How To Upload Video On Instagram Story

How To Upload Video On Instagram Story – Maybe you are asking yourself. How to add video stories to Instagram from PC? – The solution you are looking for is:

You can upload long videos (+15 seconds) to Instagram and Facebook Stories directly from your desktop PC or Mac. You can even plan your story ahead of time from the comfort of your web browser. This allows you to:

How To Upload Video On Instagram Story

How to Post a Video Story to Instagram from PC Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to add a video story to Instagram from PC.

How To Post A Video On Instagram (a Step By Step Instruction)

It’s a web application, so you don’t need to download anything. Works in Chrome, Firefox, etc. You can simply register here

After the registration process, open your Instagram account at . First you need to check the situation. Then enter your Instagram username and password. Click “Save this link” and you’re done!

You can now start uploading your photos or videos. Just drag and drop copies from your desktop into the gallery. Once the files are uploaded, click on the videos you want to export and click “Edit” to open the editor.

Upload a video longer than 15 seconds and drag the top bar to the right to add the full video. It will then automatically cut the video into 15 second segments and upload them one after the other. But before that, we want to wrap up our story by adding hashtags, link stickers, statuses, polls, and a countdown timer to our Instagram stories. When finished, click ‘Save’ to proceed to the next step.

How To Add Music To An Instagram Story

After uploading and creating your video story, the final step is to publish your video story to your account. Click on the same story in the gallery and this time select ‘Message / Schedule’ to open the schedule view. To post a video story:

As the program provides media, you can see the status of the story on the right. When it’s done, you’ll see a timer or a green check mark indicating that it’s been successfully posted to your Instagram account.

Yes you can. Automatically cut your video to 15 seconds and send them one after the other.

As mentioned above, you can also organize Facebook video stories. Automatically post your story to your Facebook page. If you have more than one Facebook page linked to, this view shows them all and lets you choose which one to post to.

Instagram Video Length Guide (an Easy Cheat Sheet)

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How To Upload A Video From Youtube To Instagram: 8 Steps

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Being able to share photos and videos with your followers means you can engage with the people, places and things you love, creating a unique sense of community.

Videos are especially popular on the platform, with posts, stories, and clips shared through IGTV, Instagram’s video streaming feature.

Sometimes you like a video so much that you want to share it with your friends and followers. So what do I do?

How To Post Youtube Videos On Instagram

The answer is a bit complicated and depends on where the video is posted, whether the account that posted the video is public or not, and where you want to post it.

1. You can share the post by finding the small paper airplane icon on the post you want to share. This is only visible on public accounts.

2. Tap the paper airplane icon to bring up a list where you can share your post to Instagram Story or send it directly to an account you follow.

3. Select the account you want to share the post with and press the small circle next to its name. Then tap Send. Posts are shared with selected people.

Video Too Long For Instagram Stories? Here’s How To Split It Up « Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

1. Find the paper airplane icon below the story you want to share. It will appear to the right of the comment box at the bottom of the screen.

2. Select the account you want to share the post with and press the small circle next to its name. Then click “Send”. Posts are shared with selected people.

1. Find the small paper airplane icon below the IGTV you want to share. Like and comment icons appear at the bottom of the screen on the right side.

To share an Instagram post, IGTV video, or story outside the app (text, email, other social networks, or elsewhere), follow these steps:

How To Upload Longer Videos On Instagram: A Quick Guide

1. Tap the three horizontal icons (“…”) to the right of the post you want to share with the person who posted the photo or video related to it.

2. Tap “Share with…” from the menu. Here you can choose where to share your post. Tap the method you want to share the post with.

To share an IGTV video outside the app, click the three horizontal icons below the video, then click the share link in the pop-up menu. You can then paste the link into a text or email.

Stories posted by others cannot be shared outside of the Instagram app, but when viewing a story, you can share it by clicking the three horizontal icons that appear at the bottom of the screen.

Online, Free Video Resizer

Jennifer is a writer and editor from Brooklyn, New York who spends her time traveling, drinking iced coffee and watching TV. She has had bylines in Vanity Fair, Glamour, Decider, Mic and more. You can find her on Twitter (@jenniferlstill). Want to share a YouTube video on Instagram? It’s easy to share YouTube videos to Instagram in a few simple steps: promotional videos, preview trailers, how-to tutorials, and fun skits.

Learn how to send YouTube videos to Instagram as posts, stories and video links, and learn how to quickly convert videos for Instagram using K’s online video editor.

YouTube videos have a different set of requirements than Instagram, but that doesn’t mean you can’t post them. With K Video Editor, you just need to follow these steps:

To post YouTube videos to Instagram, start by downloading them to your computer. Are you saving YouTube videos from other creators? You must obtain permission from the original author before downloading.

How To Add Multiple Photos To An Instagram Story

Log in to Video Editor or sign up for free. Click the + sign to upload your YouTube video to your media library. Drop a YouTube video onto your watch or tap the green + sign to start editing.

Click 16:9 aspect ratio on the right side of the video editor. Choose the appropriate ratio 1:1 or 9:16 for your Instagram post. We recommend using the 9:16 ratio for all Instagram Reels posts. The video now has a black border. Click on the video preview and then click the Add button. You can change the center of the video by moving the video preview using the free hand tool.

Depending on Instagram video length requirements, you may need to trim your YouTube video. The maximum length of an Instagram video is 3 seconds to 10 minutes.

Click the export button in the upper right corner of the video editor. Choose the video quality in which you want to save your Instagram video. We recommend saving at 720p or 1080p resolution for social media uploaders. Videos are automatically saved to your computer or to your smartphone using Google Drive, One Drive and Box.

How To Fix Instagram Story Video Blurry Problem

Go to your Instagram account and click the + Create New Post button. Click Send or Reel, then upload your video from a file. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Do you have more than 10,000 Instagram followers? Use the Swipe-Up feature to share YouTube videos as video links in Instagram Stories.

If you have less than 10,000 followers, use the Instagram Stories sticker link button instead. right now

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