Hotel Di Solo Murah Dan Bagus

Hotel Di Solo Murah Dan Bagus – Solo is a cultural city famous for its Surakarta Sultanate, which is still intact, it is no wonder that many travelers want to stop in Solo to enjoy its beautiful places and stay at cheap hotels in Solo . Solo was also famous because President Jokowi Dodo came from this Batik town. Of course, no discussion of Solo is complete without recommendations for cheap hotels in Solo to make your trip comfortable and safe. There are several budget hotels in Solo that you can use as a reference when visiting Solo, including:

The hotel is strategically located in the historical tourist area. You will stay near the Mangkunegaran Palace, a legacy of the Mataram Kingdom. This place can be reached in just 5 minutes from the hotel. With a price of around 200,000 rupiah per night, it is one of the cheap hotels in Solo that you can visit. You will also stay away from the biggest market in Solo, the glue market.

Hotel Di Solo Murah Dan Bagus

In the market, you can find a variety of souvenirs that you can get for your family at affordable prices. Located at Jalan Sugiyopranoto 8, this hotel has full facilities like any other five-star hotel.

Hotel Murah Di Bandung Untuk Backpacker, Momen Menginap Makin Hemat Mulai Rp 65 Ribuan

This hotel is very cheap, set the price of a room for one night, which is about 150 thousand rupees. Even for a double deluxe room, you will not be charged around 200,000, of course, this price is very convenient for students or backpackers. The location is very strategic and if you want to go nearby like Klewermerk, Park Mall, Keraton Kasunanan. With this price, you get standard hotel amenities like toilets, air conditioning, WIFI.

Have you visited Solo? For leisure, business reasons or to participate in campus competitions? Staying in a hotel is the easiest solution to ensure safety and comfort. But sometimes staying in a hotel will drain your wallet, but there are cheap hotels in Solo that offer comfort, safety and cleanliness for around 200,000.00 per night, especially Sarila Hotel.

The hotel is strategically located at Jalan Kalilarangan 103 Solo, near Clever Market and Radya Museum Library. Apart from its strategic location, this hotel offers several facilities as a 2-star hotel such as fully air-conditioned, free WIFI, personal safe, spa room, meeting room and laundry service. The 24-hour front desk will certainly make it easy for you to get essential information about Solo.

If you need an affordable hotel in Solo with full facilities, you can find it at the Grand Orchid Hotel. With prices starting at 280,000 rupees, you will find very complete room services and facilities. Some of the rooms offered are double rooms or better yet double rooms.

Tak Perlu Jauh Jauh, Ini Hotel Romantis Solo Untuk Bulan Madu Kahiyang

The hotel is located at Jalan Gajah Mada Number 29 Solo. If you book through a partner online hotel booking app, the price suggested above may be cheaper. This hotel is very strategic, so if you want to go to Balapan station, it won’t take much time.

This budget hotel in Solo is perfect for backpackers on a budget. This hotel may offer the cheapest price among other hotels. As you can imagine, you only need to spend 120 thousand to 250 thousand rupees. You can already have a comfortable room and relax your body. Due to the concept of shared rooms, the cheaper rooms do not have their own bathrooms, but this is fine for some people.

From where you stay, you can go to various places like Radyapustaka Museum, Mangunan Palace, Park Mall, etc.

This hotel offers a minimalist concept with a modern style, which is perfect for the taste of the modern youth. A 2-star hotel offering very economical rooms, about 200 miles away.

Discover Alila Solo

It is perfect for those who want to relax at an affordable price, for such a low budget you will find a non-smoking room, room service, free WIFI, air conditioning, daily newspaper and TV. This hotel also has a 24-hour concierge. The hotel is located at Jalan Teratai 2 no 11 Solo, Central Java.

This budget hotel in Solo offers relatively cheap room rates, starting at 200,000 rupiah for a standard room, whether it’s a double or twin bed. Travelers are encouraged to book in advance through a hotel booking app, usually with a 10% discount.

The hotel is located at Jalan Ahmad Yani 280 Solo. Due to its proximity to Balapan Station, Adisumarmo Airport and shopping malls like Paragon Mall, those staying here will have no problem accessing transportation.

