I’m a gambling addict, and if I start buying credit online, that’s the end of me, and I’m going to fight from there,” Lawrence said. “I have

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