Google Map Street View Camera

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Google Street View is celebrating 15 years of mapping with a new camera upgrade, allowing us to travel back in time with our smartphones.

Google Map Street View Camera

We’ve all seen at least one Google Street View car in the past decade and a half, but the company can’t always rely on four wheels and an engine to gather quality images.

Google Street View In South America

“From the back of a camel in the Arabian desert to a snowmobile running in the Arctic, we’ve been creative in the ways Street View cameras are used to capture images,” wrote Ethan Russell, director of product at Google Maps. In a blog announcement (opens in a new window). “And if we’ve learned anything, it’s that our world is changing at lightning speed. Our hardware is the only way we can keep up.”

In addition to the Street View car and Trekker backpack, Google is piloting a new ultra-portable, cellphone-controlled camera system. Weighing less than 15 pounds, the new camera can be shipped anywhere and attached to any vehicle with a roof rack. It is expected to launch next year in “fun Google colors”.

Street View has supported “time travel” since 2014, but Google says it’s now easier to see a location in its Android and iOS apps. Mobile users viewing images of the location can tap “See more date” to see “historical” images from Street View’s launch in 2007. It depends on how far Google has gotten the map data for the location you’re looking at. Many dated images so you can experience the area as it was. This can be particularly surprising in areas of the world that have experienced major design changes or global events.

Google uses computer vision and AI to combine billions of street view images and aerial photographs to create a digital model of the world. Going forward, the model will be more intuitive with the upcoming Immersive View feature (opens in new window), which allows users to explore a neighborhood, landmark, restaurant or favorite place before visiting.

Google Maps Now Lets You Pretend You’re Driving A Street View Car — Here’s How

To join the birthday celebration, in Driving mode, tap the arrow on Google Maps, which will replace the navigation icon in the Street View car; And find a stick figure in a computer app decorated with a birthday hat and balloon.

This newsletter may contain advertisements, offers or affiliate links. By subscribing to the newsletter, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time. For years, Google has lent its Street View camera to photographers, travelers, and organizations to bring 360-degree images of cultural landmarks to Google Maps. Today, the company announced that partners who have used the Tracker have received feedback from what it calls the camera device around the world and updated it with their suggestions. The new Street View tracker is lighter, sleeker and the cameras have been updated with increased aperture and higher resolution sensors.

The Trekker is versatile enough to be carried as a backpack or stowed in everything from cars to boats to zip ties. It is especially useful for exploring places that would be difficult to travel by car using Street View, as well as creating maps for developing countries and cities. Below you can see what the tracker looks like on the left and the updated version on the right.

Google’s Street View camera loan program is open to organizations such as tourism boards, nonprofits, government agencies, universities, and research groups. If you are interested in promoting places of “cultural, historical or touristic importance”, you can also request to rent a trekker here. In the meantime, check out all the other places the trekker has captured, such as scientist Jane Goodall’s office in Tanzania and an inside view of the Eiffel Tower. Two lines crossed to form an “X”. Indicates a way to end an interaction or cancel a notification.

Google’s Massive Street View Camera Backpack Is Heavy Af

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Google has updated its street view cameras for the first time in 8 years – and the results are disturbing

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You can see more in Google Street View – and Street View will soon see a lot more of you.

Google Maps Launches Street Map View In Kenya

Google has upgraded the cameras for its mapping service for the first time in eight years to capture sharper images with more detail.

According to a Wired profile, the new cameras are so sharp they can see store hours from the sign. And they feed all that detailed data back into Google’s machine learning algorithms.

Like their predecessors, the new cameras will be installed in Google-branded cars, capturing information from around the world and capturing still HD images from both sides.

A better image means a more useful service. Jane Fitzpatrick, Google’s head of mapping, says people are no longer looking for their addresses on Google Street View.

Street Views That Google Didn’t Reckon You Would See In Ireland

“People come to us every day with hard, deep questions,” he told Wired, like, “What Thai place is open now at my address?”

Google has already invested heavily in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and uses this technology to scan street view data to answer conversational questions.

Eventually, Fitzpatrick wants to enable Google to answer more conversational questions, such as what the pink building on the street is.

Wired reported that a team of Stanford scientists — including Fei-Fei Li, chief scientist in Google’s cloud division — found that they could use street view data to predict income, race and voting patterns. The team used software that analyzed the make, model and year of vehicles from street view photos.

Google’s Covered A Whopping 16 Million Kilometres In Street View Imagery

At the time, the team said, “Using each neighborhood’s classified motor vehicles, we drew a broad range of demographic statistics, socioeconomic characteristics, and political preferences of its residents.”

When Wired asked Google if it was planning something similar, a representative said the company is always looking for ways to use Street View data to improve its platform — even beyond maps.

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Google Maps / Google Street View Car With 360° Camera Editorial Stock Image

The concept of being able to move freely around the world without having to “physically” travel is the holy grail for many. The ability to explore physical space thousands of miles away without falling into the trap of travel seems like something out of a science fiction novel. With Street View, Google has brought us closer to teleportation — without actually moving objects, of course.

The project began as research at Stanford and later ended up in the car of Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page. Taking pictures of every nook and cranny on the planet so that people can travel the world from the comfort of their homes or mobile devices is typical of Google’s approach to the world around them and the development of technology.

I spent the day with the founding members of the Street View team to learn how it went from a gimmick in one’s mind to a tool we use without hesitation and in some cases don’t want to live without.

Starting with the camera attached to Page’s car, Street View technology has been added to vans, cars, tripods, backpacks, bicycles, and even snowmobiles. Launched on May 25, 2007, these eyes became Google’s entire vision of how we see the world. While the product was somewhat controversial, Google continued.

Google’s Road Map To Global Domination

Before I spoke with Engineering Director Luc Vincent and Google Maps Technical Manager Daniel Phillippe, I researched the history of the Google Maps product in general. However, I don’t know how the concept of street view really is, it’s a simple misunderstanding when technology becomes ubiquitous.

Vincent told me about the first street view concept created by Google based on some experiments he did at Stanford under Mark Levoy. Levoy and one of his students came up with a way to make a video and paste it

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