The hotel is located in the city center, Jalan Captaen Mulyadi Solo, Central Java. Starting from INR 250,000, you will find an affordable hotel in Solo with complete and attractive amenities. This hotel has a mini-bar and a private pool for residents to enjoy. As for the food, you can try traditional dishes and western menus, of course, the above options are well worth the price paid.

Hotel Bintang, Surakarta

The next cheap hotel in Solo is Red Planet, which charges around 260 miles for twin and double occupancy. You will find basic hotel amenities such as air-conditioned rooms, free WIFI in every corner of the hotel and private bathrooms. All rooms are very clean and well maintained. You can easily reach different parts of Solo from where you are staying as it is located on Jalan DR. Soepomo no. 49 Surakarta.

Syariah Arini is one of the most strategic accommodation and affordable hotels in Solo. Therefore, if you stay at this hotel, you can visit various historical and entertainment places in a short time. Some interesting places you can visit include Sriwedari Cultural Park, Grand Mall Solo, Mangkunegaran Temple. You have to pay from 250 thousand per night. The hotel is located at Jalan Slamet Riyadi 361 Solo.

Spending INR 250,000 will get you a comfortable deluxe double room, equipped with standard hotel amenities such as air conditioning, private bathroom, TV, and a swimming pool for visitors to enjoy. Hotel Address: Jalan Adisucipto no 47 Lor Residence Block D Solo

Before you go to Solo to enjoy your vacation or business trip, you can check out cheap hotel options in Solo. Solo is one of the cities in Central Java that is never empty of visitors and has a variety of tourist attractions to choose from. People come and go to this city not only from the surrounding area, but also from outside the city. most of them aren’t too busy looking for cheap accommodation or hotels in Solo that won’t break the bank. Do you agree?

B&bs Terbaik Di Solo

The first hotel you recommend is Royal Hotel Dana Solo. This hotel has a variety of great facilities, but the overnight rental rates are quite affordable and pocket-friendly. You can enjoy the warmth of the sun at Royal Hotel Dana Solo, as there are comfortable sunrooms.

Not only that, the hotel is located on Jl. Slamet Riyadi 28, Solo, Central Java has a paid bicycle rental place where you can cycle around the city of Solo with its million beauties. This hotel is also very close to popular tourist spots like Radya Pustaka Museum, Sriwedari Park and Kasunanan Palace.

In second place is Ataya Hotel Solo, which is 1.1 km from Adisumarmoo International Airport. The exact location of this hotel is Jl. Ngesrep Student Army, Central Java. By spending only IDR 288,000 – you can already enjoy the comfort of staying at this hotel.

Ataya Hotel Solo also offers an outdoor pool, a garden, free high-speed Wi-Fi and bicycle rental facilities. You can enjoy all the amenities while staying at the hotel.

Nikah Hemat Di Solo, Cek Paket Wedding Fave Hotel Solo

There is also affordable accommodation with a unique, modern building with a Javanese theme, Villa Aquin Solo. This modern Javanese hotel has a very large garden with a variety of shade trees and a luxurious outdoor swimming pool.

Cool views will greet and accompany you while you stay here. If you stay here for one night, you only need to spend from IDR 288,000. This hotel is also perfect for couples or big family vacations.

Want to stay in a 5-star hotel at an affordable price? Just come and stay at the Lorin Solo Hotel. This hotel is one of the cheap and good hotels in Solo that offers several quality services. During your stay, you can swim in the artificial pool and enjoy the beauty of the beautiful garden.

Lorin Solo Hotel is located on Jl. Admiral Adi Sucipto no. 47, Solo, Central Java and it only takes 10 minutes to get here if you start your trip from Adisumarmo Airport.

Hotel Agas Internasional (solo, Indonesia)

Good hotel but very low rent, located on Jl. Adi Sutjipto no. 56 B, Kolomadu, Alone, Central Java. This 4-star hotel offers many amenities for guests staying here. One of them has a unique swimming pool, as well as a comfortable gym.

Spending IDR 340,000 – you can stay here in one of the luxury hotel rooms. The rooms are also furnished with various decorations from historical places in Central Java.

If you are visiting Solo and want to stay at a hotel other than the usual hotels, Rumah Turi

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