How To Hack Apple Apps

How To Hack Apple Apps – After fiddling for years, I finally gave it a go. This is how you should set the home screen, and it’s a tip that can be useful for Android users as well

Having had an iPhone for 10 years, Alex never found a perfect way to organize his apps. You have Photo: Samuel Gibbs / The Guardian

How To Hack Apple Apps

In the 10 years since the launch of the iPhone, I’ve never settled on a home screen layout that I like. The folders look bulky, but the folders don’t give me too much back from multiple swipes. Sorting by what I use the most leaves me with rarely needed but urgent items, and sorting by speed of access hits me several times a day.

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Then there are the aesthetics. Some apps don’t deserve to be on my home screen, no matter how much I use them. Most games. Game designers can’t make nice logos for the life of them.

I was caught in the view of a dilemma. So, for the past two years, I’ve abdicated all decision-making responsibility, and instead implemented Plan A: Every time I click to open an app, I zoom to the front.

That’s it. Of course, this system has its drawbacks. On the one hand, finding an app in focus or changing it via multitasking doesn’t work; Because if you don’t click on the icon, the icon shouldn’t exist, right?

Two years later, I arrived at a home screen that looks like a perfect combination of my most used, clicked and most persistent apps:

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Alex’s main home screen shows all the apps he uses the most. The second screen shows games. The folder reaches the third page. Photo: Alex Hearn’s iPhone

In addition to good apps, I also like what it tells me about using my iPhone.

The document has not changed at this point, although WhatsApp occasionally battles Spotify for the top spot. Duolingo has the advantage of being open every day without fail, the RSS Reeder app is open at least twice on weekdays, and Twitter is… well, Twitter is Twitter. I don’t even want to leave Duolingo anymore.

The rest of the main page is very self-explanatory. I’m surprised I still use Snapchat enough to be this high, and health is slowly falling down the list now that I’ve stopped manually logging my weight – who has time for that – but the screen is fine. Why am I using my phone?

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The second page follows the same plan. There you’ll find some apps that I use regularly, but by no means every day, as well as a few, like Wire, a secure chat app that I just started using but is climbing the charts.

On page three, I went over my rules. Everything here goes into folders, and every time I touch it, it moves a folder forward. This is the only way to avoid 40 page applications, and it works very well. It also shows how many apps I have

Click on some, like Swiftkey or the Wallet app, are still useful, but open in other ways. Others, like the World of Warcraft Companion app (I don’t play the game anymore) or the Gett taxi app (I get a lot of taxis) I think I should delete.

Also, I have another sin: the “old games” folder. Sometimes you just know when you’re done with a game, but you don’t want to download it from your phone, you know? This is where these games go to sleep. Maybe I’ll throw in Reigns or Corrypt again, one day.

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I’m sure my method is the only logical way to organize the symbols. But I’m ready to convince you otherwise. Anyone have a good idea? A Russian developer hacked Apple’s in-app purchase system for iOS, allowing users to bypass the checkout process. This means you can buy content within the app without actually paying. Most importantly, jailbreaking your device is not required.

Russian developer ZonD80 has discovered how to bypass in-app purchases on Apple’s iOS, allowing iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to play digital games, upgrade to full versions of apps and buy content. Added for free. As first spotted by Russia’s i-ekb blog, the video above shows an “in-app agent” (no jailbreak required!) that lets you make in-app purchases without actually buying.

The hack works on all Apple devices with iOS 3.0 to iOS 6.0 (the in-app purchase system requires iOS 3.0 and later). However, some in-app purchases don’t work in certain regions of the world (probably because developers don’t properly secure their apps). To use this “trick” yourself, you must follow these steps (for the record, I do not recommend doing this, especially since you have to leave your login credentials and I do not allow this, as well as theft. ):

Basically, the routing process relies on installing the credentials of a fake in-app purchase server and a custom DNS server. The last IP address is first mapped, allowing all “purchases” to go through. What’s really worrying, though, is that ZonD80 can easily harvest all of the public’s iTunes login credentials (as well as unique device IDs) in a man-in-the-middle attack. In other words, it’s not a good hack to try.

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ZonD80 runs a site called, where everything is hosted to make the hack work, and he accepts donations to support the development of the project and make the servers work, according to 9to5Mac. The site doesn’t load for me, but it does for my colleagues. In light of this type of news, the server may experience additional stress. Either way, if you can’t access the site, you can’t try this hack because it requires server files.

I have contacted Apple regarding this issue and will let you know if I hear back. iOS developers should be wary of losing revenue from fraudulent in-app purchases until Cupertino fixes this security flaw. Users of this hack should be careful because they are giving their data to unknown people.

Update 9:30 PST – Site loaded for me and ZonD80 posted this:

Hello everyone. I have moved the info site to blogspot. Today the work is disabled due to heavy load. We currently have a VPS with 512MB of internal memory, and there is no way to satisfy everyone with that kind of equipment. Apple is a big company, I’m not. If you want to help me buy a 4 core dedicated server with at least 4 GB of RAM – give me a PayPal account Setting up a dedicated server usually takes 2-3 days. Sorry, friends. If your home screen is disorganized and you need to navigate, how to keep iPhone apps so that the ones you don’t use often are out of the way.

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There is nothing more annoying than a cluttered and cluttered home screen on an iPhone. If you want to organize your home screen, or even hide some annoying apps you don’t want people to see, you can use a handy iOS feature that removes apps from the display without deleting them completely. Here’s how to store apps on iPhone: This is one of the top iPhone tricks that will make your life easier. For other iPhone hacks, check out How to Organize Apps on iPhone as well.

Whether you want to save a dating app or a game that’s too old to play, the process of saving apps on iPhone is simple. Follow these steps to remove apps from your home screen without uninstalling or deleting them. If your apps are taking up too much space, here’s how to free up space on your phone.

Apple’s new software takes app saving a step further, allowing you to save entire pages of apps for a simple and clean iPhone look.

Now, the app page won’t appear when you flip through the home screen pages, and you know how to store apps on iPhone. If you change your mind at any time, you can change this feature by repeating the steps above and revealing the hidden app page. You can also move items from the folder or rearrange them as you wish.

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Storing apps isn’t the only way to keep your phone’s contents away from prying eyes. Here’s how to block apps on iPhone and what you need to know about WhatsApp security.

Want to find and open a hidden app on your iPhone? It’s easy to find any app, even apps stored in a folder or app library, by following the instructions below.

Now that you know how to hide apps on iPhone, learn how to hide notifications on iPhone and view (and delete) your iPhone

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