How To Promote My Blog

How To Promote My Blog – Self promotion has always been difficult for me. Even when I started my blog, I kept it private and shared it with a few close friends for feedback. I think it was in 2006. After cleaning up my writing for a few posts, I decided to open my own blog.

It’s not always about the compliments, but the benefit of getting quality feedback when we promote our content/blog. A little compliment from a stranger is a confidence booster. We will be happy if someone else who reads our blog can see it and find the article useful. These days, I focus more on promotion than writing quality content. Social media has made life easier for people like me who have a few blogs.

How To Promote My Blog

The first thing to do before advertising is to analyze our blog statistics, how we get traffic and which audience is most interested in our articles.

How To Promote Your Book On Amazon: Get Kindle To Work For You

My blog is about book reviews, travel stories and parenting. But when I wrote more about parenting and travel I realized that my friends and colleagues read my blog. My book reviews are shared and promoted by authors and blog tour organizers, thus reaching a larger audience. I realized from my blog statistics that I get more traffic from Google Plus then Facebook. So after knowing these facts, I paid more attention to Google Plus and Facebook than any other medium of advertising.

This is surprising to me because people find my blog through Google Plus because I don’t put much effort into promoting my content. Although my blog is on a custom domain, it is managed by the Blogger platform. When I publish a blog post, Blogger automatically opens to share my post on Google Plus. So it’s easy and fast.

The most important advertising tool for me is Facebook. It is the only place where both my close friends and strangers share and like my content. I just created a Facebook page for my blog and am trying to improve my following. Not only do I share content on my Facebook page, I also share good content from other blogs. Basically, I’m trying to engage the audience. I have joined several Facebook groups like All About Blogging, Blogger, IndieBlogger, etc., as well as Parenting Style, Mompresso, Writing Tribe, etc. I wrote associations like

Twitter helps me a lot with advertising by sharing my posts with the right hashtags. These days my followers are increasing. I follow parenting, books, travel and other bloggers who share their content. When I promote content on Twitter, I include my blog URL and an image with the appropriate hashtags. I used a tip from the blogging community that posted posts shared on my Facebook page to my Twitter feed. So it’s quick and easy to post on Twitter at the same time.

Promote My Blog: Your Essential Guide To Content Promotion

I have joined blogging community “IndiBlogger”. I share my posts on Indieblogger when I have time. It helps me network with other bloggers. My posts are the best I have these days, it really cheers me up. I share my content in blog chat. They have a reading list that shows our blog links to their readers. I see many bloggers sharing their content on other blogs like ‘Medium’, ‘Momspresso’ and ‘Winkle’. There are a few websites where mom bloggers post guest posts on various topics, such as Budding Star and Global Parenting Magazine.

Pinterest is my new discovery. I always look to Pinterest when I want to try new crafts for kids. But I didn’t realize its importance in blog promotion until I read Shaila Vishwanath’s post “Pinterest Basics”. I also signed up for an online Pinterest primer course. I’m still a beginner when it comes to learning how to promote on Pinterest, but I recommend it to all bloggers.

How do you promote content? What works best for you with social media? Which social media generates the most traffic for you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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The Blog I Started To Promote My Book Now Makes More Money Than The Book

Mom Blogger 📖 Book Reviewer 🎒 Travel Blogger 💃 Kuchipudi Dance Instructor 💃 Passionate Photographer, 👩‍🎨 Artist and 👩‍💻 Software Tester 😀 You publish valuable content on your blog, search, you optimize it regularly. , and provide real value to your readers. So why is it not working properly?

This is where the doubts start. Is my content really good? Why didn’t my audience like it? Shouldn’t more people read it?

Before you panic, remember that you are not the first problem driving traffic to their content. According to Ahrefs, 91% of content from Google is not getting organic traffic. And with more than 4.4 million blog posts published daily across all platforms, the battle for attention is fierce.

However, there is one aspect of content marketing that few companies get right, or in some cases not at all: actually promoting your blog posts. 75% of content marketers agree that even if it has a small and positive impact, it’s not enough.

How To Make Internet Influencers To Promote Your Blog For Free

Content promotion (also known as content amplification) is a marketing strategy that improves the effectiveness of your content and leads to better ROI.

A content promotion strategy often involves multiple channels and tactics (and lots of planning), but some of them may already be done before you realize it.

But to promote your blog content, especially when your blog content is performing poorly, you need to work hard and be consistent.

The goal of promoting blog posts is to drive more traffic to your content, increase your readership, and increase engagement.

What Is A Blog? Understanding Blogs, Blogging And Bloggers (2022)

Sharing a link to your post on social media isn’t enough, but it’s a good start. Be strategic about how and where you share your content so that as many people as possible see it.

Custom content is one of our favorite types of content and Andy explains why above. Collaborating with others to create relevant content is often valuable to your audience (due to shared knowledge and diverse perspectives) and even more valuable to you when promoting it.

Why Because whoever is involved in making it probably wants people to see it. Before you start creating your next piece of content, the first question you should ask yourself is: Who can I share this content with?

If you publish content and don’t tell anyone about it, should you publish it? The first thing to do is to tell your audience that you have published great content to keep their attention.

Nelio Content Analytics To Improve Blog Promotion

The good news is that there are many easy, free and effective ways to promote your blog content immediately without paying for paid advertising or hiring a PR agency.

In fact, you are probably using free tools, channels and options. You can often use it to promote your blog content.

Your social media channels have an audience that can be used to promote your blog content. So let them know.

Be up to date on what you publish and most importantly, share your community in your communications.

How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast: Know The 17 Easy Tactics

“And don’t worry about ‘over-hyping’.” Sure, sending the same tired message or updating the same thing won’t do you any good (so change it up), but the chances of someone seeing a few tweets or LinkedIn updates are slim because feeds are filled with so much new content all the time.

Sharing a link to your content is one way to promote it, but remember that you can also use content…

Once published, your blog content can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you can take some information from a blog, create a podcast episode or video on the same topic and share it in bite-sized chunks on social media or share it on other platforms. How about an infographic that displays the most important statistics or facts on your blog?

Taking, editing and sharing parts of your blog on other platforms and with other audiences can help people find the content you want to promote. This is also a great way

How To Promote New Blog Posts For Mass Exposure

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