How To Shoot 360 Panorama

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How To Shoot 360 Panorama

I also recommend Canon accessories because I use a Canon DSLR, if you have another camera, say Canon, look for the equivalent. Lenses, wireless shutters, etc. it differs depending on the camera brand.

Photography: How To Photograph Interiors

My name is Milo Timbol, I live in the Philippines. I’m a software developer specializing in UI, UX, SEO and of course 360 ​​photography. I discovered Panorama 360 in 2008 and it’s been my passion ever since. Over the years we have created several businesses that make us more successful 360 photos 2 🙂 One is a 360 virtual tour service provider called ExSight 360 Media Production and another is a wedding marketplace that features wedding venues using photos 360. called Spouse Worth.

360 degree photography is a technique where you use special equipment to capture the entire area around a single corner. Many terms refer to this type of photography. It is often called 360 panoramic photography, VR (virtual reality), virtual 360 photography, spherical 360 photography and more recently photosphere.

There is also another type of 360, where the object is rotated around an axis that shows the entire object. It is an object of VR or 360 product photography, often in 360 photography. Although I also know how to create such an interactive photo (see the example I made for Mitsubishi – Mitsubishi Strada 2019) I will not talk about it here. I will speak of another kind which is in places, scenery, rooms, etc.

A 360 panoramic image consists of multiple images that are stitched together using stitching software. Anyone can create 360 ​​photos with the right tools. You can do this in many ways. You can use DSLRs, point and shoot cameras, smart phones and a wide range of cameras and shooters. I’ve tried many of them, wasted money on some, but at the end of the day I still go back to my SLR, nothing beats quality DSLR 360 photos.

Creating 360 Degree Aerial Panorama

Below we have listed some gadgets or ways you can create 360 ​​panoramic images ​​​​. I have listed the pros and cons that I have experienced.

By now, you’ve already thought of different ways to create a 360 panorama. Now I’ll show you how to make my footage. When I start the gear.

Before shooting, I shake the scene and place the tripod very well. Turn off all lights, turn off any fans or air conditioners that move things like drapes.

Depending on how I want to light it, I either close all the curtains or open them all. If there is no view outside, I prefer to close all windows and curtains. If the view outside is amazing, I’ll open the curtains.

Tips And Tricks For Shooting And Editing Aerial 360° Photography

When I put my feet in, I don’t fully extend the tripod, that’s the minimum space it takes up shooting down. The problem with this is that it is not very stable, a little accidental pressure can send your camera and tripod to the ground. When I’m outside in the wind, I stretch my legs to the fullest. Like photos are easy to photoshop in my experience. Let’s say you clone a very light soil in a grassy or sandy area. You can see the difference in the image below, extending the tripod leg to full will show a lot more of the scene and you have to do more to remove it.

The next thing I do is attach the camera to the head node. Check that the nodal head of the horizontal arm is in the 0 degree position, also check that the tripod is level by checking the knob level.

Next, check that my lens is set to manual focus and see that the focus ring is set to its sharpest position for the F8.0 aperture. This will not happen with other camera lens combinations. Get your camera’s sharpest point through trial and error. For me, this is the best setting.

Settings are: Set ISO to 100, Aperture to F8.0, White Balance – It depends on the scene, but I usually shoot on Auto and adjust the scene after processing. Image format in large JPG. I use jpeg to make this easier to teach, but I normally use raw (I’ll teach this in advanced lessons). Shutter speed is variable and will depend on how bright or dark the scene is.

Fotopro Fluid Video Head Mh 6a 360°panorama Vertical Shoot Accessorie For Camera

To capture the whole scene I take 6 frames at 0, 60, 120, 180, 240, 300 degrees. The 7th camera above the position is optional and I only do this when the model is on the roof. For example, if you photographed the Sistine Chapel, where the painting is vaulted into the ceiling, in this case you would need a photo, but in most cases you simply do not need a plain white field, blue sky or cloudy. sky . And you can take a photo of a small black hole offstage, I’ll show you what that looks like later.

Below are the results. These images are stitched, not yet post-processed such as sharpening, tripod/tripod shadow removal. You will notice that there are black holes in the top and bottom photos. That’s what he eats. I didn’t take the arrow (#7) in these test shots if I had that hole in the disappearing ceiling closed. I took 4 panoramic 360 shots with different tripod positions and with/without minimum nadir to show you the effect on the photo. I have shown the position of the tripod in the image after the virtual tour below.

I use PTgui for sewing. You can try the trial version if you want to try it. If you don’t want to buy PTgui, you can try Hugin. Hugin is an open source panorama tailor, which means it’s free. I haven’t experienced it myself, but I’ve heard great things about it. In this tutorial, I am using PTgui.

Open PTgui and the folder where the images are. I read all 6 images and pulled them into the PTgui window.

The Hollywood Panorama: Now You Can Shoot Hdr 360° Panoramas Like A Pro!

When Panorama finishes, the editor screen will appear. On this screen you can center the panorama, fix the vertical alignment, etc. You can close this window now, but click the magnifying glass icon if you want to see the interactive 360 ​​version.

Clicking on the magnifying glass icon will bring you to a special viewing window. Drag the screen to the poop image. The preview is an interactive 360 ​​panorama. Close the window when you are satisfied with the result.

The original window didn’t go away with Panorama Editor, it was in a separate window like Detail View. Closing other windows will only return you to the main screen. This time, the Create Panorama button is now enabled and some new maps have appeared as well. Clicking a button or tab will take you to the same screen.

When it’s done, a new file will appear in the folder where your photos are. This file is called an equirectangular image, it has an aspect ratio of 2:1. Seeing it using an image viewer won’t make much sense because the top and bottom sections are distorted. It only looks good when you put it in a 360 panorama player.

Vr Panoramic Photography & 360° Video

Next, it is necessary to remove the black holes from the ascending (zenith) shot and from the (nadir) shot. For this we need a tool to convert equilateral images to cube faces. One to use is Krpano Tools. Here you can. You will get an exe file. Just run it and it will ask you where you want to extract the files from. After extracting a new folder, it will appear with the krpano version number. The most current version at the time of writing is krpano-1.18. You must purchase this license, but you can still use it. Images without permission will be fingerprinted.

Copy the rectangular image generated by PTgui inside this folder. I named the file equirectangular.jpg. Now drag this file into a batch file called Convert SPHERE to CUBE droplet.bat

A black screen will appear showing the progress of the conversion. When done, press enter to close

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