How To Upload Story On Instagram From Pc

How To Upload Story On Instagram From Pc – If you use Instagram Web a lot on your computer, you can no longer publish content, be it a story or a post.

There’s an easy way to use Instagram on your computer like you would on your phone, and we’re going to show you how.

How To Upload Story On Instagram From Pc

If you work on a computer, this feature will come in handy for your Instagram profile. Learn how to download Instagram stories to your computer.

How To Upload Photo To Instagram From A Browser Pc

To add Instagram stories from your computer, you’ll need a Google Chrome web extension. There are many that allow you to share stories, but in this case, this is what we recommend.

But you can use it only through this browser. Find the Instagram app in the Chrome Web Store and add it to your Chrome extension to start using it.

It is very easy as this tool mimics the Instagram mobile app on PC. To download an article, follow the same procedure as on your phone.

When you click on the extension, a vertical window appears which is visible on the mobile screen.

Cara Membuat Story Instagram Di Pc

This is an account that automatically opens when you log in to Instagram Web. You must log in again to transfer users. You can do this via the web or an extension.

To download your Instagram story to your computer, you can do it from your profile picture, or if you haven’t downloaded it, you’ll see a “+” sign. You can also tap the camera icon below your profile picture.

After the report is downloaded, the browser will open a window with your file as if you are accessing the file.

Select the image you want to download. At this time, you can only upload photos, not videos.

How To Post On Instagram From A Pc Or Mac

Although it is more limited than the mobile version in terms of stickers, you can edit the content to connect with other users, add decorations or write the text you want.

Is your story the way you want it to be? Then click the “Publish” button and it will appear on your Instagram profile.

Is this extension really worth it? For us, we recommend using the Instagram mobile app because it has everything you need to manage your profile. However, we recommend using the Instagram extension for Chrome because it’s free, doesn’t take up a lot of space, and can be useful in emergency situations (for example, you have no power on your mobile device or a dead battery). Other ways to manage Instagram: Instagram website

If you don’t agree to connect the Google Chrome extension to your account, you won’t be able to post stories or posts to Instagram because the web page doesn’t allow it.

How To Upload To Instagram From Pc

With the web version of Instagram, you can reply to private messages you receive, accept and decline message requests, view story replies, and delete conversations.

You can reply to another user’s story or react directly to the group, and you can do it from your computer through Instagram Web.

If the account is open and allowed, you can share other accounts and stories via private messages. Just like on the phone.

If you have a post that catches your eye, you can save it to your saved collection or create a new folder from the web version of Instagram.

At Last, Instagram Will Allow You To Upload Content From The Desktop Version Of Your Pc

The option to communicate with other profiles is also available on Instagram. You can add posts, comments, comments on posts or videos.

You may not upload any content from your computer to the Instagram web platform: no stories, posts, clips, or IGTV videos.

Another thing you won’t find on Instagram is a Vanish message sent directly to you in a private message: these messages are images or videos that you’ll only see once.

When you get it, you’ll only see something like this: “Disappear mode: Use the Instagram app to view these messages.”

How To Post On Instagram From A Pc Or Mac (3 Methods)

If you have a busy Instagram account, we recommend using a free Chrome extension so you can embed Instagram stories on your desktop.

On the other hand, if you manage or interact with content, you can use the website version of Instagram.

Do you have questions about how to download Instagram stories to your computer? Let us know in the comments.

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Upload Stories Reels To Instagram Via Pc Or Laptop With This Simple Steps

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How To View Instagram Stories Without An Account

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However, for those who shoot content with a camera, the task of transferring the footage from the computer (where we edit) to the phone is time-consuming, if not tiring.

Now there are two ways to do this: using a third-party Instagram scheduling tool or the smart desktop. You will learn about it in this handy guide

A bit confused at first but not too much. It doesn’t require any third-party sites, so it’s completely free. This helps upload directly to Instagram from desktop, but be aware that it doesn’t work with videos and carousels. And of course, you can’t plan anything in advance because it’s the same process as posting content directly in the Instagram app.

Cara Melihat Viewer Story Instagram Di Pc

To install Instagram from a computer, you need to use a modern web browser with a special built-in function that allows you to access the mobile version of Instagram from a desktop.

Simply put, when you use the desktop version of Instagram, you can make this feature unique and tell the browser that you are viewing the site from a mobile device and not from a desktop device. Once you’ve done that, click

A button will appear on your computer and you can post to Instagram from your mobile device as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: I’m using a Mac, so screenshots may look different for Windows users. But the process is not very different. I’ll show you how to do it in Chrome and Safari.

How (and Why) To Post To Instagram From Pc Or Mac

Go to the Instagram website in your browser and sign in to your account. Before you begin, make sure you are on your profile page.

The developer console will open immediately to the right. By default, it will be able to view the desktop. All you need is to treat it like a mobile phone. To do this, click on the small “tools” icon to change the appearance of the tools:

The next step is to convert the responsive concept into a mobile phone model concept. Click on it

And select the appropriate device from the drop-down list. I have an iPhone 7 so I chose that

Like4like — Blog

This will change the appearance of the browser to the screen of the mobile device

Button will automatically open the file on your computer. Note that you can upload either JPG or JPEG files, so make sure your image is not a PNG file (otherwise you won’t be able to select it):

Then the process is the same as on a mobile device. You can write your own subject, tag other users, geolocate your post, and write hashtags — in other words, a checklist you fill out when you post to Instagram.

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