How To Create A Blog Page In WordPress With Elementor

How To Create A Blog Page In WordPress With Elementor – Creating a separate page for your blog makes it easier for visitors to find your latest posts. However, if you are not familiar with blog pages, you will find it difficult to set them up.

This article will solve this problem. We will show you how to create a separate page for blog posts in WordPress step by step.

How To Create A Blog Page In WordPress With Elementor

A WordPress blog page is a page on your WordPress website that displays a list of your most recent posts. Unlike your home page, which contains a lot of different information, a blog page focuses on delivering your message.

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In some cases, the blog page also includes a sidebar to display information such as your social media profile icons, ad groups, newsletters, and more.

You might be thinking, “Why should I create a separate blog page?” The answer is simple.

This is a great solution for bloggers, but you may need more if you’re running a small business. For example, you’ll need a home page that tells visitors about your business, products, contact information, and where to buy.

You can still run a successful blog for your business, but you should move your blog posts to a separate page to keep your website organized.

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We will show you 2 easy ways to add a blog page to your WordPress site in this article. The first method is the simplest and has the most customization options, while the second uses the settings on the WordPress page.

The first method shows you how to create a custom page for blog posts using the theme builder plugin.

Is the best web builder for WordPress. Its landing page builder allows you to create landing pages and edit websites without copyright.

Also includes a theme builder to customize your blog page, sidebar and more. Therefore, you can create a separate page for blog posts and customize it for your purpose without hiring a developer.

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After opening the plugin, go to » Settings from your WordPress dashboard and enter your plugin license key. You can find your key on the website under your account information.

Click the Verify Keybutton to verify your license. You can then proceed to create your custom WordPress theme.

First, go to » Theme Builder and click the Themes button. You can select a theme to use as a starting point on the screen below.

There are many experts who create content for different types of websites. For example, you can create a “personal portfolio”, a “pizza shop” or even a “sportswear shop”.

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Find a theme that suits your needs, then cross it and click the icon to add it to your site.

After choosing a theme, a template will be created, including one for your blog index and one for your homepage. Each page is set up with beautiful templates and site content ready for you to edit.

After creating your WordPress theme templates, you can customize them using the theme builder. Let’s start with your homepage template.

This will place the template file in the design element. The drag-and-drop builder displays previews on the right and blocks and sections on the left.

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Blocks and sections are the elements that make up the design of your page. You can change each block by clicking on it, move it anywhere with the mouse and add new blocks from the left hand.

We have written a complete guide on how to customize your WordPress website. Just go to Method #1 and follow the instructions to create a theme.

The theme builder also offers many ways to customize your blog page. To get started, click the “Change Design” link on the blog’s home page.

On the next screen you will see the same page creation process as before. You can then edit your blog page just like you did your home page.

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For example, you can click on an element to change the title, size, competition, etc. You can then click the Blocks icon to return to the Blocks panel.

There are many blocks that you can use on your blog page. The most important is the post block, which displays a list of recent blog posts.

The text block is in your blog’s index template. The post is in a 3-line grid layout in the template we’re using.

You can easily change the layout of the Post block by clicking on it and selecting various options in the left panel. For example, you can change the line to 1 and enable the post extract toggle.

How To Create A Custom Homepage For Your WordPress Blog With Elementor

For example, you can choose to display posts by specific category, tag, or custom post type. You can filter articles by author, date, time, and more.

When you’re happy with how your blog page looks, click the green Save button in the top right corner. You can then click the “X” icon to return to your theme and continue editing the rest of your WordPress theme.

You can publish your new theme when you are satisfied with the theme customization. To do this, change “Enable Theme” to “Yes”.

After activating your theme, you will see a message saying that the WordPress homepage and blog page settings need to be changed. Press the “OK” button and the settings will be changed for you.

How To Add Blog Posts To Pages In WordPress

Now you can visit your website to see your new page and blog. Here is a preview of our demo blog page:

You can create a separate blog page for your WordPress site without using a WordPress plugin. However, this method involves more work than Method 1 and lacks many customization options.

First, you need to create 2 pages for your homepage and blog page. You can name them whatever you want and you don’t need to add details.

You can name your homepage “Home” or “Main” and your blog page “News”, “Blog” or “Posts”.

Blog Page Setup

After creating the two pages, go to Settings » Read from your WordPress admin area and find the list “Your home page shows”. From the menu you have to select previously created pages.

Under the “Home Page” drop-down menu, select your newly created page, and under the “Post Page” drop-down menu, select your new blog page.

When you go to Pages » All Pages, you’ll see the main page labeled “Front Page” and the blog page labeled “Posts Page.”

The appearance of these pages depends on your current WordPress theme, so you will need to edit your theme to change the appearance.

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Your new WordPress site has no content. Your next step is to add your information, email address, products and services so visitors can learn more about your business.

You can learn how to customize your home page in Method 4 of our guide. This guide will show you how to edit your page using the built-in WordPress block editor, including:

If you’re happy with your new blog page, you don’t need to do anything else. Your blog index is intended for visitors to read your content.

However, if you want to adjust the appearance of your blog, we recommend using method 1. This is because you cannot easily change your blog page without a WordPress plugin or code.

Set Up Your Blog In Five Steps

That’s all. We hope this article will help you learn how to create a WordPress blog page.

Your next step is to go and edit your blog page without permission. So click the button below to get started.

Prev 9 BigCommerce Alternatives for Your Online Store Next 10 Best Business Themes for WordPress in 2022 If you did, it might be because you have a lot of blogs going around your website or you are planning a special blog post dedicated to different topics. objects and places.

Having a two-way website is essential for blogging, as it is for many organizations, and your readers will have no trouble navigating it. So it is important that your blog pages are laid out in such a way that your users can easily navigate the blog, but at the same time you don’t need to do anything like setting up multiple sites.

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But what can you do? Also, how can you do this without complexities like multi-site setup? Does it need multiple domain names?

Well, there is a way you can do it without touching a single line of code and without the help of many parameters. Actually, there are two ways –

The first one is straightforward and will give you the basic process to have more blog pages on your blogging site and the second one will give you more website setup and more this way you can make many adjustments to your blog design and layout.

Yes, we will first look at the method without modification and then try the method with the design option.

How To Set Up Multiple Blog Pages In WordPress?

Well, if you look closely, you won’t technically be creating multiple blogs, but you will be creating multiple blog pages on a WordPress website.

Step 1: You need to add categories to your blogs. So to login to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step by step

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