How To Win Quick Hit Slot Machine

How To Win Quick Hit Slot Machine – Regular readers of this site know my love for Quick Hit games, but Quick Hit Riches is one of my favorites. A lot of the reason for this lies in the growth of free games bonus, which has a lot of potential.

While some casinos have this game in the $3 max bet version, most have it in the old $1.50 max bet version, which I like. I found this again and again on a recent trip to Las Vegas and was rewarded several times.

How To Win Quick Hit Slot Machine

Let’s start with the base game as it comes from an earlier era of the Quick Hit series and still retains some of the features that the base game offers. For one, a quick hit on a win pays the usual pattern, 3 pays 5x, 4 pays 5x, 5 pays 10x (or 5 quick hits are progressive) and so on. It has no water charges like other options.

Quick Hit Cash Wheel Slot Review 2022

Quick Hit Rising has two main game types, the main difference being the number of medium and high paying symbols; Triple Blazing 7s Wild has three 7s and two stripes, while Black Gold Wild has two 7s and three stripes. Both have great deals on mixed 7s and great deals on matching 7s. It’s always good to have mixed pay symbols in the game, especially in high paying symbol groups.

The free games bonus further enhances it with great features. As with other Quick Hit games, you can choose from three matching bonus game options, but the options you can choose from are:

The dealer multiplier is just the beginning, you can land 1-3 Rising X symbols on each spin, which will multiply your dealer by 1x, up to a maximum of 8x. This involves increasing the value of the quick strike symbol, which loses its progression, but gains the ability to multiply and pay more.

Quick hit lines are one of my best achievements. One of my best hits of all time, shown above, was in a similar scenario on the $3 version with a 4x multiplier for up to six Quick Hit symbols.

When To Max Bet: Quick Hit Machines

On my last trip to Las Vegas, I got six Quick Hit symbols twice on the same $1.50 machine at Treasure Island, for $225 each time. I picked the worst combination of 8 spins to start the bonus 1 time twice and surprisingly my last win in each bonus ended up being $1 of the other.

Both of the quick hits were 150x wins and showed a lot of skill in the game – one quick hit would have doubled my winnings!

Also, because of how quickly Quick Hit rewards accumulate, the cap stops at 8 Quick Hit symbols during the bonus period, even if you land on 9. Even if you get 8 quick tokens, the full reward makes it easy to win. It is not easy.

This is a fun and classic version of the Quick Hit series that offers bonus free games.

Quick Hits On A $1.50 A Spin . Surprised The Shit Out Of Me.

My name is Joshua and I’m a 30 year old tech guy who works as a salesman during the day and plays casino games when I’m not working. Your slots reflect my interests in understanding slots, games of chance, promotions, casino techniques and how to profit from them. Number of members 289 times. The latest Quick Hit Black Gold free games fever set on Scarlet Lady cruise ship 21 hours ago.

Quick Hit Black Gold Free Games Fever offers a free games bonus where players can get 2x Pay, 3x Pay, Locking Wilds or Quick Hit Fever free games! Add excitement to every spin with the Quick Hit Scatter prize and the 5-level Quick Hit Jackpot!

Quick Hit Black Gold Free Games Fever helps you find combinations in new casinos to play

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Quick Hit Las Vegas How To

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