How To Hack Another Phone

How To Hack Another Phone – The evolution of mobile phones should give technology companies a second chance to create a secure computing platform. These new devices need to be locked down and protected from malware, unlike hacked PCs and vulnerable servers.

But it seems that phones are still computers and users are still people, and computers and people will always be weak. We spoke to several security experts to help you understand how attackers can infiltrate the powerful computers in users’ pockets. We hope this gives you a chance to see the potential problems.

How To Hack Another Phone

1. Social Engineering The easiest way for a hacker to break into any device is the user to open the door themselves. It’s easier said than done, but that’s the goal of most engineering problems.

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Mobile operating systems often have tighter security than computers or servers, and operating systems are sandboxed, preventing you from hacking and hijacking the device. But the most popular security model, which requires mobile phone users to do something to allow a code to access the smartphone’s secure location or storage, is flawed. learn to sing. “Mobile apps separate permissions to protect users from malicious apps that have access to all of your data,” said Catalino Vega III, security analyst at Kuma LLC. msgstr “The prompt says: ‘Do you want to allow this app to access your photos?'”

“This only puts one layer in the middle of providing access to the user,” he continues. “And because of the way users have adopted many guidelines as a gateway to work, many users only allow the use of the program if they want. I think it can be something we all do wrong at some point. “.

A key vector for these boxes are called “omens,” which refer to tools designed for mobile advertising, whether in a browser or an app.

Chuck Everett, head of cybersecurity at Deep Instinct, said: “They’re trying to lure you in with something that will make you click before you think. A knee jerk or something like a warning or a warning.” The goal, he says, is “to try to scare you or trick you into going through the link.”

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One example he cites is a game called Durak, which can trick users into unlocking their Android phones by tricking them into turning off security features and installing malicious software. Durak is not available in the official Google Play market. “67% of all malware can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, while only 10% comes from a third-party market,” he explains. “Users of Google Play rely heavily on the reviews of others whether an app is safe or not. This is not working. In contrast, he says, “Apple strictly monitors every app in its app store, which limits the number of apps available. , but they greatly reduce the number of programs that are reported as malicious.”

Another vector used by the attackers to get the necessary link in front of the victims is SMS messages, playing a lot of technical methods; This practice is known as SMS phishing or spamming

Rasmus Holst, CRO Wire, said: “If the goal is to install malicious software on the device, there is usually a file attached along with a message that tries to convince the user to click and download. For example, cybercriminals can pretend to be someone they trust, such as a boss or boss asking employee to review a document attached to them, trapping a busy and unsuspecting person Two years ago, Jeff Bezos’ phone was hacked after he downloaded a video from a trusted person. Mobile browsers can push a malicious file onto the phone without the user’s permission as long as he clicks on a link. .”

If hackers can’t trick you into pressing the button and unknowingly download the security barriers of your phone, they can look for someone who has already done it intentionally by jailbreaking their phone. Jailbreaking is seen by many as allowing users to fine-tune their systems and install apps of their choice from unauthorized sources, but by its very nature it unleashes a tight security loophole that keeps phones jailbroken.

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“Hackers create programs that users can enjoy, such as free VPNs, with the goal of downloading malware onto the devices of unsuspecting users,” said David Schoenberger, founder and CEO of Eclypses. “Once the malware is downloaded onto a device, it detects whether the device is rooted or jailbroken, and if so, steals personal information and other information. passwords, conversations, or other inputs such as banking or payment information.”

After all, if the user does not give up control of his device, the attacker can go head-to-head with his supporters. You may remember the British scandal of the mid-00s when tabloids used “spoofing” techniques to obtain the mobile emails of celebrities and victims. This technique, also known as impersonation, involves the attacker collecting the victim’s personal information to pretend they are communicating with the callers to access the victim’s account, the victims.

The tabloids immediately began to watch, but the pirates could use the same method to destroy the information. “If successful, the attacker tells the phone user to transfer his phone number to a device he owns, called.

Adam Konke, Information Security Manager, Infosec Institute. “Calls, text messages and login numbers such as second-order verification numbers that your bank or financial services provider sends to your phone via SMS will now go to the attacker, not you.”

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There are several wireless vectors that hackers can use to hack into phones without having to trick anyone into giving their consent. All of these require close proximity to the target, but sometimes they can be removed from public areas. “Bluetooth connectivity is one of the weakest features of mobile phones, and hackers often use special methods to connect and hack devices that use Bluetooth,” said Alexander Maklakov, technology and security expert and CIO of MacKeeper. “This is a common method of hacking because most people have their Bluetooth enabled. If the Bluetooth connection is not monitored, hackers can go to your mobile phone and hack it without you knowing.”

Another potential Wi-Fi wireless attacker is the Wi-Fi man-in-the-middle. “Many people like to connect their phones to public Wi-Fi whenever they get the chance,” explains Peter Balthazar, cybersecurity expert and technical writer at “This practice can lead to serious problems as smart hackers can disrupt communication and take away the phone.” By monitoring messages, hackers can gain access to information without controlling the user’s phone. (Communications using TLS 1.3 are more difficult to connect this way, but this protocol is not widely used.)

When an attacker uses one of the above methods to gain access to a mobile phone, what is the result? Although smartphone OSes are ultimately based on Unix-like systems, an attacker who can break into them resides in a very different environment than a computer or server, says Calum Duncan, director of Sencode Cybersecurity.

“A lot of applications interact with the operating system and other applications, which are usually API calls,” he explains. “IOS and Android kernels are so different from their Unix base that compatibility can be impossible. There are command-line information on both devices, but the highest level of access you can get to both devices, and in most cases they can be accessed by removing or destroying the device.”

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But just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible. “That makes it a fantasy,” says Duncan. “Elevation of access will be very important in this work, and it will be difficult to use the security measures that are built, but any attacker who can run code on the user’s device; they are smart enough to make the device do what they want.”

Caitlin Johansson, director of Coalfire’s Center of Application Security Excellence, says there is a surprising amount of sensitive data;

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