Harga Beli Emas Hari Ini

Harga Beli Emas Hari Ini – Today’s gold price on July 6, 2022 is IDR 977,000 per gram. It is down IDR 12,000 from the trading price on Tuesday (5/7/2022). In Tuesday’s trade, Anthem’s gold price was Rs 989,000 per gram.

Meanwhile, the return or purchase price is within IDR 853,000 per gram. This means that if you want to sell gold, you will convert it to IDR 853,000 per gram. Antam Gold price is applicable at Antam Pulogadang office in East Jakarta.

Harga Beli Emas Hari Ini

Antum sells gold in quantities ranging from 0.5 grams to 1000 grams. From 08.00 WIB, most Anthem gold prices are available.

Nabung Emas? Ini Perbandingan Harga Jual Dan Beli

For more complete information on today’s gold prices in Surabaya, Bandung, Medan and Semarang, check out today’s gold prices page.

GOLD NEWS TODAY JULY 6 2022 COMMENTS: SELL IN RALLY AREA: 1780.00 – 1782.00 TARGET 1) 1774.00 TARGET 2) 1768.50 STOP LOSS: 8p1/OP8: 510. If decline is below FR 0% H1 (1763.60), SELL FOLLOW / STILL BUT BEWARE OF THE HELP ZONE 1758 – 1760! (See the information in the review of this article!) 3) Afternoon / night mode, see the full list in the article in the H4 section!

Gold prices are falling to make new lows in 2022. The previous low was 1780.00 which was created on January 28, 2022.

Tuesday’s action was at 1763.60. Gold rose at the start of the European session from the Asian session into the afternoon.

Update Harga Emas Antam Hari Ini, Cek Rincian Harga Jual Dan Harga Beli

The high was stuck at 1811.90, then gradually declined and finally fell sharply in the NY evening session. The close recovered slightly at 1764.30.

Technically, the candle is closed by a long black candle, indicating strong selling pressure. This would at the same time prevent a rebound that was supposed to occur after the break at Dragon Doji last Friday.

The nature of the gold market is usually after a new low is formed, the recovery is like the start of a consolidation. At 1780.00 in 2022, the previous lower support area will be resistance at the same time.

As long as the price does not break above the 50% level of the original long black body and the long black candle is broken, the trend will continue down. A trend reversal requires an attempt to break above the long black higher 1811.90.

Harga Emas Naik Turun, Apa Penyebabnya? .:: Sikapi ::

The US market’s return from the “4th of July” Independence Day holiday led to market action on Tuesday. Before the release of the NFP data, the previous assumption was that there would be new big moves from today.

May US factory orders data was higher at 1.6%, beating expectations of 0.5%, better than the previous (earlier) 0.3%.

The data looks good, but it shows a slowdown in the number of new orders in June. Most factories have a lot of “PR” that lasts until the end of the year.

In other news, Russia says it won’t get into FX or gold hoarding, although it will spend big.

Grafik Kenaikan Harga Emas Antam Tahun 2018 Dan 2017

However, the impact of the news was relatively small and related to technical and risky assets (stocks), which fell by 2% due to selling.

Meanwhile, US Treasury yields fell. This should be a positive side for gold. But a strengthening US dollar is weighing on gold.

We see this as the market’s response to falling positions in the gold market to offset losses in the stock market.

Gold needs a big boost, which will show in central bank statements, if it turns out to be a hawkish statement.

Harga Emas Malaysia Hari Ini

Tonight, investors will begin to be cautious, closely watching PMI services data, ISM non-manufacturing PMI job openings and US JOLTS. Then, Fed official Williams cannot be distinguished from the FOMC minutes from last June’s meeting.

Economic data is expected to decline, so if the data is weak, expect the Fed to start easing its statements.

But if the data is bullish, the Fed is confident that economic conditions will remain strong even if it starts raising interest rates and tightening monetary policy.

The minutes of the FOMC agreed to raise interest rates by 75 bps as a result of the decision at the June meeting, and an open debate could be held on the next increase in interest rates by 50 bps or 75 bps in July. The meeting.

List Harga Emas London Hari Ini, Cari Tahu Yuk!

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Daily: A long black candle closes a bearish pattern. If the candlestick is bearish after the top spin as discussed yesterday, the next day’s trend will continue down.

Therefore, the current trend is likely to continue with the selling pressure. But on the other hand, last night’s big drop could lead to an early recovery.

We project at 1785.10 (R1), which is the actual 50% component of the long black candlestick area, which we will have to break through if we are to try to go higher.

Simak! Begini Cara Investasi Emas Agar Untung

But resistance 2 (R2) is the high of the long black candlestick or the Tuesday July 5, 2022 high at 1811.90. This means that critical resistance will be at 1785.10 – 1811.90.

Meanwhile, if 1763.60 is below 0% daily FR, the nearest support area is 1758/1760 and the farthest is 1720/1722.

But this area is expected to be seen as a strong support that demand can sustain or sustain and so on again and again.

The medium term, especially if it matches the current momentum in July-August, is generally good for gold, which could start in the brown.

Update Harga Emas Antam 19 November 2022, Turun Tipis, Mau Investasi Perhatikan Dulu Ini

But the trigger for a higher hike will only be available if the Fed starts reducing the research measures (rather than raising interest rates too aggressively).

H4: The price has broken below the 1784/1786 area which was previously a strong demand or support area. Now the area has become a protest.

We draw the Fibonacci retracement (FR) high from 1811.90 to 1763.60. FR 38.2% (1782.00) and FR 50% (1787.70) resistance, this could be a reasonable consolidation zone after last night’s deep decline.

The nearest FR of 1775 could be an alternative selling point as well as FR 23.6%, FR 38.2% and FR 50%. Meanwhile, FR 61.8% (1793.40) will be the critical point of this consolidation pattern.

Kenapa Harga Jual Dan Beli Emas Berbeda? Ini Alasannya!

If the price fails to break the FR 61.8%, the bearish will continue. Likewise, if it can break 0% FR below 1763.60, it will continue its downtrend.

However, if the FR breaks 61.8%, a trend reversal can be expected. However, overall, the bulls still have to fight to break the trend resistance during 1802-1806.

The expected scenario today is a limited rally to FR 38.2% or FR 50% followed by a further decline.

But if the FOMC minutes change nothing or become slightly more hawkish, the next downturn is expected not to return to the 1763/1765 zone.

Mau Beli Logam Mulia? Cek Harga Emas Pegadaian Di Awal November 2022

H1: As of writing in the Asian session at 10.07 WIB, gold is at 1771.90, high at 1772.60 and low at 1765.60. Recovery is expected to be successful by approaching 38.2% FR or a maximum of 50% FR.

But the recent FR of 23.6% can be used as a reference, especially a real 50% long body black candle. If 0% FR H1 can penetrate to 1763.60, sell position can also be taken.

A strategy change is recommended if FR breaks 61.8%. Until that night, you can find the explanation in the H4 chart section of this article!

You should remember that this area uses H1, so at night you should focus on looking at the H4 chart!

Harga Emas Hari Ini Diskon, Tapi Kalau Investasi Logam Mulia 5 Tahun Segini Untungnya

Friends, at this time many of your friends are confused about gold investment. You might be the first person to know about investing in gold. So don’t forget to share this article in your group, thanks.

Irpan Supiandi, ST. He is a market expert. Involved in the world of Forex since 2007, he became a futures representative for PT Agrodana Futures, an official BAPPEBTI licensed broker and a member of ICDX and JFX. In Chemical Engineering, UNPAR has a bachelor’s degree and is qualified to analyze data in detail and accurately.

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