How To Hack Shopping Apps

How To Hack Shopping Apps – This blog is for educational purposes only as it exposes common vulnerabilities in Android apps. Do not try this in real applications. TL;DR

I rewrote the bytecode to unlock the app’s premium features on my device, and now I’m going to show you how to prevent this from happening to your apps.

How To Hack Shopping Apps

Do not download APK from random websites as they may inject bytecode and steal data from the device. Calculated properties

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Many Android apps offer users some sort of badge for premium features or games, and in-app purchases for the like. When a purchase is made with a user’s Google account, it is always stored on a Google server with a unique purchase ID. Allows you to share purchased items between devices.

But what about Huawei where Google Play Services is not working/not available? The Huawei API offers almost identical in-app purchases (IAP), although users cannot transfer their purchases and subscriptions between platforms.

Sometimes apps try to take a shortcut and don’t follow Google’s full guidelines. This means that sometimes they refuse to approve pre-purchased items at the start of the program, leaving the door open for any malicious actor. Doing things on a device is never a good idea.

The following story applies to a wide range of programs and can be done at different levels. This blog attempts to highlight obvious pain points and suggest solutions.

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Let’s talk about my usage, I bought premium feature on Google Play but the app itself was not available on Huawei store. So I downloaded the APK and installed it manually but the premium features were not available.

The first step is to convert the APK to Smali code. I won’t go into details as it can be found all over the internet. On analysis, I found that this X application saves a boolean flag in Android SharedPreferences after a successful operation. Doing such an operation on devices is a red flag!

This Boolean flag is used to check if the user has enabled a superior feature later in the application.

As a result, we can find the right place to insert our bytecode to pass the check – we always replace it with the TRUE flag.

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I don’t want to go straight to the point and explain what happened. Bytecode is generated when you compile a Java program. On the Android platform, we had the Dalvik virtual machine, and now the Android Runtime (ART) converts Java bytecode into a fixed instruction in the Dalvik Bytecode.dex format, which can be converted to human-readable Smali code. Smali is very similar to Java bytecode.

What is Smali Code is a high-level programming language with additional tools to make Android programming easier and save time for the programmer. Then…

The local number describes the number of free variables of this method. This is simply a debug flag set by the compiler to help us analyze static code.

For example, onCreate has 2 parameters p0 and p1 which stand for “this” and Bundle respectively -> super.onCreate(Bundle)

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Dalvik opcodesfilled-new-array-range ,type_id Creates a new type_id array and fills it with a range of parameters…

After all the steps above, we know that in order to pass the premium feature test, we need to add the code that sets the boolean value before everything is loaded. The best place in the Application or Main Activity class depends on the application. Let’s pass it to MainActivity#onCreate.

The easiest way to achieve this is to write the actual Kotlin/Java code, compile and then decompile it to extract Smali from it, or directly write the Smali bytecode, which I prefer for simple tasks like this.

Check what purchased items are available for the current user at application startup and then continue. Do not store anything sensitive on the device. If you want to store locked content on a device, make sure you regularly check its validity and encrypt it with a device-specific encryption key. In the event of malicious activity, a temporary ban is a good practice.

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Trend Micro CTF 2020 – Keyboard typing is called AndroidGiven Keybox. This is the container for the flag and all its related pointers. flag has been coded

Winja CTF, Quiz #2 — WriteUp This quiz asks us to find a hard line of code in a program. Apps that allow users to read content aloud and automate interface interactions are responsive.

Product reviews in popular e-commerce apps are designed to help shoppers make a decision. Fake reviews are old hat, but a new type of malware called “shopper” hasn’t stopped spamming product pages with inflated reviews. According to a study by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, this trojan promotes intrusive ads and has affected one in seven Indians.

The “Xiradar” malware caught the attention of researchers because it messed up the interface of Google’s accessibility services. The malware claimed the most victims between October and November 2019 and was deadliest in Russia, where 28.46 percent of online shoppers were affected. A fifth of Brazilian users have accidentally downloaded this app.

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Apps that allow users to read content aloud and automate interface interactions are responsive. This feature is designed to help people with disabilities and is used by people with disabilities. It can even share videos with third-party apps with permission.

Researchers still don’t know how the malware spread, but Kaspersky suspects it was delivered through fake ads or software downloaded from third-party app stores.

After entering the purchase programs, the Trojan plans to work secretly with the system interface and other programs installed on the device. Given the innocuous filename: ConfigAPKs, it is masked by users. The Trojan can then track keystrokes and hack into user accounts such as Facebook or Google and use them to access websites like Shein, AliExpress, etc. can be used to register for shopping programs such as

It may also post app reviews on Google Play without the user’s consent. Internally, if a red flag is raised and the host system requests available service permissions, the Trojan will send phishing requests. It can also disable Google Play Protect, Google’s built-in security product that scans third-party apps before downloading them from the Play Store.

Things You Need To Do To Prevent Getting Hacked

When dad’s job takes his jet set halfway around the world, these apps make sure the little one never feels left out.

It’s a fun messaging app to keep in touch with your kids while you’re away. This app is independent from all social media sites and ensures that your child can securely communicate with you and other family members with incoming and outgoing invitations. Its interesting features include photos, images, voice and text messages, personalized stickers, and more. includes. The app says that all your children’s private information is encrypted.

Once you install this app on his phone, it will be difficult for your child to sneak a trip. No matter where your work takes you, this app will give you the exact location of your child in real time. You can also set alerts when your child or family members enter or leave venues and plan your next family gathering.

Net Nanny is a great tool for monitoring data usage with the ability to remotely monitor the Internet activity of various mobile devices. It’s a personalized mobile browser that becomes your child’s default browser. You can control which apps your child can use on their mobile phone.

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When it’s time to be a serious parent, visit MMGuardian. It has a dedicated messaging app that lets you control who your child can message. It sends you notifications based on keywords and shares reports with the entire conversation. It also allows you to block incoming calls and certain apps on your child’s phone. Although a bit aggressive, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

To read the full story, subscribe to ET PrimeSign to read the full article. You have this Prime Story as a free gift. Phone hacking occurs when cybercriminal software is used to infect and damage vulnerable smartphones and access personal information stored on those devices for the purpose of theft. Sure, smartphones are smart, but how do you know if it’s just a trick or something a little more serious?

How to tell if your phone is jailbroken. And luckily, we have the answers. This guide is for information on phone hacking, signs of phone hacking and how to keep your phone safe. You won’t regret making the effort to learn how to better protect one of your premium devices.

If your phone exhibits any of the following similar behaviors, and especially more than one, it is most likely jailbroken.

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One of the signs of a hacked phone is constant pop-ups. Flashing ads or premium content will appear on your phone

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